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Risk-free rate

Transcript: The most famous calculation is the Capital Asset Pricing Model: Estimating risk-free rate All private firms have some probability of default risk Only government securities can be risk-free, because governments control the printing of currency Treasury bills What is it? Risk-free asset An asset which has a certain future return. For an investment to be risk free, the actual return should always be equal to the expected return. U.S. government bonds or bonds from stable Western governments can be considered risk-free. Application of risk-free rate Pavel Pashkevich Ivan Larachkin Why do we need risk-free rate? An investor has to know that future coupons from a bond will be reinvested at the same interest rate as when the bond was purchased. Zero coupon bonds Requirements for an asset to be risk-free No reinvestment risk Rate of return of an investment with zero risk, including default risk. It's the interest that an investor would expect from a free-risk asset over certain time. Risk-free rate There can be no default risk No asset can be risk-free, because even strong governments could default. However, this chance is so small that investors consider these assets risk-free. r Modern Portfolio Theory 2 basic conditions: Benchmark above which assets that do contain risk should perform It's the basic component of many financial models Pension funds use the the risk-free rate to to discount their liabilities to present value Treasury bills are risk-free assets and possess the following characteristics: have zero default risk because they represent and are backed by the good faith of the U.S. government. don't pay traditional interest payments like their cousins, the Treasury notes and Treasury bonds sold in various maturities in denominations of $1,000. can be purchased by individuals directly from the government. Conclusion The risk-free rate is rarely called into question until the economic environment falls into disarray. f

Free Read PowerPoint

Transcript: Free Read PowerPoint Project Judith Rumelt, better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare, is an American author of young adult fiction. Main Characters Summary Prominent literary item Will Herondale-Will has dark hair and ocean blue eyes. Will is rude and cruel because he believes everyone that loves him will die. He believes this because a demon put a 'curse' on him. Tessa Gray- Tessa has blonde hair and grey eyes. She is very witty and enjoys literature. Recommendation of book Setting Jem Carstairs-Jem has silver hair and eyes, due to the drug he was tortured with before his family was killed. He plays the violin and is very kind, caring, and lovable. The most unique thing in Clockwork Angel is that there are supernatural occurrences such as demons, shape shifters, witches, vampires, and werewolves, etc. I definitely recommend Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I recommend this book because it uses great figurative language, such as "The machine walked like a man." Also, "There was a boy standing in front of her. He couldn´t have been much older than she was-seventeen or possibly eighteen. He was dressed in what looked like workman´s clothes-a frayed black jacket, trousers, and tough-looking boots. He wore no waistcoat, and thick leather straps crisscrossed his waist and chest. Attached to the straps were weapons-daggers and folding knives and things that looked like blades of ice. In His left hand-slim and long fingered-was bleeding where she had gashed the back of it with her pitcher. But that wasn´t what made her stare. He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones,and long, thick lashes. He looked like every fictional hero she´d ever conjured up in her head. Tessa Gray goes to London to live with her brother. When she arrives Tessa is captured by twin sisters dubbed 'the Dark Sisters'. She was tortured and forced to use her gift of shape shifting for evil until Will Herondale rescues her. He then takes her to the institute, a place for shadowhunters to be cared for. Tessa meets the residents of the institute, Charlotte Branwell, the head of the institute, Henry Branwell, Charlotte's husband and inventor of a many great inventions, Jessamine Lovelace, girly and against all things shadowhunter, Jem Carstairs, a kind but very ill shadowhunter. Presentation Themes Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare Most unique thing in the book Presentation by Canaan Hall Clockwork Angel takes place in the institute, and the Dark Sister's home. The institute is an old church with very many rooms for passing visitors. The Dark Sister's house is large but sparsly furnished, in Tessa's room there is a bed with restraints, a mirror, and a nightstand with a few books. The themes for Clockwork angel are; you always need friends that you can trust, don't judge someone by their looks you don't know what they are going through, and even someone you wouldn't expect could be the hero. Cassandra Clare One prominent literary item in the book is personification. Personification is used throughout Clockwork Angel, such as "The machine walked like a man." Another example is, "The door creaked with a noise that sounded like a scream."


