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Free & Open

Transcript: Free & Open Source Software Presented byAna Corujo Education Technology Fall 2017 Open Education Source Open Education Source Free accessible Legally recognized as open source software resources. Used for teaching, learning & researching. What is Free ? What is Free ? Free Software and open software represent different names to look at same thing. It is the users freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. No need to obtain license to use this type of software. May have to pay for services related to the software - training, customization, installation, set up, or distribution. What is not free? What is not free? Some softwares include open source components but the product is not available under an open source license. (Twitter or Facebook) Even if you can install or use a program free, does not mean it is defined as free software. Schools can use certain programs free but businesses must pay to use or sell it. Violates "the freedom to run the program for any purpose" Open Standards or file types that allow exchange of data. Schools & Open Source Software Schools & Open Source Software With Lower cost hardware schools are able to obtain more hardware/software for 1:1 ratio of student to computer. Schools use more of Moodle, Lirbeoffice & Thinclient due to more simplicity and cost effectivness. Rely on its IT staff to implement free & open source solutions. What are schools doing with free and open source software? NEXT STEPS NEXT STEPS Plan - Increase effectivness of OER by including IT Staff,vendors, teachers, and students. Training and pilot testing is key to transition tech deployments. Hire those with open source software familiarity Shop prospective vendors and clarify intentions. Begin implemeting with low risk softwares/projects. Administrators Next Steps with OER Site Example Site Example Net Texts - APP similiar to iTunesU Can be used on iOS or Android. Allows teachers to post content from their system directly to students. Students can use offline Replaces expensive printed textboks Faciliates distribution Can customize to teachers needs or standards.

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