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Picture Collage

Transcript: For most of the pictures I put in the collage were objects I just had stuff I thought of that I had in rapid succession. It makes me look at some objects and events and see if I know how they happen/work. So now I have a better picture of how the world works. Who is that following me? Oh wait, it is just my shadow. It is a little fuzzy around the edges and I know why. When a wave goes around a corner it will diffract, or bend around an object, trying to fill in where the blocked waves were supposed to go. Yet, we are bigger than light waves so they can not diffract around us as well. The edges are where light starts to get fill in the gap, but not soon enough. Rainbow Slinky Fractured Straw RAINBOW! Everyone loves rainbows as they usually mean the end of rain. The physics behind it though is interesting. After rain, there are tiny drops of water still in the air. When light passes through these drops they experience refraction. Certain waves of light are then bent apart. The cumulative light waves that come from multiple drops come together to form the rainbow that you see. Garden Snake AH A SNAKE! Oh, wait it is a snake pen that looks like a wave. Speaking of waves we could figure out its amplitude, the height of a wave, by measuring the distance a crest, the top of a wave, or a trough, the bottom of a wave. It also looks like a picture of a standing wave. A standing wave, a wave resulting from two waves interacting, is a wave that has nodes, places of constant motion, and anti-nodes, places of no motion. Beep! Beep! Beep! Time to rise and shine with waves. With an alarm, many waves concepts are involved. The first that comes to mind is the radio stations. Radio stations emit a radio wave, a type of electromagnetic wave, one that does not require a medium, that radios then pick up. The radio then takes the signal and turns it into sound wave, a mechanical wave, a wave that requires a medium, by vibrating a speaker that creates the sound. Reflection Slurp! Ah, ever wonder why your straw seems broken when it enters your drink? Due to physics we know why. When a wave, in this case light, enters a new medium its speed changes. This bends the light due to the speed change from one part of the wave to the next part. This concept is known as refraction. By: Nathanael Settje Shadowy Figure Alarm Clock Picture Collage

Picture Collage

Transcript: Picture Collage Guitar: The reason I chose the guitar for the picture collage is because guitar is Webb's passion which he loves to play whenever possible. He also plays guitar because it is able to keep him true to himself and is able to let him remember who he loves the most, his grandfather and father who gave him the guitar and got him started from the start. For example, Webb loves guitar so much that he decided to take his guitar with him on the long hiking trip. Reasoning for why I chose these pictures Bibliography Reasoning why I chose these pictures Koala: I chose this picture to resemble Webb, because I believe that a koala and Webb show loving nature to the people or other animals that they care about. Throughout the book, Webb shows a great and loving nature to the people that both have a loving nature towards him and that care about him too. For example, Webb's grandfather, father, mother, and his dog Nibblet all show a loving and caring nature towards him a some point in the book which makes Webb feel better about others and about himself. Plus, he and each one of those people would do anything to keep each other happy and safe. People: Webb has many mixed emotions for different people throughout the book. Throughout the book, Webb cared for and respected people who would do the same for him, and the people who Webb respected and cared for the most was, his father, grandfather, mother, and of course his dog Nibblet. For example, he cares for his grandfather because he did the same for him and because he was able to give Webb all that he loves and knows (his guitar). But, Webb does not care for people who abuse him, disrespect him, and don't care for him. For example, Webb doesn't care for his stepfather because he used to abuse him constantly to do the things that he wanted him to do (Go to military camp). Nature: I chose this picture to resemble Webb because, both nature and Webb show attributes of a caring nature. Webb shows this to many people when they are nice to him and show a caring nature to him also. For example, Webb shows a caring nature towards George because he was caring enough to help Webb throughout the forest on his hiking expedition, which Webb considered and loved that they were being very caring to each other on the long hiking expedition. Devil's Pass Flashbacks: I chose this picture because it is a great way of showing how a person is able to use their past to shape their future, and that is what Webb is able to do. For example, Webb used his flashback of his stepfather abusing him to shape the way how he defenses himself in the future and how he will stand up to people and let now on get in his way. This is able to also let him be more aware of his surroundings while in the wilderness on his hiking expedition to Devil's Pass. iPod: I chose this picture to resemble Webb because I believe that Webb uses his iPod to look up everything that he needs to know and is how he learns all this information that he is able to build up in his mind. For example, Webb used his iPod to look up how and what needed to pack for his hiking expedition, which was able to give him a great amount of information which was able to help him on his trip. Zebra: I chose this picture because I believe that both a zebra and Webb show lots of attitude. Throughout the book, Webb shows that he can have a bad attitude towards people who he doesn't like, people who annoy him, and people that don't do things his way. For example, Webb showed attitude towards the Dutch men that went on the hiking trip with him because, they kept dropping items out of their backpack which went against the rule George set and Webb followed about keeping the nature in the condition it was when they found it. So, when the men did this, Webb attitude towards them started to show. Beagle: When it came to Webb and his dog Nibblet, they would do anything for each other. Webb also believed that aside from his mother, Nibblet was the only other person or thing that Webb loved and who loved Webb back. Nibblet and Webb also did anything for each other and sacrifice anything for each other to keep each other safe. For example, Webb let his stepfather beat him up, just to keep his dog Nibblet safe and alive. Backpack: I chose this picture because this is an very good example of how organized Webb is throughout the book. In the book I see great examples of Webb showing how organized he is with his possessions. One great example of Webb's organization is when Webb was able to get his backpack so organized, that he was able to pack the right and proper amount of items for his hiking expedition without packing too much and putting them in the backpack a proper way so that the objects would not uneven his weight on the sides of his

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