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The Road To Stress Free Success

Transcript: Why was 20 Time Created 20 TIME! 20 Time was created by Kevin because he saw a problem with how students were taking in information and how much stress they were obtaining so, had a problem and then a solution. 20 Time. 20 Time allows students to have designated time to explore topics that they are interested in (Within Reason, of course).This relieves stress from students allowing them to perform better on things from class works to tests, and you do want your students to work at their best, right? 20 Time is a period of time given to students to encourage learning and mental growth. In 20 Time, students can explore what they are interested within reason. 20 Time was created by a teacher named Kevin. He has taught English, History, and Technology for 15 years. What We Propose Google - Google allows their employees to have 20 Time. Google has had many great new ideas because of their stress free work time. However, Google employees are not required to make projects, it is a time when people can be innovative and creative. If Google, the billion dollar company, does 20 Time, there must be something special about it. 20 Time What is 20 Time & Who created it? The Road To Success A Company you Might Recognize We propose that you/teachers should use 20 Time in your classes. I mean, you do want your students to do the best possible job they can, right? If so, then 20 Time is just the thing for your students. They can study, work on projects for that class, and many more productive things.

Road To Success

Transcript: Road To Success "I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it." ~Walt Disney~ Thanks to... All my great friends I have made or kept through these years. They have been a huge factor in my life and i love them all like brothers and sisters. My parents, for pushing me to do good this school year and for supporting my decision to go in the army. Favorite Novels... #1! Maximum Ride Red Badge of Courage The Great Gatsby Animal Farm Movies... Flags of Our Fathers Saving Private Ryan Letters From Iwo Jima Avatar Glory Voluteer Project... My voluteer project was helping the innes soccer team. I helped coach at practice and games. I also gave examples and tips on how to handle and shoot the ball. High School Feats... Varsity sports awards in: soccer (3 years) football (1 year) bowling (3 years) tennis (4 years) JROTC awards for 3 years Perfect attendence 2 times Honor & Merit Roll 3 times TOPS awards for construction tech. Future plans... My future is to be in the United States Army as a bridge crewmember. I am already enlisted and have a ship date for basic training. I am currently signed for only 3 years, but i will most likely stay longer and retire straight from there at the young age of 38 with 20 years behind me. To the class of 2011... Despite the criticism we have all heard over the years, WE DID IT!!!!! We've made it to May of our senior year. It's sad knowing I have come this far and will soon be going into the world without you all anymore. I hope you all succeed in everything you hope for. No matter what your goals and dreams are I know that you will all reach them in one way or another. These last four years at kenmore have been a blast for me and I am honored to be in the class of 2011!!!! by: Eric McCown Volunteering... My volunteer hours came from helping the innes soccer team. I went to most of their practices and helped coach and do drills. I assisted the head coach by showing the proper way of dribbling and shooting the ball.

Road to Success for Collin

Transcript: Because Collin lack motivation, we recommend the following strategies: Ask Collin to complete non-academic tasks to rebuild self-concept Take ice cream money to cafeteria, return forms to the front office, return library books, transport notes, ect. Find out Collin's hobbies and interests and incorporate into instruction From a Humanistic approach, build a positive relationship with Collin (and his parents) Let Collin know that you are on his team and want to work alongside him to see him succeed Communicate that you have high expectations and are willing to be his partner in meeting goals Do not assign homework. If other needs are not being met at home, he may not have the ability to complete assignments there (consider Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs) Open lines of communication with Collin's parents by inviting them into the classroom, establishing check-ins, providing strategies for helping their son, and community resources (if they disclose their home situation) Begin collecting data From a humanistic approach, find out more about Collin's home life. If his family moves frequently when the rent is due, his other needs may not be getting met. Come up with a behavior management plan and equip Collin with appropriate behavioral tools Implement intervention strategies in reading and writing Collin is in his second year of first grade. In his short school career, he has attended 3 different schools. Although bright with a wonderful memory, he does not have reading or writing skills to match his ability, and is reading at a mid-first grade level. He has difficulty understanding what he can read because he is becoming disinterested in reading. He does not understand how to handle his frustration over his academic difficulties. When asked to write a story about a picture, he is unable to do so, but he can tell vivid details about the picture. It appears Collin's parent move quite frequently when the rent is due. Academic Challenges Reading Deficits in comprehension Reading level Writing Difficulty transitioning thoughts from ideas to paper Behavioral Challenges Lack of motivation due to lack of success Self-regulation and managing frustration Make appropriate referrals to assess for dyslexia and/or dysgraphia Engage the counselor, school psychologist, special education teacher, or social worker COLLECT MORE DATA!!!!!!! Unique King and Kara Gower Initial Suggestions for Collin Reading Comprehension Strategies Areas of Growth for Collin Because Collin has trouble transitioning his ideas to writing, we recommend the following: Work with Collin and make clear expectations and goals Give Collin a detailed process of the writing assignment Model the expectations Encourage a variety of writing activities Allow him to keep a daily journal Encourage him to write to pen pals,compose a song, or record any family trips Encourage free writing Allow him to write about anything that interest him Explain no one else will read or evaluate his writing If these interventions are not successful Because Collin struggles with comprehending what he reads and is below the target reading level, we suggest the following: Allow him to read high interest, low vocabulary material. This will increase motivation to read while also building confidence in his reading skills. Provide advance graphic organizers This will help Collin know what to look for while reading and organize the information he has read. Repeated readings - read once for decoding and a second time for comprehension Other Suggestions Include: Peer-Tutoring SQ3R Method Allowing more time for reading GOAL! Behavioral Strategies for Motivation Since Collin has trouble managing his frustration, we suggest the following: Calm Down Kit "How are you feeling today?" Self-monitoring tool Draw or Illustrate his feelings Calm down technique "Wheel of Choice" These strategies would be effective if paired with a Neo-Skinnerian model of behavior management (B.F. Skinner) Positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors through the use of incentives and rewards Example: If Collin becomes frustrated in reading group and uses his calm down techniques or kit, he should be given a meaningful reinforcer. The specific desired behavior should acknowledged and encouraged. Lewis, R. B., Wheeler, J. J., & Carter, S. L. (2017). Teaching Students with Special Needs in General Education Classroom (9th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson Higher Education. Meadows Center Library at University of Texas Austin. (2017). Retrieved May 03, 2017, from Murray, C. S., Coleman, M. A., Vaughn, S., Wanzek, J., & Roberts, G. (2012). Designing and delivering intensive interventions: A teacher’s toolkit. Portsmouth, NH: RMC Research Corporation, Center on Instruction. Rand, B. (Director). (2016, March 27). Responding to Challenging Behaviors in 3rd Grade [Video file]. Retrieved May 03, 2017, from Understanding Dysgraphia. (2017). Retrieved April 26, 2017,