Transcript: Laura Valeria Pachón Capador PINZUAR LTDA. COMPANY This company manufactures machinery and equipment for the measurement and testing of materials for soil, concrete, asphalt and aggregate laboratories. COMPANY DESCRIPTION RISK MAP TEAM WHAT ARE THE PHYSICAL RISKS IN THIS COMPANY? Risk of cutting the assembly area and area of machinery and production Risk of falls in the area of storage of products, materials and tools and distribution area Risk of burning of company personnel in the kitchen, in the welding area and storage of chemical substances Hazardous noise risk in most areas of the company RISK MATRIX FEATURES EXPLAINED In this company there are two types of chemical and physical risk, in the matrix the blue color is the chemical risk which has a low probability of occurrence and an average probability that a consequence will occur in the workers, unlike the physical risk evidenced in the black matrix, which has an average probability of occurring and a high probability of causing consequences on workers. PHYSICAL RISK The risk of highest prevalence is Hearing loss because has potentially devastating consequences for physical,mental health and in the employment. RISK OF HIGHEST PREVALENCE Physical polluting agent an undesirable sound is uncomfortable. Large amplitude that can cause disease or interference in the communication process Taking into account that Unsafe levels of sounds can be 85 dB/8 hours 100 dB/15 minutes PHYSIOPATHOLOGY The perforation of the tympanic membrane, is when there is a tear of the tissue that separates the ear canal from the eardrum. Breaking the eardrum can cause hearing loss. PREVENTION -Combat noise at Source: *Use of protective measures *The choice of suitable work equipment can be made to generate the lowest possible noise level. *Carry out coatings with acoustically absorbent material or reduce the noise transmitted by solid bodies, for example by damping or insulation. * Increasing the distance between the worker and the noise BIBLIOGRAPHY -MARTÍN BARRENO,A.,HERAS MERINO,M. & IZQUIERDO GARCIA (2019).LABOR EXPOSURE TO PHYSICAL AGENTS (Ebook) (p.213). Madrid. -Trung N. Louise V (2017) Current insights in noise-induced hearing loss: a literature review of the underlying mechanism pathophysiology asymmetry, and management options journal of otolaryngology head y neck surgery. Acesso em: 12 abr 2019 Disponivel em b4a5 4b4e-9467-0dda89406836 40sdc-v-sessmgrOl -Skoe E.Tuftsuna 1(2017) Evidence of noise-induced subclinical hearing loss using auditory brainstem responses and objective mcasures of noise exposure in humans Acesso em: 12 abr. 2019 Disponivel erm https/readerelsevier com/ reader/sd/ pir/S0378595517304616t token 0E8A80303B9E6DZEB2D23922687234D30BC7B93BB90BD332DISECFSDD8F8C594EEAF096257COB353CC7OBD3D1

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Risk matrix

Transcript: MATRIX METHOD IN RISK ANALYSIS (MILSTANDARD 882 E) Enes KAYA 61140009 RISK ANALYSIS and EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT Low Risk: These risks are the risks that resource expenditure is necessary to reduce the hazard severity. Risk of remaining coincidental business It is subject to him by the manager. * Milstandart 882 E (Department of Defense) * Özlem ÖZKILIÇ Kimya Yük. Müh. - E. İş Başmüfettişi- A Sınıfı İş Güvenliği Uzmanı - E. İş Teftiş İst. Grp. Bşk. Yrd. - ASQ- Reliasoft Güvenilirlik Uzmanı Executive Partner - A Class Occupational Safety - Labour Inspector -Labour Inspection Istanbul Group Vice President -ASQ- Reliasoft Reliability Expert Unacceptable Risk: These risks can not be accepted without a compelling reason. The level of acceptance is Director of the Factory, but acceptance at this level should never be done by any manager. PROCESS school of engineering and natural sciences Risk Matrix Example The use of bad cointegration indices is demonstrated by grouping the hazards individually into risk assessment categories. As the risk category grows according to this standard, the managers in the management must decide on the risk acceptance levels High risk: Risk is a risk that requires change and investment throughout the system. Decision to stop at department or system if necessary mentioned. The risks are those at the level of Risk Manager, but the risk level is at risk both for the operation and the Plant Manager. HOW TO USE ? Yrd.Doç.Dr. Tunçer BAYKAŞ Ruşen ALTINDAĞ 61140015 probability and statistics project Risk matrices are the method of determining the level of risk. Total System Risk Measurement: Medium Risk: These risks represent high risks to carry with certain worries. Adopting the risk of remaining coincidental business Must be done by the manager Risk Matrices (L Type Matrices) In order to rate the risks, the user first determines the most appropriate outcome identifier and then determines the likelihood that the outcome will occur. At this level, the risk level can be seen through the matrix. Many risk situations can bring with it many endpoints with different relative probabilities. Often small problems are much more common than catastrophes. So, what should be emphasized is the most common result, the most severe result, or any other combination The output to be achieved is the rating or importance levels for each risk Will be the rating list of the identified risks. Risk matrices are used to rank risk sources or risk interventions in terms of risk level. When many risks are identified, they can be used as a screening tool from the result / analysis matrix For example; Which risk is needed to analyze more or more in detail, which risks need to be intervened primarily, or which should be transferred to a higher level of governance. At the same time with the use of the matrix, it can also be determined which risk should not be considered anymore. For example, in any reliability context, the probability scale can describe failure rate indicators. On the other hand, the outcome measure refers to the dollar-based cost of the breakdown. Medipol University OUTCOMES Minimal Risk This approach is a correct way to define the minimal threshold value for the system security program. Under this level, any expenditure for mitigating the hazard effect is not recommended. Sources: To examine a system on a per-criteria basis, The system risk (R) must be a measure. System risk In order to be able to draw, this measure is both The possibility of coming to the square. All risks are examined and the highest risk Level is determined and considered as "Total Risk". The following criteria are evaluated for total risk. Especially in the chemical industry, the nuclear industry or the oil- Etc. The consequences of major industrial accidents for plants The total risk is often referred to for evaluation.

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