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Red Carpet

Transcript: 2000 Katy Perry wearing Zuhair Murad in the Grammy Awards. A crystal-embellished, sheer dress by Zuhair Murad. Zuhair was going for a ladylike, old Hollywood-inspired silhouettes. 1990 2005 Katy perry was wearing a dress by Prada at the Golden Globes A simple plum, v-cut dress. Brie Larson wore a dress from Calvin Klein at the Golden Globe Awards. It is a beautiful golden beaded halter gown. This dress was inspired because Brie work with Calvin to create this dress. She was a glittery golden that was inspired by Joan Arc armor. 4. 7. Lupita Nyong'o Ciara was wearing a dress that was made by Alexandre Vautheir Couture at the Grammy Awards Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture silk chiffon is a slip dress embellished with a crystal leopard design, featuring a slit that passed her hip bone. Alexandre Vautier was inspired to do this dress because the high split combined with crystal application was done for an ultra feminine statement, that is what the designer was going for when designing this. Cite Rihanna In Christian Dior Couture at The Clara Lionel Foundation 2nd Annual Diamond Ball Wearing a gorgeous strapless gold metallic Dior gown This dress was inspired by a 1950 look. 2010 Eva Longoria wore a dress by Georges Hobeika at the Golden Globe Awards. 6. carpet looks 9. Tori Kelly Katy Perry 1995 Rachel McAdam Rhianna 3. 8. Rachel Mcdams Red Carpet AndreaOrellana 10. Saoirse Ronan 5. Its a floor-sweeping silhouette pays homage to old-Hollywood glamour, but its black sequined bouquets offer a gothic touch. Tori kelly was wearing a dress made by Gauri & Nainika at the Grammy Award this dress was classic Hollywood in a forest green one-shoulder Gauri & Nainika chose this color for Tori because it was the perfect shade and her blond locs complement the entire look, this look inspired her for a goddess type of gown. 2. Lupita Nyong'o wore dress that is by Calvin Klein at the 87th Annual Academy Awards. It is luxurious all-over pearl confection. Figure-hugging frock features intricate white beading from top to bottom, a halter neckline and keyhole cut-out Clavin inspiration was to make this dress glamorous but in a subtle and unexpected way, Calvin wanted Lupita to look glamorous but modern at the same time. Rachel Mcadam wore a dress by Elie Saab at the SAG Awards. Eva Longoria Elie Saad made this dress because it inspired by his mother. A tulip-print blouse his mother wore for a picture. Saab's inspiration for crystal embroidery comes from his hometown, Beirut, Lebanon, and the city's fascination with always looking adorned. Ciara Rachel Adams wore a dress by August Getty Atelier at the Oscar's. a slim fit deep emerald gown. Backless halter tie dress with front split and an extended trained that pooled behind a poised. August was inspired to make this dress that doesn't shy away to show off the female form while exploring structure and fluidity at the same time. Katy Perry It a white gown with floral print with a gold belt, slight back cut out. Georges Hobeika inspiration came from decorative porcelain print. 1. This look was inspired because it was a plunging rose quartz Prada creation that combined Perry’s pop star vibe with Fremar’s classic style.

Red Carpet

Transcript: Licensing Royalties Revenue Recognition Capitalization and Amortization Digital Rights Management - Mechanisms that attempt to deter piracy by limiting access to only those who have paid for rights to use the product Most large entertainment companies use some form of DRM Big controversy about DRM is that instead of deterring piracy it inhibits legal users instead Most video game DRM efforts are cracked by hackers within hours of release; if someone really wants illegal access it isn’t very difficult to find Some of the more invasive DRM requires constant online connection, limits number of activations, or uses other methods like watermarks on photos and proprietary file types for music and movies Helped Electronic Arts to being voted the worst company in America in the Consumerist Copyright Violation Lawsuits MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Interesting Facts on Industry Segments Amortization Publishing Companies Periodicals typically retain copyrights from hired writers or hire freelancers who are paid on a per-article basis. Book publishers often enter into contract with authors, who often get 8-10% of royalties Copyright Violation Lawsuits Adverse change in expected performance of a film prior to release Actual Costs in excess of budgeted Long delays in completion or release schedules Actual performance subsequent to release failing to meet expectations Amortization Effect of Piracy on the Industry Accounting for the Rich and Famous Accounting Issues in Film Making Copyrighting and Piracy Ethics Accounting Issues in Video Gaming Questions Exploitation Costs Film Costs Revenue Recognition Participation Costs Forecasted 500 billion dollars growth between now and 2016 Digital is the “new normal” Expected higher growth in: Internet Advertising Internet Access Music TV Advertising TV Subscriptions Growing differences and appreciation for “live entertainment” Effect of Piracy on the Industry Effect of Piracy on the Industry A Simple Example ASC 985-20 How Companies Obtain Copyrights IMAX Piracy Defined by Webster’s: the unauthorized use of another's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright. Primarily affects film, music, and video game industries One argument blames piracy for billions in losses, while other sources suggest that it creates higher exposure and therefore higher sales. Extremely difficult to prove cause and correlation Industry Overview Technological feasibility is established when the entity has completed all planning, designing, coding, and testing activities that are necessary to establish that the product can be produced to meet its design specifications. At a minimum, complete A or B A) If the process of creating the computer software product includes a detail program design, all of the following: 1. The product design and the detail program design have been completed, and the entity has established that the necessary skills, hardware, and software technology are available to the entity to produce the product. 2. The completeness of the detail program design and its consistency with the product design have been confirmed by documenting and tracing the detail program design to product specifications. 3. The detail program design has been reviewed for high-risk development issues (for example, novel, unique, unproven functions and features or technological innovations), and any uncertainties related to identified high-risk development issues have been resolved through coding and testing. B) If the process of creating the computer software product does not include a detail program design with the features identified in (a), both of the following: 1. A product design and a working model of the software product have been completed. 2. The completeness of the working model and its consistency with the product design have been confirmed by testing. Industry Presentation: 1. Develop or license an engine 2. Hire a writer to develop an overall storyline or concept 3. Develop level ideas 4. Hire art team to create assets 5. Hire coding team to optimize the engine 6. Create a proof of a concept level to show company/publisher for approval 7. Build a prototype level to illustrate basic feel & look of the game 8. Work on coding the remaining levels 9. Begin alpha phase – no new code, only repairs to bugged code 10. Enter beta phase – Game is almost complete, just fixing remaining bugs. Can be “open” or “closed” but both usually include focus testers 11. Submit the game to publisher and platform companies (Microsoft for Xbox and/or Sony for PlayStation, etc.) to get clearance on all the technical aspects each company has for games on their platform 12. “Go gold” meaning the game is complete and can be sent to labs for duplication and then retail stores There’s no business like accounting for show business Firms that specialize in the entertainment industry and provide accounting and financial services to athletes and entertainers Hard to find “Top Secret” Clients who are used


