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Holiday Season

Transcript: Christmas To bring in the year of 2016,My Mother and I hung out, and went to dinner . I went to the peach drop with My close friends, and boyfriend. I had a couple of 2015 resolutions. I did accomplish 2 of them. One was to not drop out of school , no matter how hard school gets. The second was to open up a little more My Favorite/memorable gift I’ve received was when I was little and it was from my grandmother,. It was my very first Karaoke machine If I had to give away something I already owned , it would be… My favorite Jacket, because it's warm and it's very comfortable and I know someone would enjoy it I woke up around 10 or 11 a.m. on Christmas day, My sisters weren’t home. So my mother and I had to go take them their gifts. When we did, we watched them open their gifts. Then we hung out with my Grandmother and Cousins. Then we had a big dinner at my aunt's house. Holiday Season Resolutions/Goals Giving Back My 2016 Goal is to Graduate My resolution is to become a less Anti-social person and to keep a positive attitude around Negative situations Detail 3 Gifts I recieved This Season is a special season to me, and is also my favorite because, all my family gets together and party All the gifts that are being exchanged between the ones I love. I did get most of the things I did want such as: New boots / Shoes More Clothes More make up Brushes. The Special gift I gave was to my younger Sisters, I gave them both a heart shaped Necklace that had ‘sister’ engraved on them. With a little message on the back, that also came with heart-shaped Earrings I chose this gift because , no matter how annoying my sisters would get. It was a keepsake memory from me. The Special Gift Faves !! Reason for The Season New Year’s Eve 2015 Resolutions

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