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Birthday celebration

Transcript: Birthday celebration To celebrate my husband's birthday there are always his best friends, his parents, his brothers and uncles who are in the city. He is a very special person with everyone and that is why he deserves to be celebrated every year and more than that to thank God for the opportunity to be alive and because he gives us one more year to celebrate and share it with the people he loves. It's traditional and we have a meeting where the birthday song is sung, a cake and a delicious dinner are shared in honor of the birthday boy, oh, and some beers, and why not, a stronger drink. Many times we sing songs in karaoke mode, which is one of the sharing activities that my husband likes the most. There are always gifts, they know the gifts that my husband likes and he is very happy; words towards the celebrated hugs and kisses from the people who show their affection towards my husband. This year the celebration of his birthday is even more special because we have our first child, a long-awaited baby for this family and it is a new reason to celebrate his life. I always wish him the best, good health and blessings in his work so that he can continue to achieve his goals and dreams. Last year we did not celebrate it because of the pandemic, this year we are thinking about whether we will celebrate or not since the pandemic is even worse than a year ago, it is most likely that they will just have a lunch at home with their parents and a little cake so he won't be sad.

Birthday Celebration

Transcript: Marco Stefanini (President and Founder) and Antonio Moreira (CEO NA+APAC) were listed among the 50 most influential executives in the Nearshore Outsourcing industry. Shredding & Recycling Stefanini Wishes You... Marco Surprises N.A. Employees with Birthday Celebration Attendance To be the best provider of technology, globally recognized and admired as a strategic partner, and act with passion and energy to serve and delight our customers. On a voluntary basis, employees/departments/teams have established internal recycling programs for employee recycling of cans, bags, plastic containers, bottles and paper goods. Take advantage of fresh water dispensers with 5-gallon containers in the common areas of the buildings for all employees at no cost; when empty, the large containers are sent back to our vendor rather than being discarded. Richmond, Virginia Niche Players Quadrant – End User Computing Services, Europe 2013 Niche Players Quadrant – End User Computing Services, North America 2013 Challengers Quadrant - Desktop Outsourcing Services North America 2011 As a global organization, we are committed to green initiatives and have established processes and procedures that lessen our impact on the environment and promote green initiatives within our company and on behalf of our employees. 68 Cities 76 Offices 30 Countries 32 Languages Stefanini has established waste management and recycling programs in place at all of our facilities. We contract with third-party providers to assist in the consistent implementation of these programs. In addition, our employees are encouraged to actively reduce, reuse and recycle in the workplace and beyond. Best Wishes from your Stefanini Family! Promote human development, economic and social, through the implementation and support of educational activities that are designed to provide basic vocational training for youth and adults. Certified by ABRINQ Associated with the Ethos Institute More than 45,000 attended in 10 years Career Planning and Development Technology-based business solutions Tailored to your corporate business goals Social Responsibility & Community Involvement Powering Consulting Resource Management Portal Web-based tools to find, recruit, retain and manage talent Large resource base in a variety of specialized technologies. Interactive communication channel to encourage collaboration, information sharing and learning. Top 50 Power Rankings Onsite HR Functions HR consulting, hiring, training Management Report Training From your Stefanini family!! Marketplace Recognition Differentiators Global Top 50 Outsourcing Provider for 3 consecutive years 1st Global Outsourcing Help Desk for Level 1 and Level Medium Leadership also in the categories: Vendor Overall Preference and Training Program Reliability and Viability Data security and backup services Support and customer care Scalability and client adaptability Custom Software Development Mainframes – IBM Web Environment Client Server Mobile Device Applications Systems Integration Projects (SOA) Content Management Portals SharePoint SAP Infrastructure Projects Business Growth rate of 90% i fiscal year 2008 and 2009 Revenue has tripled in the last three years, almost 200% growth Greater Financial Stability Sustainable Growth Our Vision Stefanini Locations Growth Including, but not limited to: Toys for Tots American Red Cross Mississippi Valley Blood Center Susan G. Komen Foundation Meals on Wheels United Way To exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders through technology solutions and innovation. Place unwanted office paper in the Cintas bins located around the building for regular pickup. Growth Project-Based Systems Integration and Development Birthday Celebration A Happy Birthday To Our Favorite Coworkers Stefanini Supports Local Community Programs Happy Birthday!!! Your Bottled Water Dispensers Top Systems-Banking Solution in Latin America Document Solution-Innovation, Research and Development TechTeam Global-Infrastructure (Help Desk and Desktop) I&T-IT Software Development CXI-IT Software Development Orbitall-Card Processing VANguard-Infrastructure Management and IT Services Sunrising-IT Services specializing in Oracle and PeopleSoft Managed Services History Voluntary Deskside Recycling 2,100 North America 1,800 EMEA 800 APAC 2,000 Latin America 13,300 Brazil Client Services Mission Excellence in Globalization 2010 & 2011 & 2012 Birthday Celebration Guest Strategic Staffing-Applications, Infrastructure, ERPs Stefanini Capabilities Overview Key Acquisitions 20,000 Global Resources Our Values Stefanini Group-Human Resources SAP Consulting Services Implementation Roll-Out/Upgrade Projects Spot Consulting Architecture Consulting Services (SOA) Business Intelligence Consulting CA Technologies ITSM Tools IT Asset Management Consulting Davenport, Iowa Green Initiatives Making a Difference in Southfield • Periodic Evaluations • Technical and Behavioral Training • Support and Coaching • Job


