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Differences between PowerPoint, Prezi and Impress

Transcript: Alba Angulo 1 BACH A Pureza de Maria Bilbao Differences between PowerPoint, PREZI and impress COST ¿HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT? Powerpoint: pricing starts at $126.89 as a one-time payment, per user. There is not a free version of PowerPoint. PowerPoint does offer a free trial. Prezi: It is free, but you can also get the Prezi Enjoy license, which costs $59 per year with 500 MB of storage. For $159, Prezi Pro offers 2000 MB with the option to work offline. Impress: It is free. EASY OR DIFFICULT ¿Is it easy to use it? Powerpoint: More difficult, with different tools, designs and multimedia. It has a large and wide set of designs with transitions. Prezi: Much easier to use than Powerpoint, with different templates and aesy and useful guides. Impress: It has a comprehensive range of easy-to-use drawing and diagramming tools to add style and sophistication to your presentation. wifi ¿do i need wifi or internet connection to use it? Powerpoint: You should be able to regularly open and use Office 2013/2016 applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel without internet connection. However, when you save, you will only be given the option to save locally Prezi: It is mainly online but it has several offline solutions for people who would like to access their presentations without an Internet connection. Prezi for Windows/Mac allows you to download your presentations so that you can present them offline, no matter where you are Impress: It can easily be online and offline, such as Powerpoint. Animation ¿Can i animate pictures, texts or slides? Powerpoint: You can animate the text, pictures, shapes, tables, SmartArt graphics, and other objects in your PowerPoint presentation. Effects can make an object appear, disappear, or move. They can change an object's size or color. There's also a related video about animating text. Prezi: Prezi Classic has an animation feature that allows you to fade content into your prezi. This feature allows each animated element to fade in as you move through the path of your prezi. Impress: The Animation dialog is the most basic way of creating an animation in Impress. It lacks the built-in animation effects of Custom Animation, but it is easier to use for simple animations. Drawing ¿can i draw in this programme? Powerpoint: It includes a basic set of tools for drawing shapes and lines onto a slide. To utilize free-hand pen and drawing tools, click the “Review” tab, then click “Start Inking” Prezi: It has different pens to allow drawing. Impress: It doesn't allow for normal pen annotations, even when selecting "Mouse pointer as pen" in the settings nor during the presentation. templates ¿do i have templates? Powerpoint: Templates can contain layouts, colors, fonts, effects, background styles, and even content. You can create your own custom templates and store them, reuse them, and share them with others. Prezi: You can start from 0 or you can chose from a variety of templates. You can create book covers, magazine covers, posters, flyers, etc. Impress: You can create templates but the programe does not offer them. POWERPOINT WORKPLACE power point workplace prezi workplace prezi workplace impress workplace impress workplace

Applications Presentation

Transcript: Applications Presentation Dylan Redeker PREZI Prezi Prezi is a presentation website that is in ways comparable to PowerPoint, in fact it even gives you the option to convert to a PowerPoint. It includes a free option long with two paid options which each allow different features. They range from 5, 10, and 60$ offering things such as premium images and music, Exportation features and others. PROS Free Options Easy To Use Collaborative Editing PowerPoint Export Wide array of Animations CONS Trial and Error Hard to Navigate Can be Expensive Less Known Time Consuming COST WHY TO USE With many unique animations and the ever popular collaborative features Prezi is a solid presentation software no matter what you are presenting. That is one of the main reasons I chose to use Prezi as my presentation software. CANVA Much like Prezi Canva is an online presentation software which is known for its collaborative features along with its free layouts. PROS Free Options Seamless Online Sharing Search-able Image Library Collaborative Simple to Use CONS Not PowerPoint Compatible Not Much Variety Cannot Edit Simultaneously Many Elements Premium Only Can be Misleading on what is Free COST WHY TO USE Canva is extremely useful for those looking to add images to their presentations as they have a large library available for choosing from. It also incorporates a collaborative feature which is handy when working on this with colleagues. LIBREOFFICE Libreoffice was one of my choices to review because it stated it was similar to PowerPoint and I am the most familiar with PowerPoint. It also offers hundreds of free templates for creation. PROS Free Templates Works With Mac Keynote Most Of PowerPoint's Functionality No Limit on Font Styles Easy to Use CONS No Collaboration Navigation is Clunky Lacks Animation/Image features Very Plain Requires Download COST There is no cost associated with Libreoffice as it simply requires you to download the software to use it. WHY TO USE Libreoffice should be used in my opinion as a replacement to PowerPoint if you are not able to use PowerPoint for any reason. It is also handy that it is free and mirrors many of the features of PowerPoint. WPS OFFICE WPS is another tool that is similar in many ways to PowerPoint and that is why I considered using it. It too is a free software with decent features. PROS Tons of Templates Familiar Interface Plenty of Animations Free PowerPoint Import and Export CONS Ads can be annoying Cluttered Screen Very Plain Not Widely Used No Simultaneous Collab COST One of the many benefits of WPS Office is that it is free to use. One thing that they do include to make up for that is the use of ads which can be frequent and annoying. WHY TO USE Several reasons why you should use this presentation and the first most being the fact that it is extremely similar to PowerPoint. It also has good features like animations, image embedding. Exporting and other great features. CUSTOM SHOW Custom Show is a presentation software that is primarily suited for business operations as it includes tools such as analytics and PowerPoint import files. PROS Analytics PowerPoint Import Branding Multi Platform Access Marketing Focused CONS Not Free Complex Usage Design Less Creativity Features No Collab Intended for Mostly Business COST WHY TO USE If you are a marketing business person or are involved with sales this is the presentation software for you as it incorporates many useful analytics features and other handy tools.


