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Transcript: - Experience in leading academic growth (e.g., new graduate and undergraduate programs; research centers) - Learned how to “build” – literally - Developed important capabilities in admissions and in enrollment planning and management University of Michigan, 1994-1999: Experiences at the Quintessential Research University - A record of success in elevating the visibility of schools of education - Gained experience in financing and budgeting, during good economic times and bad - Learned how much I enjoy applying past experiences in helping build organizations, while recognizing that context is critical and that there are no ‘magic bullets’ - Learned philanthropy in the midst of a high-stakes capital campaign - Strategic sensibility and experience in helping organizations align their academic, personnel, and financial systems with their missions and goals - Learned how to redesign good academic units, such as my home department of Leadership, Policy, and Organizations, into great ones - Also, became aware of the limitations of the research university archetype - Developed an affinity for the “Michigan Model” - Honed entrepreneurial skills and sensibilities around revenue generation and academic partnering both inside and outside the university - A deep affinity for the distinctive mission of Baylor and of its School of Education - A keen understanding of the fields of educational research and of contemporary trends in the leader preparation, teacher effectiveness, and K-12 and postsecondary education policy - Learned how premier research universities also can foster cultures that value and reward teaching excellence - A commitment to securing financial support needed to position schools of education for long-term success - Became deeply informed about best practices in undergraduate education, particularly in preparation of teachers - Experience in collaborating with stakeholders to help deepen and demonstrate the impact of schools of education in their communities (e.g., partnering with schools, non-profits, and government) Michael K. McLendon, Ph.D. Harold and Annette Simmons Centennial Chair Academic Dean Simmons School of Education and Human Development Southern Methodist University Baylor University School of Education February 25, 2015 - Deep commitment to talent development in its many forms (e.g., faculty, staff, and student recruitment; faculty mentoring, promotion, and tenure, etc.) - Developed extensive experience in the strategic building of new academic programs - Drank deeply from the well of social-science research, training, and socialization - A deep commitment to the values of shared governance and to the academic community Vanderbilt’s Peabody College, 1999-2012: Expertise in Academic Quality, Innovation, & Branding - Learned how to position a school of education at the center of community interest - Learned how to lead and manage growth - Learned I needed a newer professional challenge - Specialized in the multi-disciplinary study of higher education governance, organization, finance, and policy - Cultivated critical, “soft” leadership skills - Gained deep expertise around faculty recruitment and development - Involvement in national, professional networks of educators, researchers, education deans and other campus leaders Experiences, Expertise, and Sensibilities I Would Bring as Your Dean - Developed expertise in building brand - Learned the value of a self-reflective organization – “what’s working and how do we know it?” SMU’s Simmons School, 2012-2015: Lessons in Academic Growth and Community Engagement “A Career Retrospective and Conversation about Our Future”

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