Transcript: RED CARPET 1-Executive Summary 2-Business Objectives 4-Mission and Vision Statements 5-SWOT Analysis Start-Up Financial Position Operational Strategy Corporate Social Responsibilities Chief Planner Officer Operations Manager and EEM Blah Blah Facilities/Venues Timely Internal Environment Our company name is Red Carpet Entertainment. We cater to corporate businesses, television and film studios, and non-profit organizations. Our world-class team has worked for the Oscars, Emmy’s, and in numerous celebrity and VIP events. Source Of Funds We are located in the heart of the entertainment industry. Because we are a global agency, we are going to have multiple employees coming for different backgrounds, so we have to account for more variables when it comes to our controlling mechanism. We are located at 2500 Red Carpet Blvd Suite 1, Beverly Hills, CA. But we plant to expand to the cities where there is a high demand for entertainment catering. Product Quality Reassurance Executive Event Quality Director We are introducing our company into a dense market, but at the same time we know that these market has a broad audience. So by catering only for corporate and big multinational businesses we are going to be able to establish ourselves in this growing market. Most of our employees are interns from high schools and colleges. We help students get the experience needed to succeed in the business environment. Upon success during the internship we offer them a stable positions with our company. Andres Event Producers Opportunities Jessica Blah Blah Measurable Attainable The market to catering and promoting events is infinite. Cindy Market Knowledge & Research Costumer’s Need Like we mentioned earlier, we cater to the businesses that not only have the funding to afford our services, but have the need to experience a memorable moment or event. Environment Our resources allow us to maximize our client's spending power. Staff Strengths Plans and Strategy Guest Relations Motivating Relevant Organizational Chart Location Blah Blah Service Executive General Manager: Cindy Our goals have been and will be met plenty of times, but there is always room for improvement and expansion. We have let our past and current clients know that the goals of their event are ours as well. The Company’s goal is to always keep the clients satisfied. We need to keep our clients soliciting our services for their amazing events, because if we can’t keep the clients happy and pleased, they will turn to someone else who can offer them a bigger better deal. Clients Weaknesses We make every minute count. Our beliefs and our values are also the same way we see our daily lives. Our clients respect what we do for them and it shows. Break-Even Analysis Contingency Plans We realize that this is a highly competitive market and that we must plan and adjust to our competition. We are our own investors, but we are going to find new investors offshore as our interest relies in the hands off our global expansion. We need to expand to the entertainment capitals of the world but we will eventually need to incorporate more investors from around the world. Ethics Issues Total average fixed costs: $50,000 - $1,000,000 Variable average costs per event: $10,000 Contract price: $100,000 - $250,000 Desired profits: $50,000 – $150,000 We would need, on a maximum, five events to break even across our calculated average costs. 1,000,000/250000 - 10000 We have strong connections. Compensation Strategy We give each client a deadline, because we also have deadlines. We give our clients an open window. If they are satisfied with the first meeting, they have two weeks to decide if they are going to bring us on board. If they decide not to hire us, we move on. The clients that do bring us on board are given a timeline and an exact step-by-step plan. Corporate Values Expressed When you invest in Red Carpet Entertainment, you will get world-class service and style — heightening your company’s brand by impacting on patrons and your event’s guests. We are going to motivate our employees by giving them access to our resources and venues. They are going to be able to celebrate their birthdays and important family. We plan to expand globally and host HQs in the main entertainment capitals of the world: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Goa, Beijing, etc. Many brands have realized that the event experience is a powerful medium to turn a brand into an experience with which the target demographic can connect. Red Carpet Entertainment creates events with a purpose and has stayed ahead of evolving trends, which helps our clients stay on top. RED CARPET Board of Directors Specific Labor Recruiting We must always keep our promises and commit to our deadlines with our clients. Threats If we can prove ourselves to our clients, there is a clear way for us to make them believe in our company, making them promote us to others and possibly invest in us. Ourselves. If we deliver what is

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