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Mental health Persuasion Powerpoint

Transcript: Issues surrounding Mental Health Caitlin Brady Noah Grimes Noah Results of the survey Thesis If we want to overcome this epidemic we have to overcome the stigma associated with mental health and find ways to talk about the problem openly to find solutions. Stigma attached to mental health issues Many people don’t know how to recognize the symptoms of mental health issues Most people don’t know how to support people dealing with mental health challenges Problems surrounding mental health VIDEO (1:34- 2:20) Reducing the Stigma Recognizing the symptoms Supporting people with mental health issues What can you do to make a difference Solutions/ Actions to take: Speak up against discrimination Show compassion Listen don’t judge Don’t shy away from uncomfortable conversations Increase your knowledge and awareness Know the warning signs Volunteer at organizations that support mental heath Tap resources on campus or online Be there for friends and family Show you care Make sure they know they are not alone Where to Go For More Information or to Get Help National Institute of Mental Health website: Clemson Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 864-656-2451 CAPS, located in Redfern Health Center, provides a safe and confidential environment for students to address stressors and psychological needs that may occur during their time in college Resources


Transcript: What is a Cervix? The cervix is the mouth of the uterus that sits at the back of the vagina. It's where a sperm gets in to make a baby, and how the baby comes out later. Having unprotected sex can cause cervical cancer but it also puts you in risk of other sexually transmitted dieases such as STD's, HIV's, etc. The effects of chemotherapy depends on the drugs/doses the patient takes. Anticancer usually affect blood cells which fight infection, help the blood to clot, or carry oxygen to all parts of the body. When blood cells are affected by anticancer drugs, patients are more likely to get infections, may bruise or bleed easily, and may have less energy. When chemotherapy affects these cells, patients may lose their hair and may have other side effects, such as poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, or mouth sores. Gynecologists recommends that girls have their first visit with an obstetrician-gynecologist or family doctor between ages 13 and 15, or before beginning sexual activity, to discuss sexual activity and ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections, including HPV. How to Prevent Cervical Cancer Cervical Cancer Side Effects of Biological Therapy for Cervical Cancer Cervical cancer treatment may cause cramping or other pain, bleeding, or a watery discharge.Hysterectomy is major surgery. For a few days after the operation, the woman may have pain in her lower abdomen. A woman may have difficulty emptying her bladder and may need to have a catheter inserted into the bladder to drain the urine for a few days after surgery.She also may have trouble having normal bowel movements. For a period of time after the surgery, the woman's activities should be limited to allow healing to take place, such as sexual activity. Symptoms of Cervical Cancer You wont know when you have cervical cancer when you first get it. As the cancer grows, you may have vaginal bleeding after a sexual intercourse, watery or bloody discharge that may smell or pelvic pain during a sexual intercourse or not during a sexual intercourse. The side effects of cervical cancer treatment depend mainly on the type and extent of the treatment. Cervical Cancer Surgery Cervical Cancer Radiation Therapy Chemotherapy Biological Therapy for Cervical Cancer Cervical Cancer is a curable HPV but the side effects can cause problems with other parts of your body. so it is better to protect yourself if you are sexually active, practice abstinence or get the HPV shot before you become sexually active to prevent other HPV diseases as well as Cervical Cancer Its best to see a doctor if you are having symptoms that you are worried about. Talk to your doctor about when you should get a cervical scanning and how often to get them. Get a regular Pep Smear Limit the amount of your sexual partners Protect yourself in sexual activity Get the HPV Vaccine These treatments may cause flu-like symptoms such as chills, fever, muscle aches, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Sometimes patients get a rash, and they may bleed or bruise easily. These problems can be severe, but they gradually go away after the treatment stops. Chemotherapy Side Effects of Cervical Cancer A lot of patients become very tired after recieving the treatment, especially weeks later. Usually, women are told not to have intercourse during radiation therapy or while an implant is in place. However, most women can have sexual relations within a few weeks after treatment ends. Sometimes, after radiation treatment, the vagina becomes narrower and less flexible, and intercourse may be painful. Patients may be taught how to use a dilator as well as a water-based lubricant to help minimize these problems. Patients who receive external or internal radiation therapy also may have diarrhea and frequent, uncomfortable urination. Studies have shown women who have many sexual partners increase their risk for cervical cancer. They also are increasing their risk of developing HPV, a known cause for cervical cancer. Getting regular pep smears can be helpful because the doctor can detect the cervical cancer before it gets any worse. the worse the cancer, the harder it is to get rid of it. By Maya Brown Side Effects of Cervical Cancer Radiation Therapy When to see a doctor? Side Effects of Cervical Cancer Surgery Cervical cancer is caused by an invisible virus that is spread by having sex, just like HIV. It's called HPV (human papillomavirus), and more than half of women have it by age 35. Most men and women don't know they have it, unless they get the kind that causes warts: little bumps you may see or feel on the woman's or man's genitals. Warts are not cancer.

