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Risk Matrix

Transcript: Zoom out for more assets Asset library Task 11 Quickly outline this task Actions Actions you take can revolve around risk because Task 12 Stressfull Use words or pictures to drive your point home Unnecessary or necessary When you are put in risky situations sometimes you my feel stressed out and my inpair you line of judgement ! What is Risk some events that involve a lot of risk could be desolved by doing actions that arn't necessary to that action Task 10 Risk is a situation that usally involse danger of you or someone around you and much more? every action you take or do will either have a negitive or possitve reaction Provide a short overview of this task Like in a basketball game and its win or lose situation and there are two of your teamates asking for the ball but one is more open then the other, and in that stressful situation you could pass to the wrong guy but some risky situations there may be noway around a unnecessary action but if it makes you feel un safe or the risk to reward ration isn't good then don't do it ! Task 7 Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Dangerous Everyday life driving your car could be dangerous Work your table saw jaming and you remove the wood and dont turn it of and it starts up and messes up your fingers! sports jummping in a sport could be dangerous school moving desks unproperaly Task 8 Risk Matrix Put an important number or point here Explain the importance of the last part here consequences your actions have comsequences and they could be negitve or possitive! A negitve consequences B Risk one more thing? Task 13 Quickly go over your point here Positive consequences C Risk the board game You could die before you finsh the game because its so long

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