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Eating Healthy

Transcript: Research the "eat right for your blood type" book and find out what foods would be right for you. make a meal plan that reflects that Make a Meal Journal for a week, recording your meals eaten, feelings before and after each meal, energy levels and fluid intake. At the end of the week analyze if your behaviors have any correlation with the food you ate. Anonymously interview three people you know asking specific questions about their daily diets and energy levels and most recent health checkups. Get together with three friends, research a well balanced meal recipe, (reference the FDA food pyramid) and collaborate to shop, prepare and serve the meal. Intrapersonal Technology Eating Healthy Prepare a speech to persuade the class to add a piece of healthy eating to their daily diet, ex. drinking more water, eating more vegetables, taking multivitamins. Write a persuasive poem or short story about the effects of healthy eating. "The little girl who forgot her breakfast", "ode to protein", etc... Naturalistic Logical- Mathmatical Expert Interpersonal Visual Go to a local farmers market and purchase a vegetable or fruit that is in season, go to a big supermarket (like Safeway) and purchase the same food. Compare the aesthetic, taste, texture and over all quality of the two. Research the differences in the cultivation of agriculture like corn, and the creation of processed foods like candy. Compare the processes and results and the effects they have on the human body. Research a function of the body that is aided from healthy eating, like the endocrine system. create an endocrine system costume that shows the differences of healthy vs unhealthy eating. create a successive set of body motions as a mnemonic device for the path of the digestive system and teach it to the class. Body-Kenestetic Verbal-linguistic-textual find a song that speaks on healthy eating, for example " theres a party in my tummy, from the popular children's show, Yo Gabba Gabba! Explain the meaning of the song and how it is meant to affect it's audience Make a parody of a popular song, replacing the lyrics with instructions or facts about healthy eating, make sure it's cohesive- ex: "fruits", digestive system, beneficial qualities of a specific vegetable like broccoli. Track your food intake for a week on "my plate" food tracker app also taking photos of every plate before you eat it. Create a pinterest board of foods from the FDA food pyramid, the correct amount for recommended daily intake. Take a survey of the class and deduct how many people eat breakfast in the morning. compare statistics of the health levels of 50 year old males. One who eats a healthy balanced diet and one who regularly eats junk food . Musical Read Dr. Oz's "You on a diet" and Read "Fat flush plan" by Anne Louise Gittleman Compare the two plans for healthy eating in a power point presentation. Watch an interview with a fitness trainer (ex. Gabby Reese) and check out their prescribed meal plan. make a meal from it and bring it into class. Watch forks over knives and fat sick and nearly dead, two documentaries about extreme healthy forms of eating. Evaluate the two movies, comparing the specific set of benefits and warnings associated. Which one you would choose to try.

eating healthy without eating healthy

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