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Piggy Bank

Transcript: The genre of my FMP idea is family. This genre is suitable for all ages (U, PG, 12 and 12A) or a wide range. The storyline is to appeal to children or younger audiences however, witty jokes and humour is for the adults to enjoy. The story line is usually heart warming. My storyline meets the heart-warming convention because the piggy bank doesn’t get smashed open in the end and it becomes much happier and comfortable. My idea is suitable for all ages as no nudity, profanity, etc. will be shown or used in my FMP. The teenager character has an attachment to the piggy bank similar to the storyline of Toy Story with Andy having an attachment to Woody and his other toys. My FMP idea has a dramatic element to it of the piggy bank getting scared of being smashed open, this could possibly create tension in the audience and allowing them to have a connection with the piggy bank also. This was the effect with Toy Story and their audience. Idea The title for my FMP idea is Piggy Bank this is because my idea for the FMP is that a piggy bank is sitting on a bedroom shelf of a teenager’s room. The piggy bank has human thoughts; these thoughts cannot be heard by anyone (non diegetic). The piggy bank is constantly worried and scared about being broken and smashed into by the teenager because they want the money inside to replace their old ukelele with a new guitar. Teenager realises that he wants to definitely purchase a new guitar. Piggy bank now even more scared for its life than before. Teenager gives piggy bank a look of “IT’S TIME”. Piggy bank scared for its life and safety. Teenager is on the search for a guitar around his kitchen he finds and grabs a hammer with his hand ready to smash open the piggy bank. Teenager picks up piggy bank. The piggy bank begins to freak out. Teenager shakes the piggy bank aggressively. Teenager turns the piggy bank over finds a rubber plug uses that to open piggy bank instead to get the money. Piggy bank no longer lives in fear and becomes calm and happy. (Piggy bank is completely still only thoughts determine its emotions). The teenager then buys the new guitar and plays it better compared to his old ukelele. Canon XF100 Camera Sony FS100 Camera Tripod Microphone Zoom H4N All equipment will be borrowed from Oaklands College with no charge or fee Budget My short film is limited to 3-5 minutes as stated on the brief. Because my short film is categorized under the family genre my film will be suitable and enjoyable for all ages with my target audience being fellow students, friends, family, young children and grandparents. When my film has ended I want the audience to feel relieved and happy. My films intention is to connect with the audience in a positive way rather than a negative way making them feel unsettled and disturbed. No profanity will be used in my film as it seems unnecessary to the storyline and other words can be used to get the point across. As well as profanity, no racial slurs, homophobic language, etc. will be used in my short film, again as they are unnecessary to the storyline and other words can be used to describe how the characters are feeling. No sex scenes or mention of sex will be included in my film as it doesn't fit the family genre or will be appropriate to the younger audience, also sex isn't a topic mentioned in the plot. Only suggestive violence is included in my film. When the male teenage character picks up the hammer preparing to smash open the piggy bank that is the only violence in the short film , however no violence is carried out. No humans or piggy banks will be damaged in the film it is only suggested that it could happen but it doesn't actually happen. My film is categorized as the family genre so no horror sequences or scene are going to be included in my film. There will be no mention of suicide or any subjects of that tone in my film. The main character will be alone in his room, however this doesn't indicate that he is anti-social, has no life or friends. The teenager in his room will indicate that it's his relaxing time after school, college, work or it's the weekend. The character profile of the teenager is that he talks to his friends via social media or text. No drugs will be shown or mentioned in my short film as it isn't a necessary plot to my film. Cast: One male teenage actor Female voice actor for Piggy Bank Satisfying the Audience Schedule/Timescale Crew: Director DoP Producer Lighting Sound Editor (more than one person will help with the edit) Resources Target Audience Meeting the Brief Requirements To buy a new piggy bank it would cost me £3, however the piggy bank I will be using will be borrowed. Props: Any other props will be borrowed or I already have them, this would include costumes as well Travel: To travel on a UNO bus with a student card would be £1. Car petrol would cost under £10. Equipment: No cost is included when using the equipment Personnel My target audience will be fellow students, friends families and will also

Piggy Bank

Transcript: Facts The piggy bank is a quirky mistake that has provided fun for children for many centuries. Over time, people started calling these money-saving jars "pygg banks." It's possible that over the years, people simply forgot that pygg meant a kind of clay and not an animal. Historians guess that at some point, someone asked a potter to make a pygg (or pig) bank. The potter thought his customer meant a coin bank that looked like a pig. So he formed a bank in the shape of a pig and put a slot in the top for dropping in coins. The potter painted a pig face and tail on the pig bank, and the customer loved it. Soon everyone wanted pig-shaped banks, and many potters began making them. Since the only way to get coins out of piggy banks is to shake them out or break open the bank, orders for new piggy banks grew. There have been many different shapes that piggy banks come in including, + Bombs + Cats and dogs + Cupcakes + Soda cans + Famous Fictional Characters, such as Darth Vader + Even a pacman game, where you have to play a round before depositing or emptying money History In England during the Middle Ages, the word pygg meant a certain kind of orange-colored clay. Potters used pygg clay to make jars, bowls, pots, and other containers for storing household items such as salt and grain. People who lived in England during that time called those pots "pygg jars." You can imagine that a pygg jar would be a good place for hiding or saving money. And that's exactly what many people did. They dropped their extra coins into empty pygg jars. + There is no patent for the original shape of the piggy bank + The number one country in the world for piggy bank sales is America + There are over ten different sculptures of piggy banks, one located in New York City Piggy Bank Different Shapes History Continued Overview Piggy Bank. HALINA PASIERBSKA. Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood: In History and Society. Ed. Paula S. Fass. Vol. 2. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2004. p679-680. Bank on it!. Melinda Page. Country Living. 35.5 (May 2012) p47. Breaking the bank. Grace Bliss Smith and Stephanie Throne. Cobblestone. 32.5 (May-June 2011) p18.


Transcript: PIGGY BANKS BY:SARA GALINDO IMAGES IMAGES advantages advantages we usually ends up with extra change to spare from shoppping and other kinds of purchases, and most of the time we only place it anywhere the house since we don´t have a specific place to put it disatvantages disatvantages if you´re saving some money up, it´s typically for a specific , it´s in your best interest to make sure that it accrues enought to attain your objective. for example , if you´re saving money for a weekend trip out of town , it´s possible to get desirous throughout the week and use the money for other things since there will be n0 one to stop you spending IT. IN ORDER TO MAKE THE SAVING SUCCESFULL, YOU NEED TO HAVE A GOOD SELF-CONTROL 1.One day , somebody decide to save the money in jars , once the evolution , the piggy banks come summary of the two videos summary of the two videos 2.One day , a girl took all the money that she was saving with the time, when she was going to the mall, she found with rose . she tells her what she´s gona do with that money, she is going to buy a swetter because that swetter was in style, so she tells her that she don´t like it but she want to buy something that is at the style, so rose tells her that she have to save money for things that are important. BECAUSE WHEN YOU LIKE SOMETHING THAT WORTH IT AND LIKE IT , YOU CAN BUY IT WITH YOUR OWN MONEY why is it important to save money? why is it important to save money? money paid regurarly at a particular rate for the use of money lent , or for delaying the repayment of a debt. what is an interest? what is an interest? the action or process of investing money for profit what is an investment? what is an investment?

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