Transcript: Vs -Versatile and compatible -Robust design options and multimedia capabilities -The software is best suited for data-focused and informative presentations PowerPoint Presentation -Traditional Method of Presenting -Monotonous in nature -Limited number of design templates -Creates animated videos instead of presentations -Can add images, music, movement, and voice over -Anywhere access through internet PowToon -Does not work on all platforms -Does not contains as many vibrant templates -Must be online to use -Not entirely free and hence can be expense -Good for visual creation of images -Custom animation available - Tool similar to PowerPoint -Easy to Create Slides Zoho Show -Limited number of templates -Being similar to PowerPoint, wont look extremely unique -Need internet connection to use -Very interesting and engaging templates -Straight forward controls with most items being familiar to PowerPoint users -Able to add hyperlinks to any object you’d like emaze -Limited template options -No special transitions between slides -Can’t change scrolling speed within presentation -Instead of creating the traditional “slides” like in PowerPoint, you have a limitless “board” where you can transition between and zoom in and out of any point -Easy controls for all ages to use -Has a lot of templates Prezi -Unable to edit without an internet connection (unless you pay for a “pro” account) -Free version in Prezi does not have access to analytic and chart option -Can have a high learning curve (time consuming to master this) -Can cause motion sickness

Presentation Software Comparison

Transcript: Can be converted to Powerpoint or PDF so the presentation can be viewed on a PC. Has collaborative tools, which lets others comment on your slides. Keynote Similar to Powerpoint, but it's free! Has been acquired by ClearSlide, so there are changes on the horizon. Can be use for free with the public option, but all your Prezis will be made public. Prezi The user can create an exciting slide show presentation that is full of animation. SlideRocket Lots of templates and features available that makes using the software easy. Can easily be integrated to an iPhone or iPad. Lets you monitor the effectiveness of your presentation through SlideRocket analytics. Powerpoint Features animation and effects options that can really liven up a presentation. Web based presentation software Made by Microsoft A comparison of 5 available options for creating eye catching presentations by Alyson Thepharat Instead of slides you create your presentation on one large canvas. The presentation is viewed by zooming into the items on a path that was created on the canvas. Presentation Software Comparison Made by Apple Has a large selection of templates available to download. Offers many interesting themes as well as high quality transitions and effects that help set the tone of your presentation. Easy for a beginner to create impressive slide shows, while still working well for a seasoned professional. Very popular, has been purchased and installed in many home, work and school computers. Uses Adobe Flash to help you quickly create animated presentations that will provide a unique viewing experience for your audience. Is so familiar to most audiences that your presentation may lose the wow factor you're hoping to achieve. Impress Desktop Applications Apache OpenOffice Can open and update files in Powerpoint. Real time data can be embedded and will update automatically on the slides.

Free Prezi templates

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Presentation Devices

Transcript: Apple Keynote Apple Keynote Powerpoint Prezi 25 Transitions - Including 3D Magic Move Transition - Allows an object to maintain the same transition on multiple slides. Morph Text to multiple slides. Choose line elements for text to move along. Built in navigation tool allows for audio voiceover & precise timing. Microsoft Powerpoint Remote Control Graphics Top 3 Most Commonly Used by GSU Students 3 Slide By: Brittany Linares Animation & Presentions made simple - even for beginning levels. Contains 44 Themes Users can add tables, charts, media, shapes, and animated charts. Instant Alpha Tool to delete image backgrounds. Masking within a predrawn shape. Works with Microsoft Powerpoint. Exports as Quicktime movie, PDF, HTML, image file, or directly to Youtube. Worried about computer availability? Upload to public beta so you can share no matter what software is available. Exit .jpeg, .pdf, .xml Conversion Microsoft Powerpoint Corel Presentations Google Docs Kingsoft Presentations Mobile Powerpoint Why Presentations? Slideshow presented on presentation screen. Notes & slides present on main computer. Templates, Transitions, Themes, Charts, Art, Animations, & Tables Provides you with a Zoomable Canvas Can use your iphone or ipod touch as a remote control for moveability during a presentation. Free Software - Online Useage Enroll to get more features. Free version contains 8 templates. Blank Template - Build your own. Photo Import Available. Prezi Emphasis Can't Be There? Cloud-based Presentation Software Movements Gives you visually pleasing presentations that lead the audience down an informative path. Flexibility a prezi presentation - Movement between slides Consists of Slides that: - Contain text, graphics, sound, movies, & other objects Slide Master - Creates a Consistent Template Entrance Included w/ Purchase Keynote: Prezi: Powerpoint: Presentation Devices Free Downloads: Bibliography Templates, Images, Video, Video Templates (free after purchase) Custom Animation Transitions Proprietary Commercial Presentation Program Developed by Microsoft Prezi Apple Keynote Go to Meeting Effects Compatibility Presentation Styles Software File Formats THE END Dual Monitor Display Drag & Drop items from iphoto, imovie, & itunes Presentation Devices .ppt, .pps, .pptx, .ppsx Presentations are used merely as a guide to help keep the speakers thoughts organized as well as give the audience as a way to visually relate to the overall speech. Presentation

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