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Transcript: he enjoys everything about hisself and feels like he's his own role model, he also had a fear of being robbed or shot again Tupac has alot of vivid memories which is the source of most of the poems in the book he recalls alot of childhood memories and relationships eyes ears Hand Sadly tupac didn't get to see his future, his life ended early at the age of 25. His ashes were smoked by his former group the Outlawz. Tupac has traveled all around the world, but he enjoyed the western side of the united states most. Preferably California and Nevada. The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams, is his philosophy."Quit starin' at me like a infra red boy Don't fall to sleep You can get ya cash on boy if ya peep Other boy close they eyes Seein' dreams in they sleep But don't fall asleep Don't fall to sleep You can get ya cash on" Arms smells that affect him would probably be gunpowder and home cooking. I say this because he has been shot and the fact that he talks about missing home cooked meals in the book The only thing that comes to a sleeping man is dreams, is Tupac's Philosophy.Tupac's thoughts are very deep and intimate, especially his feelings about women. Tupac deals with alot of hatred he has been robbed , and shot on two different occasions A memorable sight that affected him was guns, since he was shot 5 times in a robbery,he decided to always where bullet proof Tupac enjoyed rapping, acting, and writing poetry in his free time. Nose post-mortem heart leg Tupac loved to work, he considered his self a businessman. Mouth Feet Tupac rights to Jada his childhood sweetheart and the love of his life, in his poem named after her he tells her how he really feels about her Head Torso wings


Transcript: little design competence no engagement in strategy unclear project goals little usability testing S: Amaraa Odgerel The team of Surveycrest conducted a survey in order to formulate a general overview about what people think of Google Glass X Encouragement of too much attention to the program – The flashy \ launching of the beta-product along with the promising demo video. How Many People Actually Own Google Glass? Pull strategy: Electronic retail outlets & Major Phone Carriers Hybrid channel approach Brick and mortar stores to demonstrate product use Online purchasing for convenience live: Company - Poor aesthetics, simply not something that customers would wear - high price - safety problems 5C's Andrii Fedorenko Originality Economies of Scale and Scope Customer Loyalty Diverse services Partner with frame designers Warby Parker - customized frames, prescription lens Luxottica - stylish frames Partner with venture fund capital firms Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, Byers - fund developer's app ideas Manufacturing in the U.S. by Foxconn Google Glass 2nd enterprise edition 5C's + for business travel as a reminder of flights and navigation + for presentations to display and control slides + for efficiency improvement and time management + for direct sales It wasn’t a bad product. It wasn’t a bad idea. It was bad marketing Key factors of Google Glass innovations failure It’s wearable. No wires. No keyboard. Business Model of Google Glass (Explorer) Price was often cited as the biggest obstacle, but other surveys questioned that. Only roughly 1 in 8 people surveyed by Glass Almanac in mid-2014 expresed interest in buying the device were its price cut to a third -- to $500 to 600 . 4P's More than 1 in 2 Americans apparently had never heard of "Google Glasses", according to a survey by YouGov Google Glass is now under the leadership of Tony Fadell – former Apple product designer and CEO of Nest. The new Google Glass have no second hinge, and it’s a piece of equipment that looks very similar to the first. It's no longer a pair of glasses, as it once appeared to be, now it just wraps around one side of your head. And it’s going to maintain over a faster processor. This time around Google Glass will be specified and offered exclusively to the business needs (workplaces like hospitals, factories etc. To the very end of the project – no clear customer target group. Hard to fold or store, short battery life, high cost live: Related products Accessories Grow in sectors like healthcare and engineering New fashion brand W: Google Glass Aiming it directly at the industry that decided it was a device that‘d be helpful - businesses. Design changes – bigger display, faster processor, front light addition Consumers Cultural and social acceptance of technology Concerns: Privacy and Safety It's obvious when video recording is taking place Smartphones and texting are more distracting than voice Offer a car dock accessory Economic concerns Budget friendly price Experts in search, navigation & predictive services Already established large app ecosystem Leaders in mobile market share: Resources Place Google Glass for everyday life Comparison between of the business models of Google Glass 2 and its ancestor Scoping out the wearable computer market Google Glass 2 Competitors - design problems (glass has a camera ahead looks odd) - gives a sense of shadowing - both eyes looking upward and it looks like strabismus + the Glass gives the best angle of view during the shooting + looks like shooting the video with your own eyes -construction of the device is week -not intended for an intense shaking "We made one great