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Polka- Dot Puppy

Transcript: 24 "This little puppy saved the building," the night watchman said. "Whose dog is he?" asked Fire-fighter Joe. 28 "Maybe a bakery is the place for me," said Polka-dot Puppy, wagging his tail. The Library- A Magic Castle 26 But when polka-dot Puppy tried to go inside, the storekeeper said, "Shoo. Shoo. Out with you." "Let's go home, Polka-dot Puppy." And they did. He looked in the window of the grocery store. Guess what he saw? 27 Come to the magic castle When you are growing tall. Rows upon rows of Word Windows Line every single wall. They reach up high, As high as the sky, And you want to open them all. For every time you open one, A new adventure has begun. 21 Pop! Crackle! Pop! What ws that? Sniff! Sniff! Polka-dot Puppy sniffed the air. He smelled smoke Hamburgers and hot dogs, milk and cheese. "Maybe a grocery store is the place for me," he said. Polka-dot puppy rolled over. "He doesn't belong to anyone," said the night watchman. "He does now," said Fire-fighter Joe. :The fire station is just the right place for a fire-fighter pup. 29 7 Polka-dot Puppy looked for a home he looked in the windows of a bakery. 9 Polka-dot Puppy began to bark. He barked and barked so loudly... The night watchman came by. He gave the puppy a pat on the head. "Poor Puppy," he said. Just then a little girl came by. She gave Polka-dot Puppy an animal cracker. "Poor puppy," she said. After a while, it was very dark. Polka-dot Puppy could not see much. But he could hear. And he could smell. 31 12 In no time the fire was out. 11 16 a toy store. He looked in the window. Polka- Dot Puppy 14 That the night watchman heard him. When the watchman saw fire he rang the alarm. 20 15 Lots of people passed by. But no one gave a pat or a smile 22 19 Lisa opened a Word Window. Here is what she read. 8 Polka-dot Puppy looked up. He saw a fire in a window way up high. 18 By Jane Belk Moncure 6 25 30 But when he tried to go inside, the baker said, "Go away. Go Away." 23 Polka-dot Puppy did not have a home. He sat all alone on a busy street corner. It was getting dark, so Polka-dot Puppy sat down in the soorway of a tall building all alone. He saw Cookies... and cakes... and apple pies. 13 He saw toy animals, toy cars, dolls, and balls. "Maybe a toy store is the place for me," said Polka-dot Puppy. Illustrated by Helen Endres Polka-dot Puppy When he tried to go inside. the storekeeper said, "See the sign. No dogs allowed." 10 A fire truck came down the street and stopped right by the burning building. So Pulka-dot Puppy went down the busy street until he came to... Then Polka-dot Puppy went next door to a grocery store.

Polka Dot Plant

Transcript: Grant, Bonnie L. "Polka Dot Plant Info: Tips On Caring For And Growing Freckle Face Plant." Gardening Know How. N.p., 18 Feb. 2015. Web. 02 Dec. 2016. Difficulties Caring for the Plant Leaf turning slightly yellow Fun Facts about Polka Dot Plant Mr_Subjunctive. "Nosy Neighbor (Hypoestes Phyllostachya)." Nosy Neighbor (Hypoestes Phyllostachya). N.p., 21 Sept. 2009. Web. 02 Dec. 2016. Ashley Tibbetts My Plant Common Name: Polka Dot Plant or Freckle Face Plant Scientific Name: Hypoestes Phyllostachya Type of plant: Flowering Origin of plant: Madagascar Perennial herbaceous shrub whose stems get woody as they age References Getting To Know the Plant In native habitat, plant can reach up to 3 feet Best color comes when in low light (Indirect bright sunlight) Best temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit Growing outside requires well-drained but moist soil with a lot of rich nutrients surrounding (miracle-gro) Indoor plants need to be fed at least once a month with this soil Watering: Slight misting occasionally Only one stem, pretty healthy Polka Dot Plant Found to be invasive in Australia, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, and India Cause of death: Cold temperatures Before knowing what type of plant it was, I assumed it needed sunlight and left in direct sunlight and slowly turned more a yellow/brown color and losing green color When researching type of plant, all pictures seemed to show polka dot plant with bigger spots, not many pictures of baby plant Invading Costa Rica is "confusing the local butterflies,1 some of whom are trying to use it as a host species to lay their eggs on. This doesn't work; for whatever reason, the caterpillars in question can't, or won't, feed on polka-dot plant, and so starve, and then there are that many fewer butterflies the next year" (Mr_Subjunctive)

Polka dot stingray

Transcript: Invertebrate or vertebrate? The Polka Dot Stingray's are found in two places, tropical and subtropical bodies of water, and very deep ocean level's. 1. Sting Rays spend most of there life dormant buried under the sand, only moving with the tide. 2.The stingray's coloration commonly matches the sea floor at which it lives. 3. Sting rays eyes are almost pointless to them, they rely on mostly there sense of smell. 4.Sting rays are outfitted with electrical sensors, just like sharks, that can detect the natural electricity given of by potential prey. 5.On many rays the under side of its barb is coated with a very strong venom that can kill humans, even if the ray is dead the barb still can be lethal. The polka dot stingray swim in sand banks and the shallows of major rivers. It also move into areas of flooded forest during the annual wet season. After the season is over, it can later be found in ponds formed by the receding flood waters. Human uses for the polka dot stingray Why did I chose the polka dot stingray? I always thought that polka dot stingray are so cool! I love the design of the polka dot stingray and how they move. Honestly, stingray are pretty awesome and Nemo:) Species: Potamotrygon leopoldi Genus: Potamotrygon Family: Potamotrygonidae Order: Rajiformes Class: Elasmobranchii Phylum: Chordata Kingdom: Animilia designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi Polka dot stingray The polka dot stingray's prey is mollusks, clams, shrimps, snails and other species of fish. They are carnivorous animals. look at those dots:) prey:) Polka dot stingray's biome More pictures of the polka dot stingray from nemo<3 Niche Close relatives of the polka dot stingray Classification The polka dot stingray is a invertebrate because it doesn't have a spinal column (back bone). It is more like a cartilage much like a human ear. Invertebrate lacks a backbone or spinal column. Vertebrate is an animal of a large group distinguished by the backbone or spinal column. The stingray is related to the shark as both belong to the class Chondrichthyes. Also the polka dot stingray is related to the manta ray. The polka dot stingray is not endangered but their are 5 species that are. Sting rays are edible, they are caught by fishing nets and lines. Many people grill them. Also, long ago humans would use there barbs as weapons and make spears / knifes with them. The Polka Dot Sting Ray, like almost all other sting rays, tries its best to stay as hidden as possible, there flat body's make it much easier for them to lay down and bury themselves in to the sand. There main source of food are Mollusc's and Crustaceans. Their main feeding grounds are coral reefs. Niche is the role of an organism within its ecosystem that allows that ecosystem to survive and function efficiently. he sure looks happy The polka dot stingray's main predator is sharks, seals, and large species of carnivorous fish. Even humans are the predators of the polka dot stingray. Are the polka dot stingray endangered? Interesting facts More beautiful pictures of the polka dot stingray Habitat 1.) it looks like the stingray is get away to eat something 2.) it looks like it was hiding away from predators 3.)it is about to eat a crab 4.)it likes sleeping under the sand 5.) it usually under the sand Predators:(

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