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Product Roadmap

Transcript: INTELLIGENE FACTORY Use case: customer wants new leads Performance dashboard: Front-end Back-end Creating table Tableau PPT Pipeline: Performance pipeline based on T/C API: push performance table to portal DATA INPUT Turnover data Customer data Activity data (Defining) Contactperson data 1 DATA INPUT PORTAL SFTP API's PIPELINE Staging (raw data) Load Map Match Norm Golden record 2 PIPELINE PIPELINE TOOLS PIPELINE TOOLS Mapper With this application mappings between customer data and our datamodels can be created To do: Front-end (partailly done) Back-end Matching API Pipeline settings With this API data can be matched to the dutch COC To do: API With this application pipeline settings can be determined for every customer individually To do: Front-end Back-end PREDICTIVE MODELS Leadscoring model Leadvalue model Cross-sell model (whitespot) Recommender model Engagement model Attribution model CLTV model Churn model Next Best Action model RFM Entry product model Market basket model 3 PREDICTIVE MODELS TREATMENT/CONTROLE Low vs High leads Low vs High bin Top product vs model product Top product vs model product Low vs High engagment Random vs model output x Low vs High churn risk Random vs model output x Top product vs model product Top product vs model product All output is stored in profile/profile_ota INTEGRATIONS Exsasol Portal DB 4 Exsasol Portal DB Campaign table Offer table Audience table Campaign table Offer table Audience table INTEGRATIONS Customer 360 Whitespot output RFM output Performance LS output Results table Whitespot table RFM table Performance LS table PIPELINES PIPELINES Customer 360 Combines all model output, KPI, facts, scapers and customer information Customer analyse Gives insights in the customer data, e.g.: top 10 products overall top 10 products per segment revenue last year (per city, segment etc.) revenue last 2 years (per city, segment etc.) revenue per product Data assesement Gives insights about the data quality, e.g: number of loaded records number of loaded records with dutch addresses number of matches with the coc number of duplicates filled % per column PORTAL/TABLEAU FEATURES Funnel dashboard Audience selector Selecting an audience, filtering on the customer 360 Offer creation Creating offers based on products and discounts Campaign creation Creating campaigns (select offer + audience) 5 PORTAL/TABLEAU RETENTION RETENTION RFM dashboard What stage are my customers in? Next Best Offer dashboard (whitespot/cross-sell/recommender/market-baseket) Which products are relevant to your customers, cross-sell? Next Best Action dashboard How can you best convert your customer? Churn dashboard Which customers are more likely to end a relationship with a company in a given period of time? DEVELOPTMENT DEVELOPMENT RFM dashboard What stage are my customers in? Next Best Offer dashboard (whitespot/cross-sell/recommender/market-baseket) Which products are relevant to your customers, cross-sell? Next Best Action dashboard How can you best convert your customer? CLTV dashboard What is the potential value of your customer? AQCUSITION AQCUASITION Leadscoring/Leadvalue dashboard Which relevant prospect to approach? How much is a prospect worth? Entry product dashboard Which products to offer to the prospect? Engagement dashboard When to approach a prospect? Attribution dashboard How to approach a prospect? 6 REPORTING: PERFORMANCE PERFORMANCE/REPORTING Performance dashboard per model: Leadscoring/Leadvalue Engagement Next best offer Churn Next best action Entry product Performance dashboard per campaign Performance dashboard per audience For every model we need to create a pipeline based on T/C These table should return the results to the portal db The portal visualizes the results

Product Roadmap

Transcript: Presented by Yogesh Bagle Product Strategy Trx Models Business trx models Distribution Advisory B2C Website Mobile App Offline Existing Offerings Standard Products 1) Mutual Funds (SIP and Lumpsum) 2) Loans 3) Insurance 4) Credit Cards 5) Equity Innovative Products 1) FIT-SIP (min 1K) 2) LoanGenie 3) Tax-Max 4) Goals Planning 5) Retirement Planning 6) First-Time Investment Advisory New Customer - Ideal Portfolio Existing Portfolio - Restructuring B2B2C Corp Sales - Offline Corp Sales - Tools Corp Sales - New products (Liquid etc) Channels Target Audience Channels - Corporates - Offline events - Partnerships Existing Audience Channels - Website, Mobile app - MPOnline Goals Goals to achieve 1) Max. Customer Acquisition 2) Max. Transactions per cust. 3) Max. Customer Retention 4) Max. Customer Satisfaction Problems Problems 1) Brand Awareness 2) Operational hurdles 3) No One-stop shop 4) Risk perception 5) Competition 6) No Value-Added Services 7) Corporate Penetration 8) No Tracking and exit advising Solutions Solutions 1) Brand Awareness - Marketing campaigns, Online visibility, Blogs, Press 2) Operational hurdles - Seamless eKYC, mobile accessibility of products, Sales advisory 3) No One-stop shop - Product width, Product suitability, Product visibility 4) Risk perception - Education, Scenario analysis, Downside risk info, Product comparison 5) Competition - Product innovation, User journey focus, Product bundling Solutions 6) No Value-Added Services - Live Portfolio tracking, Referral rewards, Goal achievement bonus points, Personal online financial advisor 7) Corporate Penetration - Value proposition, ROI analysis, Employee benefits plan tieups 8) No Tracking and exit advising - Periodical reports, Exit advisory, Best/Worst time to buy product 9) No Analytics or Research - News aggregation, One-stop shop for research, New Analytics features Strategy Product strategy Three-pronged strategy Target Volume Target Value Target Ticket Size Competitive Advantages Competitive Advantages User Experience at every touchpoint Quality of Advisory DIY Research & Analytics hub Customer Service Product roadmap Customer Acquisition Product roadmap Volume Value Ticket Size 1)Portfolio Analysis service 2) Online visibility-Content 3) CSA - Liquid switch product 4) Sales advisory training 1)Loans (revamp) 2) Mobile app (product access) 3) Value-added services (live portfolio tracking etc.) 1)LoanGenie 2) FIT-SIP 1K 3) FIT-SIP ELSS 4) Ideal Portfolio - SIP based Product roadmap Customer Transaction Product roadmap Volume Value Ticket Size 1)Insta-Redemption Funds 2) NPS 3) PMS 1)User Journey 2) New site plan 3) Fund Card 4) Rating rationale review 5) Product suitability 1)Financial Timeline Product roadmap Customer Retention Product roadmap Volume Value Ticket Size 1)Online financial advisor 2) CRM 1) Exit advisory 2) Monthly newsletter 1)Research - Loans, Insurance, CC 2) Analytics - Downside risk, Portfolio beta, Portfolio benchmarking Project Plan Product Innovation Product Innovation team 1) Product Advisory 2) Product Design 2) Product Research 4) Product Analytics 5) Product Delivery Chintan Product Head Chintan, Product Head - Product Advisory - Cross-Product Design - Product Delivery Yogesh Research Head Yogesh, Research Head - Product Research - Product Analytics - Industry Research - Product Innovation Tshering Research Analyst Tshering, Research Analyst - Product Research - Industry Research - Report writing

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