decision and one not so great decision about Google Glass." Astro Teller (Head of Google X Labs) Computer built into the frame of a pair of glasses Platform which allows to use media like a photos and videos, use services like maps, global search and internet surfing Price Peter Byulbyulev so what now?... 4P's Google Glass for business Potential buyer 5C's Post-Mortem Revolutionary capture special moments augmented reality Glass' features will complement many of Google's already existing services providing a polished, feature-rich experience People may perceive the product the way the mobile phone was perceived, now more people use cell phones than toothbrushes Collaborators External engagement factors Organizational characteristic Positioning Map Potential buyer T: No Clear Explanation About Why The Product Was Fabulous. The core benefits of the project were never introduced to the audience No Real Product Launch. Google Glass never received an actual purchasing date No Mainstream Advertising Campaign. With just few PR campaigns and without any support of announcemen advertising, from Google didn’t choose the right way to release the project on international level No Easy Way To Buy It Google. Glass was never

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Transcript: Eyes Torso Mouth Winston’s dreams are being free from the rule of the precarious ‘big brother’ and the unjust and corrupt government system. “The ministry of peace, which concerned itself with war: the ministry of love, which maintained law and order: and the ministry of plenty, which was responsible for economic affairs” (Ch.1,Section I, pg 8). The ironic names for these government systems just proves in that short excerpt that the government is corrupt beyond measures, which explains the reasoning behind Winston’s dreams. His dreams lead to his visions of a society in which people have the freedom of expression, and also have the freedom of history and knowledge of prior events in the communities past. Winston has a philosophy that all people should be able to think for themselves and that they should have no limitations on knowledge and what the government form is solipsism. Solipsism is a theory that the self is the only thing that can be known and verified. He believes that the restrictions of knowledge that the government has is savage and immoral. “And yet he knew, he knew, that he was in the right. The belief that nothing exists outside your own mind – surely there must be some way of demonstrating that it was false? Had it not been exposed long ago as a fallacy? There was even a name for it, which he had forgotten. A faint smile twitched the corners of O'Brien's mouth as he looked down at him. "I told you, Winston," he said, "that metaphysics is not your strong point. The word you are trying to think of is solipsism. But you are mistaken. This is not solipsism." (Ch.3, Section III pg 219). In this excerpt O’Brien is trying to make Winston believe that his philosophy is wrong but in all actuality what O’Brien says just proves it correct even more. -Emily Hamelwright 1. Winston likes that he has his own mind to be able to defy the government. Winston knows that he should obey the government, or else he will get in big trouble, be in his mind he knows the government is wrong. "Whether he wrote down with Big Brother, or whether he refrained from writing it, made no difference" (Ch.1, Section I, pg 19). 2. Winston hides the fact that he is against the party. Winston hates the party but he has to hide it, so the party won't torture him. "'I've got the book,'" (Ch.2, Section IX, pg 165). 3. Winston feels pain by the injustice of the party and how they teach the children to be Thought Police. Winston thinks the party is corrupting the children. "Suddenly they were both leaping around him, shouting 'Traitor!' and 'Thought-criminal!'" (Ch.1, Section II, pg 23). 4. Winston has a horrible fear of rats. He will do anything to get away from rats even betray the girl he used to love. "'...the worst thing in the world happens to be rats'" (Ch.3, Section V, pg 233). -Veronica Mata Hands Head The main conflict Winston has to deal with is trying to disobey the party and be a member of the brotherhood, but not get caught by the party. To do this Winston tries to hid from telescreens and doesn't talk about things unless he knows hes safe. "Winston keep his back turned to the telescreen" (Ch.1, Section I, pg 7). -Veronica Mata Winston is in love with Julia. Julia is also works for the Party, Julia had been watching Winston for a while before she admitted that she loved him. Before Winston and Julia were together Winston hated Julia he thought that Julia was secretly a part of the Thought Police. "'Then good-by, my love, good-by!'" (Ch.2, Section III, pg 106). -Veronica Mata Nose 1. Winston has really just been in his own head. he was so selfish that he let Julia and himself get caught by tge Thought Police "'You are the dead,' repeated the iron voice" (Ch.2, Section X, pg 182). 2. If Winston wasn't living in such a constrained government then he wouldn't disobey the government so. I believe that if he had more freedom he wouldn't defy the government so much. "WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH." (Ch.1, Section I, pg 7). -Veronica Mata Winston doesn't really pay attention to what others say, except fot Julia and O'Brien.he remember mostly what Julia says because she shares the same beliefs as him, and her opinion is different. her word affect him by him realizing not to change his mind about the party and how life can be good even though they live in such a controlling government. he is also affected by what O'Brien says to him. he thing O'Brien is against the party therefore it's okay for Winston to be against it. "And someone sitting to one side of him said as he passed:'We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness'" (Ch.1, Section II, pg 24). -Morgan Clenney 1. For fun Winston is with Julia in their small apartment. Winston feels he is really himself when he is with Julia. He tells Julia things he has never told anyone else. "'...that until this moment I believed I had murdered my mother?'" (Ch.3, Section VII, pg 133). 2. Winston likes writing in his journal for fun, because the party


