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Animation Powerpoint

Transcript: Animators work in a variety of fields like film and video games An animator is an artist who creates character and brings them to life through animation Average salary is $75,000 for animators One of the most successful video game companies Companies that interest me: Pixar Free access to comic con and other conventions $87,500 salary for Animators I want to become an animator because in my opinion I think its cool creating things and making them come to life. Also because If I get into a big company I can make a lot of money and get my name on the big screen Experienced Animators earn $75,000 to $80,000 Developed my favorite game Its recommened to take courses in drawing, 3D progaming, computer graphics, video effects and graphic design Classes you can take during high school to help you become an animator is Art and Film & Video Animation Powerpoint High school classes Associate's degree or bachelors degree in animation or a related field. Credits By Kevin Alvarado Beginning Animators earn to $35,000 to $45,00 Room full of snacks and cereals Developed Toy Story and Monster Inc. Amazing offices Salary Education requirements Why I want to become an Animator New York and California give the highest salary out of all the states Animators/Graphic Designers earn $101,000 Highly Experienced Animators earn $140,000 to $160,000 What Animators Do Graduate high school Companies that interest me: Square Enix


Transcript: Applying Design Template Presentation Software: Featuring Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Create Slide Presentation PowerPoint Features Applying Design Template Types of Presentation Program How to Launch PowerPoint? Introduction to Presentation Software Objectives Visme Visme is one of the most complete presentation software available online. Visme 1 Haiku Deck Haiku Deck 1 2 Haiku Deck is a cloud-based software that provides businesses and educational institutions with tools to create professional presentations. Design Theme Theme gives your slides a consistent appearance throughout your presentation. Themes contain color schemes with custom formatting, styled fonts, and layouts. 2 Prezi 1 Prezi 3 Prezi offers a great alternative to the traditional presentation format that goes slide by slide. The creative idea behind Prezi is you can create an animated, non-sequential flow with topics and subtopics that are hidden until you zoom in. 2 At the end of the session each students will be able to: Presentation software is also known as a presentation program. Microsoft PowerPoint 4 Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft PowerPoint is a robust application that allows you to combine text, graphics, and predesigned backgrounds to create professional presentations. 1 3 Click on the Office Start button. Click on the PowerPoint 2019 icon from the options panel. The PowerPoint Template window will appear. Click the Blank Presentation icon. Canva Canva is a free-to-use online graphic design tool. Use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos and more. 3 Canva 5 Presentation software an application software that is designed to allow users to create a presentation of ideas by stringing together text, images, audio and video. You can start your presentation with: 2 Features Terms and Description 4 Google Slides 6 Google Slides Select the Design tab, then on the Theme group, click on the drop-down arrow next to the last Theme. The All Themes window will appear with available presentation Themes. Hover the mouse pointer over a Theme to preview it. Click on a Theme of your choice. Google Slides is an online presentation app that lets you create and format presentations and work with other people. 4 1 2 3 Create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Demonstrate an understanding of the use of advanced tools and techniques using a presentation software. When you apply a design template to your presentation, the slide master and color scheme of the template replaces the original blank slide. 4 • Blank: Slides that are unformatted and have no color scheme. • Design: Slide Themes that have design concepts, fonts, and color schemes. • Template on Microsoft Office Templates and Theme Gallery which are arranged according to type (Click on the File tab, select the New option, and then click on PowerPoint presentations and slides from the Available Templates and Themes.). Animation Adding a Text How to apply transition effects? Applying Transition and Animation Effects Inserting a New Slide View Modes for Editing (Note: You may press Ctrl+M to insert a new slide) Adding Pictures 1 Advanced Animation Animations are visual effects for the objects in your PowerPoint presentation. Animations bring objects like text, images, or charts on or off your slide. Go to slide one. Click on the Transition tab and then click on the drop-down arrow located in the Transition to This Slide group to view the transition categories. How to Apply Animation Effects? 1. Select the object or text you want to animate. 2. Select Animations and choose an animation. 3. Select Effect Options and choose an effect. The Normal, Slide Sorter, Reading, and Slide Show Views allow you to type, edit, and view your presentation. To switch between views, click the View Options buttons at the lower right-hand side of the PowerPoint window. 2 On the Home ribbon, located in the Slides group, click on the New Slide drop-down arrow.. Select the layout you want to use. In the Title Placeholder, type the text you want. 3 Pictures are any type of computerized images such as artwork and photos. You can make your presentation more eye-catching and entertaining by adding Picture. Click on the Pictures button in the images group. Scroll through the Pictures window to find your desired image. To insert the image, place the mouse pointer on the image and then click on the left mouse button twice. 1 PowerPoint allows you to apply special effects by using slide transition and text graphical animation to make your presentation more visually appealing. Transitions are visual special effects that you see when you move from one slide to the next. Click in the Title Placeholder and type the text title below. Click in the Subtitle Placeholder. Type the text below. Save the presentation. 2 3 Select the effect you want to apply in your slide. Click on the Preview button located on the Transition ribbon to demo the effect again. To apply your selection to all

