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PEST Analysis

Transcript: Opportunity Threat A Threat Social 1. Japan's large MKT size (2009) $402B -> (2012) $417B Link - 2. High Yen Price - price competitiveness 3. Rather low Tariff rate on Marine products & Processed Foods Link - (Japan Customs) 1. KOR-US FTA Threat Threat Technological 1. 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Event - Food manufacturing factories, Damages on dairy farming industries, Radiation leak, Planned power outage, Short supply of the foods 2. Increase of the Korean product's popularity due to K-POP and Medias (i.e., Makgeolli) 3. Similar eating habits (i.e., rice, fish, etc.,) - Will encourage global competitiveness of Korean food MKT market size data : B 2. 2015 Iksan FOODPOLIS plan PEST Analysis Opportunity 3. High costs in Food-IT connected system - Expects to be the first food cluster of north east Asia Food Industry of Korea Political $ 4. The Possibility of the next Korean War - Cause Investment detterence $ $ Opportunity 5. Japan's policy to protect their own agricultural crops. Opportunity 3. KOR-China FTA Talks - China seems to need to import foods since 2020's because of the agricultural underdevelopment compare to its population. KOR-China FTA will encourage Korean food industry to develop faster. 1. Korea's Food-IT Connected distribution system -> High competitiveness i.e., Seoul Milk's Internet Temperature system HACCP system with RFID (u-HACCP) 2. High smartphone distribution rate in Japan 3. Transportation easiness (by air/shipment) & Rather cheap 4. Protective Import policy on agr. crops 5. Japan's economic problems 4. Anti-Korean culture in Japan 5. Unfamiliar brand image of Korean food industries Economical to Japan

PEST Analysis

Transcript: Specialty chains. Home improvement and construction. Big surfaces or Supermarkets. Department store. Used like a strategy of innovation. Delimit the functions: technology sector and the human capital. The external influence have order to lead the digital transformation in the great industrieS. To position to Chile as a referent regional with regard to the development of technological solutions, applied to productive processes. Results for 2015, Falabella Company were lower than expected by the market and some shareholders, Technological issues Economic issues of Chile has become a regional leader: Democratic stability. Political and financial transparency model. Rocked by major corruption scandals. Tax Reform aims to fund education and reduce social inequalities. The foreign policies movement interests as they are essential for national development. Services Political Issues The country has a big income inequality among the population, creating a large social gap between rich and poor. PEST Analysis SOCIAL ISSUES Action Line of Falabella is responsible growth, with a focus on five pillars: customers, employees, suppliers, Community and Environment. Commercial finance company. Bank Travels and insurance Agency. Maintain its stability. Chile has maintainde sustained development. 2015: Falling price of copper The unenployment increased from 6.6% to 7% today. Poverty still affects almost 15 % of chilean population. Economy is dominated by the industrial sector and services. What is Falabella? history in Falabella is ensuring the transparency. Annually disclose their economy, social and environmental performance. Company complies with a code of ethics. Rigths and freedoms of all people. Four areas that they cover, based on their 10 values. ¨The fact of having multiple business formats an be in several countries, reduce the risk. The home improvement, supermarkets and real estates business are a stable part of Falabella.¨ chile Products It was established in November 1953, under the name Sears Roebuck of Peru S.A. For then become the Andina Society Department Stores. In 1995 the Chilean Falabella Group acquires much of the actions and from 1999 changed its name to Saga Falabella A.S. The population is divided in three sectors: Popular sector Medium sector High Sector It is why Falabella provides: • -Opportunity to work • -Care for the environment with renewable products • -Break inequality • -The welfare of all consumers • -Including that does its best to be on hand for all. elmostrador. (17 de 02 de 2016). Recuperado el 31 de 08 de 2016, de Emol.economia. (1 de 09 de 2014). Recuperado el 31 de 08 de 2016, de Exteriores, M. d. (2016). Recuperado el 31 de 08 de 2016, de falabella. (2016). Recuperado el 31 de 08 de 2016, de Falabella The great diversification of its business have enabled to the company deal the worsening economy. Currently the Chilean population is 18,173,195 of these, 2,005,684 people in Chile have more than 60, of them, 56% are women and 44% mens. References Retail Falabella has been using this method and used for the following: • Adaptation Mobile: Falabella created a Mobile version, and is adapted to display through mobile devices. • Technology in the sales: The seller scans the product availability without going to the store and offers better customer service. • E-commerce: it has worked to strengthen the technological infrastructure and processes to have a better quality and speed. • Commercial and industrial corporation. Develop their activity on different busines areas:

PEST analysis

Transcript: Bad things in economy One of the best opportunities is in the agricultural sector because it have history producing bananas, this could take up the levels of export making more money for Ecuador Bad things about Technological Good things in economics Industrial treat Good things about Technological They include the opinion of the consumer, that is to say, the opinion of the consumer is of the most important things, since they are based on his opinions to improve the product. The money expended to repair the mistakes of the old government was too much, the debt with other countries is huge, especially with China In the last election, the president made some reforms that helped the population to keep their security. the corruption goes down and this helps a lot to make secure the investments of companies Bad things about politics Oil, now is the black gold, if a company invest and made threats with the enough profits, with good deals, this can help in the production of oil. The sector are backward and this make an opportunity to make a investment in the sector and be productive to create some jobs and benefits for the people by creating innovative products in the country. Bad things about social Good things about politics They concern depending the social changes, that is to say the environment in the one that one is is for this that the dates (the customs) Also affect the ethical and religious factors. Industrial opportunity It sounds good to improve with a company that allows more fluid transactions because the dollar was permited recently. The GDP grow in a 3% the last year PEST analysis Ecuador The sector will be difficult to updated compared to other countries and the government and people has to think how they can improve without affecting the progress in the ecological sector like agriculture. the economy is based in the exportation of oil that is a variable market. The debt with other countries is huge in especially with China Good things about social


Transcript: Thank you for your attention! Any questions? Keeping track of technological developments in the field of e-commerce and aircraft manufacture, Competitive advantage over their competitors More sustainability plans Opportunity to expand their aircraft fleet Try to attract customers from new markets (emerging economies) Currently expanding all over the world Cities have their own regulations on take-off and landing charges Terrorism forces Government baggage restrictions for passengers at the airports Easyjet emits 22% less carbon per passenger/km than traditional airlines New planes will be around 13% to 15% more fuel efficient Reduce noise impact Ongoing programs on how the aircraft can be flown as efficiently as possible Fast technological development during the last few years Internet enables Easyjet to operate more efficiently Good e-commerce position, 95% of the costumers bought their tickets online during 2013 New ways for the customers to know about all the company offers and services Check-in online and Check’N’Go (smartphone app) ECONOMIC POLITICAL FUTURE FORECASTS Development in tourism industry Increase of traveling (specially business travel) Change in traveler’s behavior (looking for cheapest prices, different likes, more expert customers...) Main market: mid-high purchasing power (European) Operates in strong destinations Trend: Search of cost-effective products (opportunity) Established 1995 Low cost company (2nd over Ryanair) British Airline Operates in 32 countries & over 600 routes Europe's leading airline Key Markets: London, Edinburgh, Milan, Naples, Venice, Paris, Barcelona… Significant profits Low-cost strategy benefits from the crisis Unemployment affects negatively Taxes Variation in fuel market price Héctor Vélez & Adrián Barroso Airport-Slots Stability between European countries Enforce rules on technological solutions – Security Fines if Easyjet fails to comply with strict carbon emission limits Consolidated market on stable countries European countries are not growing so fast as other countries. LEGAL & ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGICAL INTRODUCTION SOCIAL PEST ANALYSIS:

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