Transcript: Post-Mortem Reflection Admin and Treasurer Department INTRODUCTION EQ Booster Campaign was held in SJK(C) Pei Yuan on the 17th of November 2017 (Friday). purpose : to build up the school students’ emotional intelligence starting from a young age. was a success - gained valuable experiences from it. there were some hiccups along the way we managed to overcome them and carry on with the event smoothly. It is through these experiences that we have learnt how to improve and make necessary amendments. INTRODUCTION Group function dealt with the expenses throughout the duration of the event preparation. validated each expenses made by all departments by going through all the receipts and ensuring it is all properly spent. set the budget and made sure all department followed it strictly. prepared all the documents needed Group function Roles and Responsibility Roles and Responsibility photographer to take quality photos that depicts the process of event Foo Yue Yan Foo Yue Yan first aid to give assistance when an accident occured emcee engage with the participants and keep them interested Alexander Gan Alexander Gan facilitators lead their designated team bond with the participants Nicole, Melvin and Jin Xin Nicole, Melvin and Jin Xin Process 6.30am Gathered at WestLake guardhouse before depart. Prepare for games and activities once arrived. Process 7.40am Event started with chairperson giving speech. Assigned participant into their respective group. Process 8.00am Facilitator interact with participants as well as thinking group name and group slogan. 15 minutes later started our ice breaking game. each team need to untangle themselves. the slowest team to untangle need to perform "baby shark" as punishment. Process 8.40am Game session started. "Draw and Guess" , "The Blind Dragon" , "The Moving Egg" were among the games in the first session. Each game played for 3ominutes. Process 10.10am participant took 30 minutes break second session of games started after that with "Hand and Feet" , "Robotics Arm", "Red Bean & Green Bean". Process 11.40am Participant took a small break before moving on to final game. played "Tic Tac Toe". The team with the most win out of 3 turns in each round will gain points. Process 12.20pm Points were calculated and winning team is decided. Feedback form was given to all participant. Emcee explain the purpose of each game and the moral value in each game. Prize-giving session held after that to gave the winning group prizes and also giving a fruit basket and certificate to school as token of appreciation. Lastly, a photography session. Committee clean up the venue before leaving. Process Final budget The event ended on a successful note. No serious problems that arise during the event, location problems were settled quickly and did not disrupt the flow of the event. Participants all left happily with positive feedbacks. Analysis on success of event Analysis on success of event There were no serious problems, location problems were settled quickly and did not disrupt the flow of the event There were no serious problems, location problems were settled quickly and did not disrupt the flow of the event Favourite game - The Moving Eggs , 11 votes Followed by TIC-TAC-TOE which has 10 votes. The most interesting game - The Moving Eggs & TIC-TAC-TOE with 30 votes for both. The least interesting game - Red Bean and Green Bean & The Blind Dragon with only 1 vote each. The least favourite - Robotic Arm by having the least people voting it as favourite Favourite game - The Moving Eggs , 11 votes Followed by TIC-TAC-TOE which has 10 votes. The most interesting game - The Moving Eggs & TIC-TAC-TOE with 30 votes for both. The least interesting game - Red Bean and Green Bean & The Blind Dragon with only 1 vote each. The least favourite - Robotic Arm by having the least people voting it as favourite Problems and Recommendation Problems and Recommendation Problems Sudden change of venue before the event. The event was forced to be delayed The venue was changed to another nearby primary school, SJK(C) Pei Yuan. Admin and treasurer department has to write out a new proposal in Malay version as per requested by the school. Miscommunication happened within and between departments as they are members who have no idea of the progress of the event as well as the task is done by the department leader. Problems Recommendation Prepare another backup plan as well Increase communication between team leader and group members The team leader should not finish the task alone and the members should help out and work together as a group. Recommendation Experience and Knowledge gained Experience and Knowledge gained Deal with children well specifically higher primary school students. The knowledge of setting a proper budget and manage the event’s monetary resource. Effectively keep and draft documents in an orderly and proper manner. Gain the experience of being a facilitator and leading the participants in finishing the