Animation design

Transcript: animation design Transportation cartoonist/ animator University Animation design o graphic design lighting techincal director (makes sure lighting is in order in each frame) An average salary is 78,450 dollars per year . . 16,632 $ is the yearlycost. where i want to work 6537 dollars per month 4182 per month for beginners Internet/ TV = $115 Alyssa Brown . Average= $1895 My net monthly earning is $2153 i would be more then able to live the lifestyle i choose. SALARY o San Jose State Car 66,528 $ dollars is total cost for 4 years $108 dollars for insurance 25,000 dollars in student loans plus 6.8% interest over ten years averages $ 280 dollars per month $150 dollars a month on gas An average begining animators salary is 50,195 dollars o possible jobs Water/ Trash = $25 story artist (helps create the scenery in each scene) Cell Phone = $25 # 401 o 4 years (bachlors degree) owned outright PG&E = $30 an animator is and artist who creates multiple images known as frames creating the illouson of movment Monthly bills what i learned during this project is that having a good collage degree can really effect what kind of job you have in the future. And that there are alot of things that i didnt take into account before deciding my career. Im glad i did this project because it gave me a more realistic idea on what going to happen after i graduate high school. know i can really start think seriously about what kind of career i want to pursue as i get older. what Im mostly surprised about is how much money ill be making. After taxes ill be living a pretty descant life. I was mostly interested in Pixar animation studios . Im glad that ive been able to get more ideas about other companies to join and other jobs that are related to animation design. There were some parts that confused me though such as finding out stuff about where i was going live and cost for cable, wa

Animation Design

Transcript: College Life College Requirements Animation designers are now used in many different industries such as television, movies, marketing and advertising, video games, and website development. In order to get a job I would need a degree in a technical art and a portfolio to show my art. My Future How will I get there? Career Description Animation Career Requirements for college would be a high school diploma, and a portfolio to show your art. The costs of attending an animation school is about $22,000. I will get loans and grants to help finance my college education. when I find the exact college I will find all the available resources to help me. Making my drawings come to life, by becoming an animator. I will attend a technical school for animation, to help me learn all the art styles and animation skills I would need to be an animator. Animation Design Schooling would take around two years if I went to a tech school. You don’t need to have completed an internship to get a job but the more experience you have, the more likely you are to get a job. Some knowledge and study in computer science will help me get a job, because some projects depend heavily on technology usage. In searching and studying this career, I have learned that it will take time before I start making good money, and that animation school will be expensive but it opens me up to be able to work in a lot of different industries. The mean annual wages for animators and multimedia artists was $70,300 in May, 2015. This research project was motivation for me to save up money, apply for grants and financial aide, and keep practicing my art skills. My college social life will probably be pretty easy, because I would be doing mostly art in a class with the same people every day. So I would be able to get to know them and see their different art styles. I think the most important things I need to bring to college are, a growth mindset, and a skill set for artistic things. add logo here

Animation design

Transcript: $63,970 Animation, designed for the nation Animators, create the visual effects and animation featured in video games, movies and TV shows and also on websites. Created from computer software programs, 2-D and 3-D animations are used to replicate the features and movement of people, animals, Places and things to tell a story or advertise a product. Animators work long weeks and nights usually. working weekends also might be necessary to meet deadlines. Digital imaging, Life drawing for animation, Character and object design animation, Cinematic story telling and many more. $36,930 Job outlook 3 National avg. Minimum Classes General tasks Click the bottom one first then the top Animation reason you should go. How much does an animation designer make? The average animation graphic designer is 128,132. salary estimates are based on 78 salaries submitted anonymously to glass door by animation graphic designer employees. Wages $80,460 $76k Employment of multimedia artists and animators is estimated to increase by 6% from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average of all occupations. An increased demand for computer graphics for mobile devices, such as smartphones, will lead to more job opportunities. 4 Years Colleges/ Moorhead University Requires bachelors of animation degree and take some of these classes I put below/some are optional. Skills required Minnesota Education and training It's really good pay You can have a good time making things Active listening. Reading comprehension. Critical thinking. Time management. Judgment and decision making and many many more. Overview By:BLT Animations for all our N Animation design low medium high Lets you be creative You can develope market designs You learn new things about tech. Get a variety of choices. Get to work with other people and make things acceptable to your boss. Bachelors degree $138,132 Need 120 credits for completion of this degree which includes Liberal Arts and sciences core {42 credits} An animation designer utilizes the latest computer technology to create images and effects for television,movies,websites and video games. They also coordinate projects and animators to produce 3D animation. 9 Credit hours The fee for one full year is around with all the supplies is $41,700 Character animation course. Program scripting course. Advanced animation techniques course.

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