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Post Mortem

Transcript: Post Mortem By: Patricia Cornwell Prezi by: Don Harley Summary Summary Dr. Scarpetta is looking into the deaths of four young women who all seem to be killed the same way- she suspects a serial killer and the whole town is in fear. The killer has a similar pattern- he looks for women who live alone, always climbing through a window, raping the victim before he brutally kills her. He has no known pattern in choosing his/her victims. But one small detail in the latest murder of a surgeon triggers the solution to the case. But, this is not before she herself is attacked by the killer. There are other subplots including her niece's visit, her romance involving the DA and the politics involved with being chief medical examiner. Timeline Timeline Forensics used Forensics used During the book Dr. Scarpetta used the skills of a forensic palyntologist. During the investigation of one of the first murders of the book Scarpetta used fluorescent lights to find some seminal evidence. The book references DNA profiling as a new technique in the time the story took place. Some of the characters bemoan the lack of a DNA database which would help find suspects faster. Post Mortem calculations were done at the scene of the murders to see how long the body had been dead. The forensics techniques in the book are used exactly how they would be in real life. The post mortem calculations used the body temperature of the victim instead of making up something. Since DNA profiling was apparently new it was not really used just mentioned. Also DNA databases were at their primal states and there was not much data. When Dr. Scarpatta examined a crime scene or was in the lab her medical examiner responsibilities were modeled off of a real medical examiner. When looking for evidence ALS was used to find items not able to be seen by the naked eye. Analysis Analysis

Post Mortem

Transcript: Post Mortem INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Set up business at commuity house Promote our business through Facebook Promotion Part I Part I By Tan Kai Yuan Increase New Item Sales we gain - Around 40 units sold - 50% profits The community grandson will take over our jobs and help the business Solve the community problems Part II Part II By Tan Kai Yuan GROUP DYNAMIC GROUP DYNAMIC By Tee Kee Yee Tong See Mun Teach the community how to manage Facebook page Transfer internet knowledge, techniques and skills Finance department. (Compute orders and income/calculation) Tong See Mun Tan Kai Yuan Chef's helper Helps to prepare materials, cooking and also packaging snacks Prepare drinks Tan Kai Yuan Ng Tee Meng & Kok Heng Foong Marketers. Marketing and promoting the business Managing Facebook page Planning the ways of increasing awareness Ng Tee Meng & Kok Heng Foong Chong Kah Wai & Tee Kee Yee Delivery person Customer service counter Chong Kah Wai Tee Kee Yee Delivery person Photographer Videographer EVALUATE THE OUTCOME EVALUATE THE OUTCOME Kampar area - Students area The community does not need to rent a place currently - low budget Community house - more hygiene Environment Environment Kampar area - Students area We will also target Kampar resident Students, teenagers craves for snacks during late night Location Location We sold average 40 units per day Profit we gain is RM57.66 Sales Sales We get customer feedback from Facebook to know what to improve We will let the customer see our feedbacks so that they can trust us Customer feedback Customer feedback WAYS TO SUSTAIN THE BUSINESS WAYS TO SUSTAIN THE BUSINESS Consists of face-to-face communication Provides detailed information Adjust business to meet customers’ satisfaction Using Flyers Using Flyers By Kok Heng Foong Know about the business’s cost and profit To make suitable decisions Keeping tracks and manage the numbers well Keeping tracks and manage the numbers well By Kok Heng Foong Promote business on the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Wechat etc. Since many people nowadays consist of social media accounts Use of the Internet Use of the Internet By Tong See Mun Expand the business Expand the business By Tong See Mun CONCLUSION CONCLUSION Problems we faced Lesson we learnt By Ng Tee Meng