Post Mortem

Transcript: Emotional Quotient (EQ) is important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Intoduction Intoduction Event held on 18th November 2017 (Saturday) Week 5 , 8.00 am – 4.00 pm Venue is at SJKC New Kopisan Event held on 18th November 2017 (Saturday) Week 5 , 8.00 ... Purpose of this event is to share our knowledge about EQ and unethical behaviour Our theme of this event is “EQ IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN IQ” Purpose of this event is to share our knowledge about EQ a... Separated into two sections which are different ages , morning section is standard 2,3 ; afternoon section is standard 4,5 Prepare some games and little present for those students who answer the questions Separated into two sections which are different ag... Group Function Group Function Six department Management department, Programme department, Logistic department, Admin and Finance department, Secretary department, and Photographer department. Six department Management department, Program... Management Department Management Department Ensuring the event is running smoothly Communica... Ensuring the event is running smoothly Communicate with the other departments from time to time. On event that day, devided 2 section, morning section 31 out of 40 and afternoon section 39 out of 40 students attended in this programme. Make sure that the venue of the event was cleared and clean after the event. Roles and responsibility of each member on the event day Roles and responsibility of each member on the event day Yow Mey Chan(Photographer Department) Take photo and video during the event. Ooi Wan Cing(Secretary Department) Prepare slide for the talk. Chew Xin Yi(Finance Department) Calculated cost that needed to use in the whole event. Yow Mey Chan(Photographer Department) Take photo a... Kh’ng Jia Shan(Management Department) Manage all the activities for all the department Lee Rong Xiang(Logistics Department) Decorate the place of event. Kh’ng Jia Shan(Management Department) Manage all t... Teoh Su Peng Emily(Programme Department) Plan the activities of the event. Genevieve Wong Lin Xuan(Programme Department) Develop games and prepare some gifts for the students Teoh Su Peng Emily(Programme Department) Plan t... Final Budget Final Budget Process of Entire Project Process of Entire Project In 18 November 2017, we organized an event at SJK(c)New Kopis... In 18 November 2017, we organized an event at SJK(c)New Kopisan The event was held for 8 consecutive hours from 8am to 5pm Prepare the talk “EQ is important than IQ “about emotional intelligent for student in morning section and afternoon section Make some video and movie for student to understand about emotional intelligent Prepare some drama for student and create some game such as word searching and other interesting games A photography session was conducted whereby a group photo along with the course coordinator was taken Our event director give the souvenir for the vice principal to let us conduct event in SJK(C) Kopisan. Analysis on the success of the event Analysis on the success of the event Organisation of the event went smoothly Organisation of the event went smoothly Good teamwork Our team members show a good attitude to attend the meeting Provided idea for this event Sent a formal letter to the headmistress Headmistress gave a very good corporation with us Get permission from the headmistress allow us to see their equiment that we need Good communciation with the primary school headmistress Good communciation with the primary school headmistress Team members take responsibilty to take care of the primary students Primary students kept corporate and pay attention to us Team members did their jobs well on their position on event day Team members did their jobs well on their position on event day PROBLEMS AND RECOMMENDATIONS PROBLEMS AND RECOMMENDATIONS availability for face-to-face meeting disagreements within a group different personality and working styles PROBLEMS PROBLEMS virtual meeting through communication applications Belbin Team Roles Test RECOMMENDATIONS RECOMMENDATIONS Experience/knowledge gained from the project Experience/knowledge gained from the project Team members must do the task with teamwork. Communication ... Team members must do the task with teamwork. Communication is very important among the group members. Needs to group the different department to divide the task so that the committees can work effectively and efficiently. Conclusion Conclusion Our department spent a total amout RM146.60 On the event d... Our department spent a total amout RM146.60 On the event day we had standby there by 7.20 am The primary students assemble at the hall and our members go and lead them up to the class Listen to talk , watching videos , drama and play games Ended the event at 4.00 pm Event was successful because of our good teamwork Problem occurred in the preparation because of different idea and etc . We should solve the problems quickly to avoid delay the process We gained a lot of experiences from

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