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Process Powerpoint

Transcript: By Dora Le & Ann Lung AP Rhet Period 1 1 What Is Process? 2 3 Understanding Process Explanations 4 Planning depict the process accurately distinguish what usually and occasionally happens mentally tests all steps in sequence 5 6 use transitions use transitional words and phrases ensure step leads to the next 7 Structuring A Process Essay Congradulations thank you How To Write A Process Essay describe unfamiliar equipment or material three sections explains how to do something use clear & consistent discussion interrupted only for definitions, explanations, or cautions Goal College writing-calls for instructions to persuade present information include clear thesis statement thesis-identifies process & must provide clear logical transitions explain reasons for performing the steps Using Process define terms transitions-establish sequential and chronological relationships can be instructions or process explanation Presents events in strict chronological order now you know how to write a process essay enables readers to perform a process uses present tense speaks directly to the readers keep reader's needs in mind avoid unneccary shifts in tense/mood easy as 1,2,3 is important too does not need a formal conclusion reinforce thesis Introduction (why it is performed) examples: first, second, meanwhile, in conclusion, finally, etc. body reviews the procedure's major stages conclusion Clarity is extremely important Understanding Instructions Help understand how it's carried out use 1st or 3rd person past or present tense style of process explanation varies Accomodating your audience identifies the process include information about materials present overview of the process thesis is stated each treats one major stage CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

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Transcript: Sense of community Many companies treat social media as an information tool as oppose to communication vehicle which results in a lack of trust and feedback by the target market Software Solutions While the truth is that social can be a great lead generation media for the businesses. Putting PEOPLE in control of their choices, preferences, opinions, community etc. Sergio Zyman, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Coca Cola Wikis & Blogs Currency Traditionally advertisers convey messages to masses in the hope of reaching some interested group of people. Industries... NOW ... As of the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users. Telcos So how does social media impact us ! Have a look at some interesting stats at a global level... Popularity (+ive, -ive) Enlightened businesses like Amazon and Google Shopping operate an open-door policy and encouraging consumer interaction Retail Logistics People are more involved with the Digi Universe. A universe by the people, of the people and for the people... Platforms HBL has created alternate channels to add convenience for making payments. Impact of Social Media on Buying Behaviour Internet Payment Gateway Banking WE STILL DO, BUT THE CONSUMERS ARE SAYING ...NOT INTERESTED!!! “The era of (one way) marketing as we have known it is over, dead, kaput – and most marketers don’t realize it…” From facebook to youtube/vimeo, from instagram to snap chats we have multiple channels in social media Engagement = Involvement MPOS In Pakistan Internet users : 30 M Mobile internet users: 15M Where total FB users : 17 M Pharmaceuticals Social media platforms have radically changed the approach of segmentation in implementing marketing strategy Social Media Websites to mobile apps, ipads to ecommerce websites ... You focus on your story We give you the building blocks THANKS FOR WATCHING & GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PREZI

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Transcript: Report Results Participants Info Study 인체에서 찾은 과학 과학 융합 Mind Map 이재준: 조장 및 조별과제 총괄, 발표 전반적 진행 남궁대연: 미켈란젤로, 최후의 심판, 다비드상에 대한 간단한 조사 / 미켈란젤로, 최후의 심판이 그려진 시대 상황 설명 김명현: 지레의 종류 3가지 각각의 예시, 지레의 원리가 나타난 다른 인체 부위 조사 / 팔꿈치 관절의 구조, 지레의 종류 3가지 설명 신우진: PPT제작 / 3종 지레의 예시 턱과 지레의 원리가 나타난 다른 인체 부위 설명 이주은: 교과서에 실린 사진자료 수집(교과서 뒤에 출처 참고, 사진이 없을시 가장 비슷한 것으로) / 해부학 설명 조원 및 역할 소개 A mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information contents A mind map is often created around a single concept, drawn as an image in the center of a blank page Knowledge Major ideas are connected directly to the central concept, and other ideas branch out from those. Concept Mind maps are considered to be a type of spider diagram. Why use mind maps? Mind maps can be used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying Customize the layout and add your content Separated Design Elements: Build Your Own Concept Separated Design Elements: Build Your Own Concept Separated Design Elements: Build Your Own Concept Separated Design Elements:

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