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Palm Tree

Transcript: DESCRIPTION ETC. Grilled food The waitress and waiters at Palm Tree Cafe' are nice,responsible,respectful,and are dressed kid and adult friendly.I'll tell you about the outfits that the waiters and waitress wear. Palm Tree Cafe' WOMEN shirts:purple,blue,pink,and light green tye dye MEN shoes:brown or black sandles ETC. The kind of food and drinks at Palm Tree Cafe' are sea food,and grilled food. an idea about the sea food is that we serve all kinds of sea food and all kinds of grilled food as well.We also serve all kinds of drinks. accseseries:sea shell neclace,sailor knot bracelate(s),rainbow anklet,and loop ear rings(side braid hair) shirts:green,blue,orange,and red tye dye shoes: brown or black sandles decoration lobster sword fish BAR PARTY ROOM there is also a party room.the party room is a seperate room were you can celebrate any kind of party!!all you have to do to reserve this room is to call at least three weeks in advance.we will make sure that you have an awsome day. hot dogs location: 789 Aurthor Ave this message is approved by Palm Tree Cafe' Palm Tree Cafe' is FDA approved MEN SEA FOOD crab WAITRESS AND WAITERS Number: 1-800-446-2016 if you ever need a party , even a day of calming music,or even a quick dilivery, we are there for you!!:) WOMEN The women (waitresses) in the Palm Tree Cafe' wear tropical themed outfits such as... acceseries:sailor knot bracelet(s),shark tooth necklaces Owner: Abigail smith The decorations at Palm Tree Cafe' are fancy. when you first walk in the door a few feet way,there will be a fountain.on the outside seating area, there are purple,orange,and,blue lights haning over the seats.In the ladies room there are pink walls and the Mens room have blue walls.there are also two medium sized palm trees outside by the main entrance.there is also tropical music that plays in the background. pants/shorts/skirts: white flower shorts SERVICE there is also a bar called beaches is mainly for adults, but they do have kids soda, and shurly temples. the wake up diner is way better than us! The men in Palm Tree Cafe' wear tropical themed outfits such as... PALM TREE CAFE' grilled cheese food hamburgers The service at Palm Tree Cafe' is good. if you order for talk out, we will make sure that you get your food when it is ready and still hot.if you order for dilivery,we will get it to you ASAP.we will nt forget you if you order food at the restraunt or just ordering. WE WONT FORGET YOU!! pants/shorts/skirts: short black shorts w/hola skirt

Palm Tree

Transcript: North Africa Arabian Peninsula Humans and the Hyphaene thebaica Esipisu, I. (n.d.) Boy eating fruit Esipisn, I. (n.d.). Boy eating fruit [Photograph]. Retrieved from Humans not only eat the doum nut which is fruit produced by the tree, but also use the leaves as shelter and the bark for basket weaving (Encyclopedia Britannica, n.d.). Doum, (n.d.) The reproduction of the Hyphaene thebaica is a fascinating process that starts as most trees do, with a seed. The seed of the Hyphaene thebaica is refered to as a doum nut. Conclusion Reproduction Native Regions The Doum Nut I observed this organism in its natural habitat of North Africa. More specifically Khartoum, Sudan. I chose this organism because it is very unique to the habitat it belongs. Also, this organism plays a vital role with other organisms in its ecosystem. Not to mention the other neat traits associated with it. The doum nut is said to have a taste similar to that of ginger bread, hence the name gingerbread palm. The doum nut is dispersed by animals and humans alike. When the doum nut is planted, it will begin to germinate. This seed will first develop a root system and obtain its maximum girth before sprouting upwards Moore H. E. (2014). Baboons feeding on doum nuts. (n.d.) Doum palm. (2005) [Photograph]. Retrieved from Brosnahan, N. (2011). Fruit cut in half [Photograph]. Retrieved from The Hyphaene thebaica is a very unique species of palm tree native to the dry desert of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. This tree has several unique aspects in which humans and other organisms rely off of. The uniqueness of this species of palm tree has allowed it to survive, endure, and flourish in its ecosystem. The habitat in which the Hyphaene thebaica can be found is a harsh, dry desert with ample sunlight, and little water. In places such as Saudi Arabia, Libya, and Tanzania just to name a few. However, the Hyphaene thebaica uses the environment around it to its benefit. This particular species of palm tree has developed certain features in order to survive the harsh desert climate (National Botanical Garden, 2015) Habitat The Hyphaene thebaica has developed long broad leaves atop of many of its branches. The broad leaves allow the tree to absorb as much sunlight as possible for photosynthesis. This particular species of palm tree has also developed a sophisticated tap root system that allows it to gather water, where water is scarce Moore, H. E. (2014). Features of the Hyphaene thebaica About the Doum Nut Baboons feeding on doum nuts. (n.d.) [Photograph]. Retrieved from Brosnahan, N. (2011). Fruit cut in half Slezak, C. (n.d.). Hyphaene thebaica [Photograph] Retrieved from Many different types of organisms are attracted to the Hyphaene thebaica because of the fruit it produces. However, the most notable organism to be attracted to the tree is the human. Hyphaene thebaica and other organisms... Animals and humans enjoying fruit from the Hyphaene thebaica Hyphaene Thebaica Moore, H. E. (2014). Characteristic morphological features. Retrieved from Doum. (n.d.) [Photograph]. Retrieved from Inside the Doum Nut Hyphaene thebaica (2005) Common Names Palm Tree Gingerbread Palm Doum Palm References The Hyphaene thebaica in its natural habitat Why I chose this organism... National Botanical Garden. (2015). Hyphaene thebaica. Retrieved from Slezak, C. (n.d.) Hyphaene thebaica


Transcript: Photosynthesis Since palm tress are plants they use photosynthesis to obtain their energy. Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy into chemical energy. When palm trees are discussed, they are usually talked about being in some sort of tropical environment. However, little know that palm trees are actually located as far North as Canada where temperatures reach frigid lows. Jelly Palm, Pindo’s Alter Ego | Eat The Weeds and other things, too. (n.d.). Retrieved from Arecaceae These specific palm trees that I studied were found in the Destin area of North West Florida. I chose these organisms because I was always fascinated with them due to growing up in the North and rarely seeing them. PALM TREE The sap from palm trees can alspo be used to make palm wine, which is an alcoholic beverage. Waxes, oils, and even jelly can be made from palm trees. Reproduction This is mostly due to the industrialization which is consuming the world. Also, tropical storms wipe out a numerous amount of these beautiful trees as well. Habitats of Palm Trees Carter, J. S. (1996). Photosynthesis. Retrieved September 20, 2014, from The Arecaceae is the scientific name for the palm tree. There are over 2,500 different types of palm trees, each with their specific scientific name. REFERENCES This reproduction process is known as sexual reproduction. Palm trees also produce different fruits which benefit both humans and animals. The most common being the coconut fruit. Sexual reproduction can occur in a few ways if the plant does not have both seeds. The most common way of pollination is from the wind, which carries the pollen from the male seed to the female seed. Pollination can also be completed by certain insects such as bees, wasps, and beetles. This process usually only takes place in the leaves of the plant and little else where. The sunlight enters the palm leaves where it is then converted to chemical energy in the chloroplasts and stored for later usage. This process is the same in all plants. Palm trees can have both male and female seeds when it comes to reproducing. The female seed needs to be pollinated by the male seed. Although there are over 2,500 different types of palm trees, many are becoming endangered. Biotic Interactions Palm trees are useful in many ways for both humans, insects, and multiple insects. Animals native to the area, such as monkeys, lizards, and birds can seek shelter and live in these palm trees protected from the elements.

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