Transcript: LOGISTIC GROUP Post-Mortem Reflection Present by INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Date&Time: 15th November 2017 8am-12pm Venue: SJK(C) Kampar Girls EQ PlayGround Objective: To impart the EQ knowledge by using entertaining station games GROUP FUNCTION ON EVENT DAY GROUP FUNCTION ON EVENT DAY Logistics department Prepare all Stuff needed on event day Station game masters, photographers and host of the event ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES . ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF EACH MEMBER ON EVENT DAY Name Duty Station Game 3 Master MC Photographer Station Game 1 Master Station Game 3 Master Photographer Chew Chen Seng Teh Jia Yi Vimalraj Kasivisvanathan Ngooi Zhuang Wang Ng Pinn Shuoh Low Chia Zhuang Final Budget Final budget Gift for station games Station game equipment Gift for school authority Transportation fees 200.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 140.10 32.30 0 27.6 59.90 17.70 50.00 22.40 Total overhead 350.00 200.00 150.00 Variance Raw budget Actual expenses Collected RM10 from each of the members PROCESS OF ENTIRE PROJECT Event day: 15 November 2017 6.30 am- Gather at Kampar McDonald’s to have our breakfast 7.00 am- Reached Kampar Girls School, Greet with teacher and guard, - Move all the equipment and prizes to the meeting room - Setting up the station games with the tools and equipment. 8.30- Start event -Intro us and the objective we go there to the participant -Group them in 4 groups, breif them about all the games -Start game(3 mins 1x group games, 6 mins competition games (2x groups)) -Announce the winner and give out prizes to the group and take picture with them -Get feedback from participants (routine is repeated for another 3 times for another 3 groups of classes) 12.30- Cleanup the venue and leave at around 1pm PROCESS OF ENTIRE PROJECT -Quite successful -Children really enjoyed themselves playing the games and receiving gifts from us ANALYSIS ON SUCCESS OF THE EVENT ANALYSIS ON SUCCESS OF THE EVENT Photo Figure shows that JunKai, ChenSeng,Raj and PinnShuoh were establishing the station games, fully devoted to their responsibilities. Photo Figure above shows a two child posing to the camera, seemingly happy enough. Photo Figure above shows ChenSeng,PinnShuoh and YokeSin enjoying themselves while explaining the rules of the game.. Photo Figure above shows Guessing Game which were the one the kids had the most fun. PROBLEM Noise from those little kids were so loud Out of our control Bullying Room is quite small which makes the place very Tight and narrow RECOMMENDATION Holding the event at a bigger place PA system should be improved PROBLEMS AND RECOMMENDATIONS PROBLEMS AND RECOMMENDATIONS EQ and work ethic are important in our daily Better planning skill Improves our critical thinking and problem solving skills(Brainstorm meeting) Gain knowledge and learn skill about management(Time management and Budget management) Be patient while communicate with the kids Teamwork spirit Using Prezi as presentation tool EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM PROJECT EXPERIENCE/KNOWLEDGE GAINED FROM PROJECT This events helps us learn many things We corporate with each other’s to make this event a good success Appreciate that Utar have this courses that make us got this opportunity to conduct this event We also appreciate our lecturer for giving us the opinion and help to make this event success CONCLUSION CONCLUSION THANK YOU Thanks for lecturer and each member that have put their effort in order to make this EQ playground successful. THANK YOU


Transcript: Members: Chew Chia Wen Chong Che Sheng Lu Jia Wen Ng Yee Xin Tan Kee Hooi Tay Jor Jun Tong Jun Kah Corporate cooperate with group members and disabled friends Take care about others feeling Entrepreneurship skill Problem solving skill Time management 7 members Shared the same goals Make decisions together Tasks are equally distributed Conclusion Evaluate the Outcome The place that doing our community mapping is The Beautiful Gate Foundation, Kampar, Perak. After community mapping, we are going to set business plan to help our target market in The Beautiful Gate Foundation, Kampar, Perak. We also have conduct micro business to make charity for our community mapping. Introduction We had operated for 3 days and the total revenue we have earned is RM363.50. For the gross profit we have earned in the 3 days: Total revenue-cost =RM363.50-RM173.50 = RM190.00 Request permission from UTAR Arts and Crafts Society Weekly classes for art and craft session Some of the craft-makers can be trained as instructor help them to earn some income Request permission from UTAR Community Service Society Set up a stall in UTAR for every semester Sell handmade craft for fund raising Profit earned will be given to Beautiful Gate Foundation Kampar as financial support Post-mortem Presentation Group Dynamic Besides beverages, the selling of the handcrafts also earned RM63.00. As the cost of the handcrafts is unknown, we assume that the profit of the handcraft is RM63.00. Suggest how the project can be more sustainable Appendixes The total materials we have bought cost RM173.50 and it included: Paper cup Plastic cup Straw Sunquick brand orange juice F&N brand orange juice SUPER brand coffee powder Choco Malt brand cocoa powder Ice cube Printing fees


