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Clothing Retail

Transcript: April 16, 2019 BUS107 D CLOTHING RETAIL INDUSTRY JINNY & MANU Industry FAST FASHION (Clothing Retails) Reduce the manufacturing process Offer products quickly ECONOMY CANADA ECONOMY 50% 60 % 65 % REASON I REASON I Ordinary Designers instead of Star Designers REASON II REASON II Low wage area: China, India, Bangladesh H&M H&M ABOUT About the company Founded in 1947 by Erling Perssong. Headquarters in Sweden MORE DETAILS MORE Details Over than 4900 stores around the world. Innovation, Involvement, Impact COMMUNITY EVENTS COMMUNITY EVENTS Company Values Mentoring Mentoring Service For Teenager Reduce the student's dropout 90% of the students who participated in the program got motivated for studying CAREERS CAREERS Department Manager Coach the store team member. Typical manage for sales maximization . Develop the store with ability to handle conflicts. Le Salary: $ 43,360(per year) The ability to handle conflicts, resolve problems constructively. The ability to gradually manage discipline and performance. 2~3 years of retail experience. CAREERS Sales Advisor Assist customer's shopping Directly provide clothing sales service. Actively maximize sales opportunities Le Salary: $ 13.40(per month) High School Diploma is preferred. The ability of multi-tasking The ability to recognize and execute opportunities. The ability of communication and organization FOREVER 21 FOREVER 21 ABOUT ABOUT THE COMPANY American Fast-Fashion Retailer. Founded in 1984 by Do Wo Chang and Jin Sook Chang. Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. MORE DETAILS MORE DETAILS Over than 700 stores around the world. Mission "Always Changing and Always in Style COMMUNITY EVENTS COMMUNITY EVENTS Company Values GLLG COLLECTION GIVE TO LOVE LOVE TO GIVE COLLECTION Collection released in 2011. The profits will be destined to a designated charity. FEED PROJECT Mission is "Create good products that help FEED the world". Provide 71,120 meals, through the partnership. FEED PROJECT CAREERS CAREERS Assistant Store Manager of Operations Leads store maintenance. Ensure that the team provide great Customer Service. Control the progress and results across the key targets. Le Salary: $ 37,000(per year) Must be 18 years old. Must have High School diploma or equivalent. College degree or vocational training is preferred. 2~3 years of retail experience. Store Associate CAREERS Salary: $11.00(per hour) Assist the customer with products. Maintain the location in presentable condition. Promote sales. Complete transactions on the register. High School Diploma is preferred. Must have advanced management and communication skills. 1 year of retail sales experience is preferred. ACTION STEPS ACTION STEPS II FIND THE POSITION I I Study Business Management. Co-Op Program in Vanwest College. Basics for accounting, marketing and customer service. II Volunteer Work III III Search for more details about the company on their official website. Current position and its salary. IV IV Canada has 24,000 retailers of fashion and accessories. Off-price retailers will continue to growth. Saturation Point. Industries emits greenhouse gases and waste water and resources. SUMMARY SUMMARY

Clothing Retail

Transcript: Clothing Retail Financing my business: To start my company I’ll need $27.000 due to 3 employees at $2.000 each with mortgage of $4.000 a month with insurance of $13.000 with $4.000 for inventory I would equity finance so I’m not in debt with the bank and it’s easier to pay it back. The debt would be easier to pay it back because then the bank won’t take my house or car and the worst that would happen is I would go bankrupt and my business would shut down. I would choose the best bank that gives the best deal I would also choose long term loan so I can pay it back over a few years. Type of business ownership: I would pick sole proprietorship which means I’m my own boss. Which also means I run the whole company, I would choose this because I would be the only person with a say in what the company does and what happens to the company, Because I don’t want someone telling me what to do because I like being in control. Also if I was my own boss I would have the only say in who is employed and who is fired I would also be able to tell employees what to do and hire who ever I want whenever I want, I would own all the shares and be allowed to sellout shares whenever I want. Type of business: I would make a special clothing cation for teens and young adults. I chose this because I thought it would be easy to profit from, it interests me and because I like clothes and retail. I also chose this topic because it seems fun and easy. It interests me because I always go to the mall and buy out of those stores so the consumers would do the same for me. I also chose this because it would benefit me of having free clothes. Location and competitors: I would choose to locate my business in metrotown or downtown because they’re the most populated places in this area. Some competitors would be crooks’n’castles, diamond, krew and adidas. My company would be different from theirs because I would give my store more sales than them and I would be open longer and sell more merchandise.

