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Demonstrating for change

Transcript: Demonstrating for change If you don't like something, what are some ways that you can help change it? Civil Rights- personal & property rights recognized by governments and protected by the constitution People have worked hard to gain those rights. Some Civil Rights Movements in U.S. history are the Movement for Racial Equality, Women's Suffrage for Voting Rights, Movement for Rights of Americans with Disabilities, and the Immigration Rights Movement. Human Rights- All humans are equal and deserve to be treated as such. Some of these rights are freedom to work at a job, freedom to marry who you want, freedom to raise a family, freedom from slavery, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. When people do not agree with the way a group of people are treated, they have the right to protest for change. Human & Civil Rights Boycotting A march is when a large collection of people move together to protest a government's restriction. Usually there is lots of chanting, sign-carrying, and speeches. During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, more than 200,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C. for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The people called for equal treatment and opportunities for all Americans. This march ended with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream..." speech. A boycott is a coordinated effort to avoid purchasing goods or services or doing an action. When you stop buying a good or service, the company or person notices that they are losing money and they need to make a change. An example of a famous boycott in U.S. history is the Townshend Act boycotts of 1767. The British were imposing high taxes on products they sold to Americans, so Americans stopped buying them and made their own things. Another boycott was the Montgomery Bus Boycott that came about when Rosa Parks was arrested for sitting at the front of the bus. Supporters boycotted riding the buses in protest. A strike is what happens when a group of unhappy people stop doing what they are doing, like working. If workers are not happy with their pay or working conditions, and the employers will not listen to them, a strike can happen. Workers create a list of demands that must be met before they will return to work. There was a strike in 1997 by UPS workers. They wanted full-time work instead of just part-time, higher wages, and more benefits. The workers stopped making their deliveries. The media told the story in newspapers and television, which made the story very popular. Eventually, after losing about $600 million dollars in business, UPS agreed to all of the workers' demands. Strike Picketing Sit-ins are peaceful protests organized by an individual or in a collective unit (group). The protesters seat themselves wherever they are protesting- a restaurant, work office, street until they are forced to move or their demands have been met. A famous example of a sit-in was in 1960 at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Four African-American men were refused service at a lunch counter so the four students remained sitting at the lunch counter until it closed that night. Newspaper and TV reporters showed up to cover the story. The sit-in went on for several days. By the last day there was so much publicity that nearly 400 people showed up to sit-in. Sit- Ins Pickets are organized efforts by a collective of people to protest outside of a work place or event location. Picketers usually form lines or carry signs that talk about what they are protesting or what they are demanding from employers. People usually do not cross a picket line so other people do not go into the building. Media reporters like to share stories of pickets and this is one way those on protest draw attention to their cause. Marching

reliability presentation

Transcript: the comparison of two treatment for lung cancer patients Figure 1: Survival curves for male patients with lung cancer receiving standard treatment (1) and chemotherapy (2). Find out the important factors that affect the survival time of lung cancer patient. The result shows both treatments are comparable when non of the factors are included Data presented by NG ZHAN JIAN P-MM0056/13 YEW SIN YEE P-MM0033/13 NUR NAJWA AZIZAN P-MM0016/13 Survival time : Survival time for each patient in days Status : Status for the patient (0= censored, 1= dead) Treatment : Type of treatment (1 = standard treatment, 2 = novel treatment) Cell Type : Size of cancer cell (1 = squamous, 2 = small cell, 3 = adeno, 4 = large) Karnofsky score : Performance status scale for each patient MFD : Months from diagnosis Age : Age of the patients in year Prior therapy : 0=No, 1=yes The null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis are estimate and plot the survival function for the two treatments group Figure 2: Hazard plot for male patients with lung cancer receiving standard treatment (1) and chemotherapy (2). Significant level, conclusion The Proportional Hazard Model To compare the effectiveness of both treatment on survival rate of lung cancer patient without including any explanatory variables. the critical region, Did you know the fact? The factor Karnofsky Score is the only variables that has a significant influence on the hazard of death. The median of survival time for standard treatment and novel treatment are respectively 103 days and 52 days. 7.6 million deaths globally each year are caused by cancer; cancer represents 13% of all global deaths. As the fact said, lung cancer is by far the number one cancer killer. About 87% of lung cancers are related to smoking and inhaling the carcinogens in tobacco smoke Kaplan-Meier Method To compare the effectiveness of the standard treatment and novel treatment on survival rate of lung cancer patient by including all the explanatory variables The standard treatment were found to be better than the novel treatment when all the explanatory variables are included Gehan’s Generalized Wilcoxon Test compare the distributions of the two treatments. Lung cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the lungs. Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs. Cigarette smoking is a factor, and an important factor,in the production of carcinoma of the lung (British Medical Journal) objective of this study what is the lung cancer ? Include all the explanatory variables in comparing the two treatments Find out which variable has the most influences on hazard of death. Find the median survival time of lung cancer patients

Reliability Presentation

Transcript: Reliability Presented by Aly O'Neal definition definition the quality of being trustworthy and performing jobs well synonyms synonyms dependability, authenticity, ingenuity honesty honesty how they are connected If someone is honest, they can be trusted more easily and will perform better on things they'd try to accomlpish. PICTURES PICTURES Antonyms Antonyms untrustworthiness, disreputable, irresponsible, dishonest why reliabiity is an asset why reliabiity is an asset Without reliability, there is no consistency in trustworthiness or acceptance of one's own responsibilities. An employer can not believe that their employee will be able to effectively get a task completed or do their job in general. To be reliable, one must continue to perform tasks/fulfill goals successfully and wholeheartedly. For example, someone has just been accepted at a paper supply company as a receptionist. She promised her boss that she would do her very best. Weeks later, however, she began slacking on her job. She neglected to return missed phone calls, played games on her work computer and personal phone, and stopped taking messages for her boss/coworkers. After the company was given many complaints from clients, her boss brought her in, reevaluated her, and read to her the complaints filed by the clients, written down by the (exceptionally reliable) HR rep. The receptionist was fired, and was never allowed to work at any of the company's branches again, all because of her acute unreliability. Example Example ways i show reliability ways i show reliability I show reliability by turning my work in on time, making sure my work is good quality, and listening to my parents. ways others show reliability ways others show reliability Like myself, others can show just the same amount of reliability, if not more, or less. A few ways they can show reliability are turning work in by their specific deadlines, keeping the promises they make, be on time, and show respect.

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