Transcript: b) MR date far away from MR received d) To provide proper record on quantity damage/lost and backcharge to respective sub-con Conclusions - Phase 3- - Machineries -Backhoe, Crane, Lorry, Forklift ..etc - Equipment - Sand/Plaster Pump, Concrete Mixer - Rubbish Bin - Scaffolding & Accessories Quantity & Quality Checking c) Sub-con received goods on behalf b) Receiver - please write full name, date, sign & company stamp on Delivery Order. d) To submit the verified D.O to HQ at least twice a week Delivery Order - One day notice today order expect today deliver. b) Quality checking - Goods consider sold after D.O signed. Material Delivered to site -Today email, expect tomorrow deliver - Contract Dept to provide detail budget for all materials & machineries b) Transfer to other block without notify Procurement for proper cut off a) Material unloading - long waiting time for unloading - person incharge not at site - unloading/storage area not determine Action Budget c) To identify each machinery/equipment used by respective sub-con by written in DO a) Always reported missing/misplaced Material Requisition (MR) d) Proper MR no. a) No proper identification backcharges to sub-con on damage/lost items Block 5/6 - Procurement has details budget until car park only Procurement Department Action b) Site to have proper DO collecting centre and person in charge for compiling Block 3 - NIL e) Delivery schedule shall be provided immediately for bulk order : fire door, door frame, door leaf, tiles, sanitary wares, BRC CTS, Hood & hob etc. c) Not return immediately after work completed a) Sufficient time given - Achieve more cost saving. - Goods able to deliver as per requested date Important. To categories type of expenses against budget. c) For each MR please write receiver's name & contact number. f) All material & machineries requested must have MR issued. Action c) To speed up the DO verification process a) To return immediately to supplier after work completed - Monthly report POST MORTEM d) If supplier call but you have no idea about the goods please check with the other colleagues or procurement. a) Quantity Checking - Delivered quantity should tally with P.O - Counting on quantities received is important to avoid dispute & losses incured to company - Sat/Sunday email, Monday expect to deliver. Action c) Do quality checking on the spot and reject immediately if poor quality or type delivered not as per our order c) At least 8 working days upon MR received for steel bar cut to size. b) Cooperation from all parties very important - To make the flow of work smooth and efficient - To ensure progress of work not affected and complete on time. a) At least 3 working days upon MR received for common item : sand brick, loose OPC, sand, crusher run, plywood, etc. b) Late submission to HQ b) Unload wrong location - block 7 mixed with block 8 & 9 Action b) At least 5 working days upon MR received for : OPC palletised, steel bar, BRC, piping & plumbing, etc. - Friday evening email, expect Monday deliver. - To control & monitor the goods ordered d) At least 14 working days upon MR received for pre-cast concrete product & customize items: box culvert, pipe culvert, VCP pipe, L shape retaining wall & etc. c) Description not clear - No proper specification on material requested (sizes, name, capacity..etc) a) If supplier call before delivery please standby or inform others to receive if you are not around. Block 4 - Procurement has details budget for RC works yet architectural a) Short notice given. b) Clearly remarks on D.O if quantity different from actual P.O order. a) Do check on D.O details before aknowledge received. g) Please do not call supplier directly for any delivery before P.O issue. Any urgency case please inform/check with procurement dept. first. b) To avoid continuously use for new project. New order for new project. Cut Off Time For Rental Items a) Only Axisjaya site staff can aknowledge received goods

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