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Graphic Designers

Transcript: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY PREZI! A company in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) that might hire a graphic designer: The education or training required to be a graphic designer is a high school diploma, and experience as a graphic arts technician. You must also be creative, and have a portfolio to show your work. Some of the main jobs one might perform in this occupation are to create animations for movies, video games, and television shows, create logos or commercials for companies, or to just illustrate images for magazines, books, or signs. (I hope you learned something!) People who are graphic designers might work at advertizing and graphic design firms, companies with advertizing departments, or sometimes they might be self employed. The lowest amount of money that one might earn while working as a graphic designer is $10.25. The highest pay one might earn hourly in this job is $33.40 Graphic Designers What it a graphic designer? A graphic designer is a person who creates logos, images, and different texts for a company, comic, magazine, billboard, or movie. They use computers and science to create the images. Most logos for companies are made by graphic designers. Some examples are McDonalds, Harveys, Chapters, Prezi, Wendy's, Taco Bell, some books, and magazines. By: Meaghan Smith Some skills someone might need to be a graphic designer include creativity, developing ideas, designing, knowledge of how to use animation programs, and the science behind them. Where do people who have this occupation work? How much money might a person earn hourly if they have this job? Location: North York, ON, M3C 3R6 Industries: Computer Software Job Type: Full time employee Years of Experience needed: Less than one. Education level: College Diploma Career Level: Entry level Salary: 30,000.00 - 35,000.00 Canadian money per year What skills and abilities might one need to have this for occupation? What kind of education does someone who wants to be a graphic designer need? BYE!!! What are some of the main jobs in this occupation? Rich Media:

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