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Science Projects

Transcript: Percentages of People with Autism No one really knows how Autism is formed,however Scientists do believe that it is a genetic disorder because the Autistic person's brain is basically "wired" differently. Meaning that some parts of the brain that are used for certain things such as speech are actually used for something else like movement. Also scientists believe that Autism is a genetic disorder because the brain develops to be that way. Autism is formed in the brain while the child is still inside of their mother. Some kids who have Autism do not look like they would because Autism is inside of the brain, not on the outside of your body. The Autism Spectrum is a range of conditions that are classified as symptoms of Autism and other developmental disorders such as Asperger syndrome and severe Dyslexia. Vocabulary How Autism Affects The Brain Autism affects different parts of the brain. It affects the development of the Cerebellum causing issues with communication, memory, problem solving, and ability to focus. However Autism doesn't typically affect a person's intelligence. ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder The percentage of people with autism is about 1-2 people per 1,000 people worldwide, Centers for Disease Control and Preevention (CDC) report 11 per 1,000 children in the US are diagnosed with ASD as of 2008. The amount of people diagnosed with autism has increased dramatically since the 1980s. The Autism Spectrum Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how the nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize, how this occurs is not understood. Autism is a developed disability that normally appears during the first 3 years of life and effects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults with autism show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions. A genetic disease; a disease or disorder that is inherited genetically Conclusion Websites We Used Definition of Genetic Disorders ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder Genetic Disorders: Autism How Autism is Formed? Synapses: a junction between two nerce cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter This is the Symbol of Autism Some people with Autism that have Special Abilities are called Savants. Savants normally show amazing skills within one or more general ability such as Math, Art, Music, and Mechanical abilities are most common. Definition of Autism Display Amazing Abilities Finding the cause of Autism is one of the most challenging things for Scientists because the definition of autism is one of the most broadest spectrum of all. Autism is Formed inside of your brain and there is no reasonable explanation for how or why Autism is formed. Even when someone has Autism, it does not affect their personality or their intellegance. No big smiles or joyful expressions by 6 months No facial expressions by nine months No babbling No hand gestures Loss of speech and no social skills Doesn't make eye contact Doesn't respond extreme interest in only certain activities Synapses: a junction between two nerce cells, consisting of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter Autism affects the Memory, Language and Intellegance parts of your brain. Below are some pictures to help you see how your brain would look if you had autism and without autiwm Early "Symptoms" of Autism

Science Projects

Transcript: By: Mackenzie Gilliam How a cell is like a school School School A school is like a cell because it has many components that help it thrive. A principal is like the nucleus of a cell because the principal controls the school just like the nucleus controls the cell. The pricipal is also like the main focus of the school like the nucleus to a cell. Principal Principal The walls in a school is like the cell membrane/wall because they are the outside structure of the cell just like the cell membrane/wall is the outside structure of the cell. The walls also keeps things out of the school. Walls Walls The cytoplasm in a cell is a lot like the floor because the cytoplasm is the base/layout of the cell while the floor and are the same for a school. Floor Floor The hallways in a school is like the endoplasmic reticulum in a cell because they transports students and staff just like the ER transports different things around the cell. Hallways Hallways Teachers The teachers at school are like the mitochondria in a cell because they use what they know and break it down to distribute to students. The mitochondria also produces energy and teachers basically give energy to students in knowledge form. Teachers Buses and cars are a lot like the golgi apparatus because they transport students out of the school at the end of the day. The golgi apparatus does a similar action by transporting things out of a cell. Buses/Cars Buses/Cars Students are like the ribosomes of a cell because they keep the school going and keep it up. They provide energy for the school keeping it going because a school is meant for students so if there weren't any then there would be no point in having it. Students Students Bookbag closets/hooks are a lot like the vacuoles of a cell because they store things for different parts of the school (cell). When the cell needs storage, it goes to the vacuoles. When students need somewhere to put their stuff, they go to the bookbag closets/hooks. Bookbag closets Bookbag closets

Science projects

Transcript: Cells divide in a systematic way, they slowly divide at a normal pace to replace worn-out cells. Cancer cells spread about the body but retains the same properties as the original cells. Cancer somehow tricks your body and gets threw the white blood cell systems. Children luck out because the treatments we have today have long terms effects. They are still growing. The treatments can cause growing problems, eyesight, hearing, and many more effects. The treatment slows down or damages the cells. If you have cancer as an adult, it does not only effect your family, but it effects you in the long run. Your bones can become very brittle, you can lose eyesight, hearing, and in some cases you can lose your hair and it never grows back. This is because the some of the cells stop dividing or are damaged from certain types of treatments. Scientists are trying to find possible treatments that do not only stop the growth of cancer cells, but create a treatment that does not damage the normal cells "Cancer Cells vs. Normal Cells: What's Different?" C-Health. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2012 These two scientists are not only trying to find the cure for cancer, but they are also trying to slow down the speed of the cell division in the mitosis process in the cancer cells. Differences Own Project Mackenzie Coberley What are the differences between the effects on the body if you're younger or older, when you have cancer Biology Textbook Cancer Cell: grows and divides at rapid paces and spreads about the body at abnormal paces "Ben Simons, of Cancer Research UK’s Cambridge Research Institute, said that knowing just which cells to target ‘might be a much better strategy to effect a real cure and prevent relapse’. Professor Simons’s study tracked the development of skin cancer in mice. By tracking individual cells, it showed a small number of them drive the growth of the tumor.' Cancer cell and normal cell division Normal Cell: The cell grows a bit bigger and then into two cells. "Aftereffects of Cancer | Physical Effects of Cancer | Cancer Support Topics | Learn About Cancer | Get Help |" Aftereffects of Cancer | Physical Effects of Cancer | Cancer Support Topics | Learn About Cancer | Get Help | N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2012 Children: "Childhood Cancer: Late Effects of Cancer Treatment." Journey Forward. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Dec. 2012 Adults: Project 3 and Own Project Works Cited Cancer Studies "University of Texas researcher Luis Parada showed that killing the stem cells, with the help of genetic wizardry, stopped the brain tumors from growing any further in mice."

science projects

Transcript: Science Project location: on road what is it? soil being moved it is Erosion by water We know this because the minerals are moved by water location: corner of road what is it? Dry Puddle it is erosion by water We know this because the minerals were moved by water location: next to road water line pipe cap What is it? Rust What type of chemical weathering? Oxidation We know this because at one time, it didnt have rust location: recreation pond What is it? Cement what type of agent of erosion? Rain we know this because it wasnt like this when it was put there location: recreation pond what is it? soil being washed away what type of agent of erosion? Rain We know this is because there isnt much grass location: Road What is it? crack in the road it is weathering ice wedging we know this because it wasnt like this when they made it deposition location:retention pond a hole was created by this and water, minerals and many other things are being washed in to it by water humus location treeline We know this because there is dead leaves and plant mineral a horizon topsoil everywere We know this because it is the main layer of soil o horizon location: treeline We know this because there is no decomposing material topograghy location: retention pond it is caused by gravity(downhill) abrasion location next to road cause by movment of water and breaks up into smaller rocks Soil In A Jar we found the soil near a recreational pond. I think that it has a high amount of silt & floating organic materials because water can transport its minerals from the pond to the place we obtained our soil.

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