Transcript: Homemade Birthday Cake: ~2 cups unsweetened butter ~3 tbs milk ~ 12 ouns semisweet chocolate ~1 1/2 teas vanilla ~3 cups powder sugar homemade sour cream and onion chip dip serving size- 1 tbs calories- 30 total- 0 Recipe: Recipe: serving size-2 Number of Guest: Equipment Needed: prep time: 2 hours cook time: 30 minutes measuring cups teaspoons/tbspoons cake pan big bowl mixer pizza pan spoons/forks knife/pizza cutter Chip Dip: Grocery's: Homemade Pizza: Recipes Used/Nutritional Values: $13 $2.09 $.32 $.01 $.01 $1 $1.50 $1.50 $1.75 $.14 $.57 $.95 $2.92 $.04 $1.34 $.03 $11.16 $2.64 $1 $1 $.01 $1.86 $1 $1 yeast bread flour olive oil salt sugar pizza sauce mozzarella cheese Parmesan cheese pepperoni's butter eggs flour unsweetened cocoa powder backing powder vanilla extract milk unsalted butter semisweet chocolate powder sugar onion kasher salt sour cream mayonnaise garlic powder DOUGH: 1 1/2 cups warm water 1 package yeast 3 3/4 cups bread flour 2 tbsp salt 1 teas sugar ~tomato sauce ~firm mozzarella cheese, grated ~Parmesan cheese, grated ~pepperoni's prep time: 5min cook time: 10 min Menu & Invitation amount per serving calories: 412 calories from fat:84 Pricing: BY: STEVIE & CHRIS Facts: Chip Dip: Cake: homemade chocolate cake serving size- 1/1slice amount per serving: calories- 294 total fat-10g ~2 tbs olive oil ~1 1/2 cups diced onions ~1/4 teas kosher salt ~1 1/2 cups sour cream ~3/4 cup mayonnaise ~1/4 teas garlic powder ~1/2 teas kosher salt Facts: homemade pizza-1slice(1/8of12'pizza) 1) Homemade pizza (2 pizza's) 2) Chips w/ Homemade sour cream an onion chip dip 3) Homemade Birthday Cake Facts: BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ~ 20 Guests ~ Birthday Celebration ~Location Rodburn Hollow prep time: 15min cook time: 30min yeast bread flour olive oil salt sugar pizza sauce mozzarella cheese Parmesan cheese pepperoni's butter eggs flour unsweetened cocoa powder backing powder vanilla extract milk unsalted butter semisweet chocolate powder sugar onion kasher salt sour cream mayonnaise garlic powder Facts: Pizza: ~ 3/4 cups butter ~3 eggs ~2 cups sugar ~2 cups flour ~3/4 cups unsweetened cocoa powder ~1 teas baking powder ~ 2 teas vanilla ~ 1 1/2 cup milk add logo here

Birthday Celebration

Transcript: Birthday Celebrations 3 Ways To Say Happy Birthday in German 3 Songs Sang on Birthday Celebrations! Cake! Tabitha Wyant, Taylor Martin, Daasch Pearson Similar kid- presents decorations happy birthday songs Differences candles and an extra one for good luck lit all day older- pay for it yourself bring in food at work different traditions will talk about later Bad Luck use odd number for things, not even the birthday person should not open anything before their actual birthday Differences Fruit based Dense not a lot of sugar not loaded with frosting Geburtstagskuchen (birthday cake) not all are fruit based ie, coffee cake, chockolate. Activities German vs. American A wooden wreath with small holes for candles, and in the center a taller candle The taller candle in the center is called the life candle Lit every year on the child's birthday until they reach the age of 12 Sources Birthday Wreath -Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag (Happy birthday) -Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (Have a good birthday) -All das beste zum Geburtstag! (all the best on your birthday) Birthday person pays Single men/women do chores 16th birthday - flour 18th birthday - eggs Children never given chores/homework Wooden wreath with candles House is decorated At night, there's a party Parties about how creative

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