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Transcript: by Justin Golden Where I Got My Info Liquid Helium is the coldest substance know to man. it is -457.87 F ( -272.15 C). the effect would freeze a human instantly. one of the hottest places on earth is the dead sea of Israel reaching an oven-baking 214 F (101 C) Thermometer The first thermometer looked like this................................................................. From people being sick to people cooking food the thermometer was always their. Smart Guy through 1593-1867 Gabriel Fahrenheit, Sir Tomas Allbutt, and Theodore Hannes Benzinger all made the thermometer modern. Gabriel Fahrenheit made the first mercury thermometer, it uses mercury to measure heat and cold. Sir Tomas Allbutt made a medical thermometer, this would save countless of lives in the years to come. Theodore Hannes Benzinger made a ear thermometer, this would check for ear infections. I BELIVE IN THE FUTURE Fun Facts Part 3 Fun Facts In the past thermometers helped people so much. like in world war II David phillp made a infrared thermometer. this thermometer could be used for looking through blinding smoke, to the human eye. In other words the infrared thermometer could see peoples body heat, or of objects. Impact ARE YOU SAYING I'M OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to take a bath in Japan because it wold be 110 F water that's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a capital H. Growth and Change Did you know that the center of the sun is 27,000,032 F (15,000,000 C) I think that their will realy be thermometers in the future. I think this because today is 2014 and we still use thermometers.Like I have stated the first one was bilt in 1592,that a 422 year spand. Growth and Change Early Thermometer Part 2 The first ever thermometer was invented by Galileo Galilei. He was simply trying to tell the temperature between two rooms. In Italy this was above it's time, not because it's (Italy) but because it was 1592. Ending The one that made the most futuristic thermometer was Dr.Jacob F. Taden. He made the thermoscan thermometer. This could see heat and cold signatures from far or close distances. The difference between this and the World war ll infrared site is that this has a better picture and can look at more. Fun Facts Part 4 THANKS FOR WACHING........................AND YES THANK YOU THERMOMETER Growth and Change Early Thermometer I WAS ! Sullivan, Navin. Temperature. Tarry town: Marsal Cavendish Benchmark,2007. G. Stevens. Heat. Milwaukee: Discorvey, 2000. Rose, Sharon. Schlager, Neil. How things are made. New York: Black Dog and Leventhal, 2003. Nosta, John, Future of the thermometer. DD November YYYY. Forbes. 3-24-14 The thermometer has a w i d e history for example we use stkier thermometers today. Fun Facts Part 2


Transcript: By: Kayla Hamilton & Holly Manzell New Tech Infrared Thermometer 1st Thermoscope *In January 1600, the first thermometer was made by Galileo Galilei. It was designed to measure temperature of air and water. *In 1617 Giuseppe Bianchani published the design of Gailileo Galilei thermoscope. *He was a famous Mathematician, Astronomer, and Selenographer. He was the first to draw a map of the moon. * The newest and improved Celsius scale was created by Andres Celcius in 1742. *This is how the celsius scale got its name. * * * 1. The Glass/Mercury Thermometer 2. Celsius scale 3. Infrared Thermometer 4. Measuring temp within 5 minutes 5. Ear thermometer 6. Electric Thermometer 7. New tech infrared thermometer Electric Thermometer * Isaac Newton introduced the new and permanent scale in 1701. *The newest and improved Celsius scale was created by Andres Celcius. *This is how the celsius scale got it's name. *32 degrees F = 0 degrees Celsius Innovations Ear Thermometer * In Jun 1866, sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt made a new thermometer that could measure temperature within only five minutes. *As opposed to the twenty of Galileo's thermometer. *This was a great evolution to the thermometer. It causes less cases of death because of fever and measles. * * Allows you to measure body temperature, baby's bottle, bath, and surrounding temperatures. *The New Tech Thermometer lets you monitor temperatures without the need for direct contact with the person, object or surface, at any time of day. New & Permanent Scale Freezing & Boiling Point 1st Thermometer made! * In 1999, Dottor Francesco Pompei introduced the first "temporal artery" thermometer. *His device was non invasive temperature sensor. *This device accurately measures temperature in 2 seconds. Evolved thermometer made! * In January 1655, the thermometer began to use freezing and boiling points of water as a scale. *The thermometer began a universal scale. *Christaan Huygens had the idea of using the freezing and boiling points of water. * Astronomer sir William Herschel discovered "dark heat" radiation in the 1800s. *The "Dark Heat" was then referred to infrared. Samuel Langley invented the Bolometer. *Bolometer measures a variations of resistances when heated. * Around WWII, Benzinger invented the ear thermometer. *David Phillips invented the infar-red ear thermometer in 1984. Resources! * The first thermometer was created in 1638 by Robert Fludd. *He was a physician, astrologer, and mathematician. *His invention was a very thin cylinder with a bulb on the top. Thermometer Infrared Thermometers

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