retail clothing stores

Transcript: clothing and shoe store provides products for men, women, and children According to reviews the buckle provides high quality clothing at an expensive price over 450 retail stores in 44 states VS. Thank You! What kind of market structure do we have? VS. It would be difficult for a new industry to gain a share of the market because Buckle and Charlotte Russe are very popular industries. I would assume that it would be possible if said new industry sold quality clothing at a fairly low price. "Zumiez - Clothing Stores for Skate Shoes, Skateboards, Snowboards, & Streetwear." Zumiez. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015. "About: Charlotte Russe." About: Charlotte Russe. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015. "Men's Workwear, Women's Workwear, Work Clothing." Duluth Trading Company. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015. "About Buckle." About Buckle. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 Dec. 2015. primarily based in Minnesota women's clothing seasonal trends caters to wide range of sizes all around America men and women sells goods besides clothing sells goods based on weather terrible shipping Retail clothing stores A new industry entering the field of business would most likely be successful as long as a wide range of goods in various sizes is provided. Spencer Hartley, Davida Fuller, & Gaby Park VS. Retail Clothing Industry primarily based in Minnesota women's clothing seasonal trends caters to wide range of sizes clothing and shoe store provides clothing for only women According to reviews Charlotte Russe provides quality clothing at a fair price, but the customer service is bad 500+ stores in America as well as Puerto Rico all around America men and women sells goods besides clothing sells goods based on weather terrible shipping Citations: If a new business were to enter the market, it could most likely be as successful at the Duluth Trading company, so long as it sold quality goods for a somewhat cheaper price. local men and women sells goods besides clothing sells goods based on weather fast shipping

Retail Stores

Transcript: Representation by David Davila Retail Stores Social Institution from Three Views Loyal Customer Loyal Customer Viewing Retailers with a Structural Functionalism Mindset Customers Shoppers looking to purchase goods are treated by retailers with: Service to Customers Discounts to Help Lower Classes Sales, Bundle Deals, Manager Specials, etc. Assistance from In-Store Sale Advisors Advice about products fitting certain needs News about upcoming specials Help guiding around the store Sale Associates and In-Store Workers Helping the Working Class Many jobs within the retail market are available for the working class. While they work the hardest, in-store workers benefit from: Employee Discounts Steady Income Job Experience Corporate: the Overseer Retail Corporate Tasked to manage all retail stores from their headquarters. Responsible for customer and in-store employee policies & regulations White-collared jobs such as marketing teams and human resources are taken by those from higher classes. Regional/District Managers are: Lowest-end corporate jobs Tasked with ensuring local stores reach margins Experienced Associate Experienced Associate Viewing retailers with a Conflict Theory mindset Corporate Demands What Corporate Wants SALE NUMBERS & PROFIT Employees Pushing Certain Products Also applies to bundles and rewards Workers forced to create out-of-touch conversations Worker's uniqueness and opinions pushed aside Perfect In-Store Etiquette AKA Look like a model to represent the store In return, workers receive discounts on in-store products but generally low pay rates along with bonuses if profits are met. Rude Customers "The Customer is Always Right" Poor customer reviews usually lead to workers facing some consequences. Customers have also shown to be difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic by Refusing to practice safety guidelines (Ex: Wearing Masks) Risking the health of others "I would like to speak to your manager!" McDonaldization Another term for rationalization where companies focus primarily on efficiency and dehumanization. This combined with poor customer experience has led workers to: Become desensitized to poor working conditions (In other words, get used to it) Quit their jobs in favor of better paying jobs and fairer treatment Advertising Manager Advertising Manager Viewing retailers with a Symbolic Interaction Mindset What the Lower Classes Want Low and Affordable! What the Lower Classes Want Consumers in lower classes tend to shop at common supermarkets due to: Lowest Prices in the Area Acceptance of Food Stamps Consumers also shop at more stores during certain sale seasons such as: Back-to-School Season Prime Day Equivalents Black Friday Other Holidays Just right for you! What the Higher Classes Want Those in the middle class and higher have more income. Therefore they're able to: Perform much of their shopping through online retail Shop at specialty stores For those in the middle class or near it, there are stores that purpose very specific needs, such as: Best Buy for Electronics Guitar Center for Musician Gear Dillards for Clothing Office Depot for Office Supplies Let's get Shaq! How do we get new customers in? If a store profits greatly from certain products, they shift their focus to those products. In order to gather new customers and breathe life into certain brands, retailers use different advertising methods to garner interest in their stores. One method they use is to partner up with popular celebrities in order to help sell certain products or services. Example being Shaquille O'Niel endorsing large office chairs for Office Depot. EXIT Graphic Representation Credits Prezi Presentation by David I. Davila Created for Intro to Sociology Class (SOCI 1301) Instructed by Herman Pena at Texas Southmost College

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