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Preschool Teachers

Transcript: Techniques Benefits When it is time to get the children to write words or their own name the teachers give them a paper with letters and each letter is made from a dotted line. Use songs that go along with what they are doing, such as using the “Cleanup song” to get the children to all clean up the toys or arts. Differences of Preschool and Daycare Preschool Teachers Male preschool teachers have to overcome the typical stereotypes for example, a man who likes being around young children is sometimes thought a pedophile or that women are more nurturing and gentle to children. This is not always necessarily true, men can be equally friendly, nurturing, and gentle to children as women. Although they are different some preschools may take place with in a daycare. Usually around the same price, but a preschool might be a little more expensive. Also use positive reinforcement and feedback rather than giving a child negative attention and singling them out when they are not participating the correct way. Preschool Teachers Just a little more than 2% of preschool teachers are male. Prepares the child for kindergarten. Promotes emotional development and cognitive and social skills. Opportunities to develop motor skills. Children learn how to interact with the other children. Taught to listen to a teacher and how to behave. Exposes a classroom setting with other children, teachers, and rules to follow like they way it is in elementary school. Easier transition going to kindergarten. Children as young as 6 to 8 weeks are accepted. Mostly about playing, napping, and more babysitting is involved. In order to put the kids to sleep the teachers pat their backs for a little bit and play classical music. Ages 3 to 5 years old. More learning involved and prepares children for kindergarten. "Pre": before-school

Preschool Teachers

Transcript: Babysitting children is can increase your comfort level in preschool classroom,In child care centers preschool teachers need at least a high school diploma and a cerificate in early childhood education to get a job,but in public schools preschool teachers generally need to have a bachelor's degree in early childhood. When preschool children learn how to read and write and do math and other subjects,Preschoolers should learn things to become stronger and smarter.When they grow up and start elementary,middle,and high school they will be ready and they will already know what they need to know. Preschool teachers supervise little children that attend basic needs by feeding,clothing,and changing,their diapers.Also teach skills such as colors,shapes,numbers,letters,and numbers because they teach them what they need to learn and know.Also there is a lot of preschools such as Kids Castle Learning Center,Morning Star Preschool,and The Toddler House. Preschool teachers love to teach and have fun with preschools such as play games,and have free time and eat snacks also take naps and love to enjoy their selfs and love learning. Preschool Teachers By:Rayray Preschool teachers average annual wages $30,750 and 80 percent earned between $18,090 and $48,660 per year. My personal interests is I like to babysit children such as I babysit my nieces and nefews also my baby cousins,And I just like to take care of them and help out with my siblings and cousins also maybe practice because one day I may have my own and would I know how to take care of my child. Wedsites: Early childhood teacher Wikipedia U.S. News (preschool teachers) To insure more job opportunities but it also qualities that a person to teach kindergarten to a higher salary,however a bachlor's degree isn't necessary for all preschool teaching positions.

preschool teachers

Transcript: advantages: parental experience solid paycheck holidays off disadvantages: numerous diverse needs numerous guidelines working with bad parents 5. Identify one related career. About 3.2% of people in the United States work as a preschool teacher. There are several job opportunities (*due to population increase*) teach general things children grade papers help kids improve play with kids change diapers/sanitary needs 6. Identify 3 personal advantages to this career. nature of work opportunities for advancement things that can be done to prepare for this job about 20 hours of work a week about four hours a day (half a day students) don't work weekends personal skills and reasons why this career is a possibility 3. What education is required to be a Preschool teacher? Experience in preschool and elementary school teaching. personal skills: caring creative patient gather experience take CPR classes learn how to care for a child 7. Identify 3 personal disadvantages to this career. On average about $27,130 a year educational requirements advantages/disadvantages 4. What characteristics do you need to have this job? 1. How many people in the U.S. are Preschool teachers? Preschool Teachers By:Savanah and Lina 2/5/15 8. What are two things that you can do to prepare for this job? 9. Are there any promotional opportunities? high school diploma or associates degree bachelor's degree CDA certification CPR certification assistant teacher experience 2. What is the average salary of a Preschool teacher? Earnings working conditions Questions: Questions Part 2: job outlook 10. What is the nature of work in a teachers career? why this is a possibility: like children is a good experience

Preschool Teachers

Transcript: I chose this career because I would love to make a positive impact on someone's life and be able to help young kids learn and grow (intrinsic motivation) I also find it very interesting watching/evaluating how preschoolers learn and develop (intrinsic) Teachers get more time off and have to work less hours compared to other careers (extrinsic) What They Do Preschool Teachers Preschool teachers educate and care for children age 5 and below who have not yet entered kindergarten. They teach reading, writing, help toddlers learn how to use their fine motor skills (holding a pencil) and gross motor skills (running/playing). They also help them develop proper social and emotional skills. Areas Of Specialization Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Quick Facts 2015 Median Pay $28,570 per year Typical Entry-Level Education: Associate's degree Work Experience in a Related Occupation: None On-the-job Training None Number of Jobs, 2014 441,000 Job Outlook, 2014-24 7% (As fast as average) Preschool Teacher: How to Become a Preschool Teacher. (n.d.). Retrieved February 15, 2017, from Summary. (n.d.). Retrieved February 15, 2017, from What It's Like to Teach Preschool. (n.d.). Retrieved February 15, 2017, from A preschool teacher looking to specialize in disabled children should consider getting additional training or education in special education. They can help children who have learning, physical, and emotional disabilities and receive a higher salary in a public school. Citations

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