Road to Success

Transcript: The Road To Success 1.) You we're just offered an opportunity to do something you're good at. If you were to take this opportunity, then you would have to quit school. If this succeeds, then you will be very rich and never have to work a day in your life again. However, there is also a chance you will completely fail and lose everything. What do you choose? a.) Quit school, and take this chance. It's a once in a lifetime thing!! b.) Quit school just because you really hate school. c.) Stay in school, but go for the chance also. You can do it all!! d.) Stay in school, and maybe try again after graduation. 2.) There was a terrible fire in your neighborhood, and your entire house was burnt down. Insurance is giving your family some money to help cover the costs, but not enough. Getting back up is going to be difficult, and your whole family is really going to have to cut back to make it through this. You... a.) Run away from your problems and never talk to your family again. Start all over by your self. b.) Run off and join the army. Send your family some money to help them through. c.) Just stay at home and let your parents deal with making money. After all, its there job!! d.) Get a job, but keep all the money for yourself. e.) Get a job, and work really hard to help your family get back on their feet. 3.) You just got a job. Now you are getting a regular pay check and you have more money than you ever had before. Best part is, it's YOURS!!! Now that you have all this money, what do you do with it? a.) You spend it as soon as the check clears. There's just all these cool toys and candy at the store that you just HAVE to have. b.) You save some, spend some. About 50% of your paycheck goes into your savings account, and the rest is spending money!! c.) You save all of it for something big that you have wanted for as long as you can remember. Your almost there! d.) You save all your money for nothing in particular, but just want some money for a rainy day fund. You know, just in case. 4.)You are doing a project with one of your classmates. This is a huge project that is worth half your grade. Who do you choose to be your partner? a.)You decide to work alone. You are super smart and you know it! The teacher loves you too, so (s)he would never even dream about giving you anything less than an A! b.)You choose the A+ student. They will do all of the work and you can just laze about and get the easy A. c.)You choose your best friend. You know them very well and you two just have so many good times! Lots of inside jokes and stuff… d.)You choose a good friend, one that you trust to do their part. You two get at it right away and start discussing the best way to do everything! 5.) It's almost Halloween and you and your friends have a tradition of hosting parties. This year its your turn. You... a.) just have a bunch of people come to your house and hang out like you do at school. b.) have your friends come over, organize a costume contest and order pizza. Nothing major, but still fun. c.)You spend all your time and money making the perfect Halloween party. You go all out, and by that I mean you decorate the whole house with spider webs and black lights, mysterious punch with spiders and moving ghosts to freak everyone out. You invite everyone you know. d.)Don't bother. Let someone else do something. Hosting a party is just too much work. e.) Host an extravagant party that your mom planned, then hide in a closet the whole time so you don't have to interact. 6.)You want to become incredibly wealthy. You don't have any money in your family and you don't have any connections. You grew up in Nowheresville, Colorado and don't know where to go or what to do. You decide to... a.)go to Hollywood and try to become a movie star. b.)move to New York and try and make money on the stock market. c.)become a front for bootleggers. d.)go to war and use the G.I. bill to go to college. 7.) You've gone to college now and started your classes. One week in, you realize that one of your teachers is very lazy and won't teach anything. He has assigned a lot of homework that you just can't do because you don't know how. Because of this, you are failing. You.. a.) Drop the class. It's only one week in and you won't receive a failed grade. b.) Drop the class, unofficially. It stays on your schedule, but you never show up. The teacher is lazy, he won't have the motivation to fail you!!! Anyway, half the class quit, so why shouldn't you? c.) Put the class on "probation" If it doesn't get better within the next week, quit, drop the class, switch into another, just any other teacher. d.) Stay in the class, and vow to try harder and learn what you need to on your own. 8.) You were drafted for the war (yes, even if you are a girl), and now your up against terrible odds. You are a part of one of the first platoons being deployed, and even though no one actually says it, you know the chances of coming home are slim. a.) You decide to continue fighting

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