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Risk Assessment

Transcript: A risk is a danger or hazard that could cause a loss A recommendation is a piece of advice that is normallly for ones good RISK 1 Risk: Balls may bounce out of the Red Cola and little children may go and chase after it, which is extremely dangerous. The recommendation is to make a fence that can be opened and closed- one with wheels Risk 2 Risk: Cars driving up and down the lane may slip and accidently go on to the walking lane. Make a path on the grass, so no accidents will happen Risk 3 Signs are too small and are hard to see from the back and when children are told to go to a specific gate they will become confused and that can cause traffic RECOMMENDATION: Make the signs bigger so the children know where to go when the gate number is called RISK 4 Cars going in and out of the carpark go across the pedestrian crossing that children use. RECOMMENDATION: Install some poles that can be either controlled by a switch or button, so when the children need to cross, turn it on, and when cars come, turn it off Risk 5 There is a trip hazard because when on special events that go on until the dark, people may trip and that causes accidents Buy some solar lights that can stick in the ground or simply walk on the lit up paths near the office BY VINCENT AND ANDREW Risk Risk Risk (n): a danger or hazard that could cause a loss. RECOMMENDATION . Recommendation (n) a piece of advice that is normally for one's good. RECOMMENDATION Risk Definitions By Vincent And Andrew Risks and Recommendations

Risk Assessment

Transcript: What are the different stages of risk assessment? "That doesn’t mean listing everyone by name, but rather identifying groups of people (eg ‘people working in the storeroom’ or ‘passers-by’)." "You then have to decide what to do once you have spotted the hazard. The law requires you to do everything ‘reasonably practicable’ to protect people from harm." Compare the hazard with good practice and see if there's more you should be doing to bring the standard up. Ask yourself: - Can I get rid of the hazard altogether? - If not, how can I control the risks so that harm is unlikely? Look at your risk assessments often and check new equipment to keep them updated! Identify people who are using the workplace or part of the workplace and might be harmed by a certain hazard. Step 1: Identify the hazard First of all you should walk around the workplace and look for things that could potentially harm someone. By Beth, Emma, Jade, Millie and Hayley! Writing down your results of your risk assessments will help when looking after service users and staff as they will be more aware of it and other hazards. Ask staff what they think, they may notice something that you do not. Step 4: Record your findings and implement them Check manufacturers’ instructions or data sheets for objects and chemicals they may have produced as it may help with seeing hazards. Step 5: Review your risk assessment and update if necessary Step 3: Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions Step 2: Decide who might be harmed and how Example:

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Transcript: Jess will collect Poppy after school and then meet us at Liat's house, Megan and Liat will get the equipment and start setting up in Liat's room. Location Rachel's house in Stanmore who owns a Grand piano From Radlett Overground station will travel by train to Bond street station Oxford street - Starbucks bottom floor Location Location/Journey/Risk Assessments Liat's house, using her bed to do the bed shot of the artist lying on the bed with a high angled shot of her singing. From Bond street will get the train to Bond street and walk to starbucks. The Journey The Journey Control Measures Control Measures - Safe driving - Bringing in the equipment and setting it up safely - Being careful with the lighting, especially the red lights as they can get very hot. Must not touch the hot area of the lights. - Use wooden clips to clip filters on to red light as metal will get hot. - Need to be careful that the lights do not touch any materials as it can start a fire. - Doing a lot of high angled shots standing on top op the artist so need to be careful to have the camera strap on so camera wont fall on the artist. - Could use a tripod instead of hand hold so it will be secure and won't fall on anyone. The Journey - It is a very expensive piano so must be careful = no sitting on it or putting objects on it - Must be careful with red lights as they get very hot - only hold the handle. - the colourful filters must be used with wooden clippers. - No messing around - Lighting can't be to close to the piano - Put camera on tripod so it won't fall on piano or Poppy. Control Measures Radlett Overground Station. Will film by the platform and in the overground station area to get extra shots. Once school has finished at 4:30 Jess will go collect Poppy. Liat and Megan will meet Jess and Poppy at the overground station. Bond street to do the street walking shot and the bench shot The Journey Location Friday 9TH November Control Measures The Journey From school Jess will go get Poppy and meet us at Rachel's house where Megan and Liat will be setting up. Monday 12TH November RISK ASSESSMENT Location Control Measures Location Thursday 8TH November - Bed Shot Friday 9TH November Friday 9TH November - Must be aware of the public - Must be quiet as there will be customers there - Can't play music loudly - Hot coffee could spill - Lighting might use it or might not need to be careful if it looks bad - Being careful transporting the equipment on public transport - Being aware filming with the public, some might not want to be filmed and get angry. - Will be using the tripod so have to be careful and walk slowly so no one will trip. - The weather we must consider and check the day before. - Safe driving to the station - Traveling with the equipment safely - Need to be aware of the public - Need to be careful if filming by the platform - Must not go past yellow line - Must not mess around - Put camera away if not using it. - If we decide to use the tripod must be careful no one trips up and we move it around slowly.

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