Free Mental Health Therapy

Transcript: Free Mental Health Therapy In America/ AHA profits Jay. Perkins David Chimezie Antonio Garza Jonathan Rodriguez Mrs. Bush 12/9/19 Free Mental Health Therapy Medicaid Due to the increasing rate of suicide deaths and mentally unstable patients, mental health therapy and medicare should no longer be able to profit off of these unfortunate lives as most of them can't afford the help they solely need. Free Mental Health Therapy Medicaid - Federal government recieves enough money to distribute unecessary goods and items but not eough for neccessities such as free mental health treatment/therapy. -Less school shooting and murders will take place. -Boosts the economy by a minimum percentage of 2.5%. -Will build communities and disband poverty in a partial way. -Demonstrate a change in society while raising the classes. Argument Layout 1 Statistics show that less than 1/5 of mental health therapy organizations and businesses profit enough for America's federal tax dollars, whether through profit or non-profit inmounts. This shows that this is not needed as seen by the government. Profit vs Non-profit organizations 3 Although some families can afford paying for mental health therapy, a pot hole still interrputs the process of completely changing the amount of mentally impaired people in America. Problem with costs of Therapy 2 Benefits that are going to be displayed include an increase in economic groth, less school shootings, a tremendous decrease in suicide rates, and a deacrease in the promotion of drug use. Benefits 4 Background Beginning The American Hospital Association started back in 1898 and has covered mental health at prices over $1000 dollars for one patient monthly. American Hospital Association 1 Different types include: -Bipolar disorder -Anxiety -psychosis `Autism Spectrum -Depression -Panic Attack -Schizophrenia and more... Different types of Mental Illness 2 Early mental illness began in the 5th century B.C. There has been a search in fixing mental illness ever since it has first appeared in humans . Unfortunately, there is still no sure fix for it. The start of mental illness 4 The first mentally ill patient dates back to 1753 in Philadelphia with 5 other mentally ill people alongside the victim. First mentally Ill patient Problem Problem The AHA has been profiting off of mentally ill patients for centuries and the people who can't afford it. They have increased the price for mental health therapy by 14% over the last 5 years due to the high demand for treatment and help in services for mentally impaired. Profiting off of Illness 1 The sad truth is that the longer that mentally ill people wait for treatment, the higher the chance of murder and even suicide set upon by their actions. This broadcasts a lack of hope and desperateness rather than solution. From teens to adults, this happens daily in America. Victims become impatient 2 Over 56% of Americans can't afford health care and 13% of the ones who can't afford it come from the American Hospital Association. Little action results in no resolution while the system corrupts middle to lower class people in terms of money and hope. Numbers don't lie 3 The american government knows the case of mental health patients who can't afford therapy presented by these companies and decide to raise the price for it rather than decreasing the price at the least. This just goes to show how incompetent they are in terms of helping citizens who are already struggling financially. NO changes being made 4 Solution Solution The most secure way for funding Free Mental Health Therapy is to take a part in tax dollars over the summer. Tax season can endorse ways for fund raising in America for needed organizations and ideas that would not be possible to implement without tax dollars. Secure way for funding Free Mental Health Therapy There is a current estimate of 328, 661, 658 people in America. 1 % of people in America are upper class, and 50 % are middle class. If we were to take a dollar fifty from every American in between those classes, then we would raise $9,859,849.74. Raising over 9 million dollars for free mental health therapy would be more than enough . 1.50$ from middle to upper classes in America Although schools have classes for special needs students, we could still implement more to help them feel comfortable while having more freedom and room to grow as people rather then just sectioned from everyone else such as the other teachers and students. Implement in schools Distributing money well throughout districts hospitals and mental health therapy establishments can prevent any financial concerns regarding the families and treatments that will need to be made by them and the workers. Distribute to hospitals and Therapy establishments Conclusion Conclusion While regarding the costs of Mental Health Therapy and issues surrounding the topic, raising money through taxes by $1.50 by every middle to upper class American

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