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School Counselors

Transcript: - Easy to work with - Try to accommodate the schedule requests - Help us with extra ciricular opportunities - Counselors help address the developmental needs of the growing number of students from culturally diverse backgrounds (Lee). - Many counselors are given tasks that don't allow them to put their skills to work (Timm). - 70% of high school counselors say they are tasked with administrative and clerical duties (Sheehy). - How many of you have had a bad experience with the school counselors concerning schedule changes or about getting ready for college? 1. They are overworked 2. Changing your schedule is ALWAYS a hassle 3. Very rarely do they talk with you concerning your emotional problems - Principals are pulled in so many different directions and having someone to resolve student problems before they reach the office, gives the administration time to concentrate on other issues (Santos). - There are too many obstacle to overcome when you want to meet with the school counselor (Fox). - Since counselors are overworked, they don't provide an inviting environment and are too busy to help students with emotional problems (Kent). - We need to separate school counselors from academic advisement. - Advisory teachers and student mentors will collaborate with students. - Train the mentors and teachers - Increase the availability of counselors - Less complaints from students concerning schedules and academic advising Issues Exit 435 Issues Create Student Mentors - Teachers can help students be aware of class changes - Counselors need to train teachers how to help students with their academic concerns - No resources are needed - teachers are in place - Program will be successful if there are less people going to counselors for academic advising and for schedule changes - Information will be gathered throughout the school year Student Advisement Center - Create a pool of seniors to mentor the underclassmen. - The Student Government, teachers, and administration will gather these students. - The resources are already in place. Ex: Student Center - Mentors will need to be trained on how scheduling works. - Student mentors will help underclassmen understand and submit their class schedule application. - Evidence will be gathered by seeing a decrease in class change requests submitted by the counselors. GOAL! Solution School Counselors What's the Problem? Have Teachers Advise Students PROS GOAL: In an effort to unite the staff, administration, and students at Summit Academy High School, the school will make the counseling and academic advising procedures separate, and they will become more user friendly and provide a better atmosphere. OBJECTIVES: 1. Promote the creation of student mentors 2. Have teachers play a more significant role in advising students 3. Develop a Student Advisement Center

School Counselors

Transcript: 1. Be respectful to yourself and others - especially when they are speaking 2. Use kind and respectful language 3. Work together! TAR - HEEL and WOLF - PACK chants Graduated from UNC Chapel Hill From the mountains of North Carolina - Asheville Has a dog - Indy Loves music, playing the drums, the beach, cooking, hiking, camping, reading, going to sports games, and talking to students! Tell Me... Your Name and If you won a year-long trip on a space station, what three items (or people) could you not live without? Currently attends North Carolina State Uni. From Alabama My joys in life includes: basketball, football, motorcycles, reading, eating, traveling, spending time with my family, and photography! What is it? Why would we have to break confidentiality? 1. you're getting hurt/going to get hurt 2. someone else is getting/going to get hurt 3. you give me permission 4. the court subpoenas me (very rare) Who Are We and What Do We DO? Rules and Expectations ACTIVITY - On a sheet of paper... On the Front: Write 3 things you want to know about high school. On the Back: Write 3 things you want to know about college. What We Don't Do Ms. Davis Let one of your teachers know Let your parents/family member know Self-referral form on the outside of my office door Confidentiality Punish Students Blab your business to everyone Get you out of class Excuse you from tests or other academic responsibilities Eat bon-bons and drink coffee all day GOAL! What Do We Do? School Counselors MS. Henderson How to Reach Us Icebreaker... Individual Counseling - academic, personal/social, career Small-Group Counseling - study skills, friendship, grief, family changes, culture, etc. Classroom Guidance - bullying, self-harm, highschool, college/career Other - Red Ribbon Week, Career Week, College Week

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