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Oak Tree

Transcript: Sturdy Just like a tree I have learned how important to be sturdy and strong. I have faced many hardship in my life from leaving my home of New York City to the late death of my mother, now in college I have to stand strong. This one semester is showing me how focused I mist be from here on out. Lots of Hidden Potential Just how a tree is not just a producer of oxygen, but also a home for squirrels; I am not just a student, but a leader. Coming from a YMCA background I took part in my Y's Leaders Club (or Y-Scholars/Teens In Action as we liked to call it). These very skills that I learned in this program has helped me in fitting in with the strong sense of leadership on Springfield College's campus. Needs Nourishment Every seed could use some help growing same with me as a student. To the Academic Advising Center to the Counseling Center I plan to make full use of the services that Springfield offers. Along with the offices to help me academically there is also my peers. This semester has shown me that everyone needs help from time to time and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Forced To Face Hard Weather A strong tree needs to be able to withstand harshness of Mother Nature the same way I need to be able to withstand the multiple stresses of college. Regardless if it is the frigged cold of the first day of classes or the scorching heat of finals I have seen from this semester that I will have to roll with the punches. I am sure that I can become a tree that can beat any tornadoes or Hurricane Sandy's that is thrown at me. Deep Rooted To SC In the past three months that I have spent in Springfield College I can honestly say.... I love it here and I have no intentions of going anywhere. Just like a tree I have planted my roots down here. This is where I have decided to stay and through hell and high water I am going to do everything in my power to ensure I stay here. Thank you :] Service Leadership Mind Body YMCA Shirt SC Scarf DS's Nerf Gun Xtryndo Bracelet Skateboard Ryan Louis Laptop High School Diploma Mom's Necklace NSO Bennie BOA Picture McBurney Shirt Spirit Acorn Turning Into A Tree SWAT Jacket 5A Bracelet Silver Bay Shirt

Oak Tree

Transcript: By: Levi Dunlap Oak Tree The Meaning The Meaning Part 1 Of all the trees in the forest, not one occupies quite the collective consciousness as the oak. The Oak both mighty and ancient, the oak is indeed massive in stature, both physically and spiritually. Associated with gods and kings from the earliest tribes of Europe to the Greeks and Romans, right down to our present day nations, the oak continues to be used as a symbol of strength, endurance, and longevity. Part 2 Birth of the Mighty Oak Sometimes the new-born child is associated with a newly planted tree with which its life is supposed to be bound up; or, on ceremonial occasions marriage, ascent to the throne, a personal relationship of this kind is instituted by planting trees, upon the fortunes of which the career of the individual depends. The Oak is important to culture because people mainly believed in it because it had protective qualities such as carrying an acorn in your pocket which prevented you from illness or pain, or even to stop you from aging. Life of the Oak Part 3 The Oak Trees can make wailing noises, especially when being cut down, so said that they had human traits. Even when a tree dies, it continues to give life. Death of the Oak Part 4 Initial Thoughts My Initial Thoughts The Oak tree, with its branches reaching up into the sky, and roots deep into the earth, can be seen to dwell in three worlds a link between heaven, the earth, and the underworld, uniting above and below. Part 1 I personally found this project fun and most difficult part was trying to pick what to put in this presentation. While putting this all together I found myself digging further and I actually found some things I liked more. I will be interested to see how others do there projects because I Pleasantly surprised what I Learned from the Oak. Part 2 Part 3 Oak Trees possess the ability to Heal through it bark and leafs. It was also know to take pain away from those who carried an acorn in there pocket. The Oak has a special relationship with Gods Part 4 The Gods The Oaks Tie with the Gods Zues Part 1 Zeus, ruler of the Olympians and the divinity of sky, rain, and thunder, the oak was sacred: he and his wife, Hera, were known as the oak god and the oak goddess. Part 1 Zeus`s oracle in Dodona, Epirus, was considered to be the oldest in Greece. The oracle in Dodona was said to be founded when a black dove flew from Egypt and settled in an oak tree at Dodona. Part 2 The tree became the center of the temple. Those who worship the god’s, listened to the god`s by there assertions and judgements by the rustling of the oak’s leaves. Even all sorts of predictions for the future could be obtained at this sanctuary Part 3 The Oak Oracle of Zeus at Dodona, Greece Part 4 Thor Part 2 Thor was the god of lightning, and, because of their shape, were regarded as symbols of male virility and power. Part 1 Being struck by lightning was also important to the oak tree, as they thought sacred mistletoe was to left in the branches during lightning strikes. Part 2 Todays Culture Todays Culture Used for Rank Military Part 1 The Leafs and Acorns of the Oak hold Special value to time of giving thanks Thanksgiving Part 2 Many Roman kings wore crowns of oak to show power Crown of OAK Part 3 Druids Druids The term Druid refers to a pre-Christian religious group of Celtic peoples from Gaul, Ireland and Britain who lived during the Iron Age. The name Druid itself derives from the Irish word ‘dar’, meaning ‘oak’, combined with the Indo-European root ‘wid,’ meaning “to know,” resulting in Druid roughly meaning ‘those who know the oak.’ Part 1 One of the earliest references to the Druids of Gaul performing all their religious ceremonies in oak groves. Part 2 Oak Groves Held was is thought to be the birth place of Christianity Donar’s Oak was not the only sacred oak tree to be felled in the face of Christianity. Many early Christian churches were situated in oak groves, and the pagan symbol was eventually appropriated by Christians to represent Christ. Part 3 Movies and Folktale Movies and Folktale Treebeard was known to be the eldest tree of all also called 'Ents'. Treebeard is known to have a strong hatred of Orcs, and, after Saruman's betrayal of the Ents, and of Saruman as well Lord of the Rings Part 1 Thorin Oakenshield, During the fighting, his shield broke, and he took up an oak branch to serve as a shield; "Oakenshield" thus became his epithet. Thorin was succeeded as leader of Durin's Folk by his cousin Dáin The Hobbits were also known for being the protectors of the Oak The Hobbit Part 2 A legend from Wales tells of 'Merlin's Oak' - a tree said to have been planted from an acorn by the Magician himself on the outskits of Carmarthen, which is said to have been his birth-place. He layed on his tree a powerful spell of protection, which would bring disaster to the town if the tree were ever felled.The tree lived to a great age before it was struck by lightning and burned, but even then its

oak tree

Transcript: Oak trees! Info Info Common name: Oak tree Scientific name: genus Quercus Family name: Beech family Type of plant: Tree Habitat Habitat An Oak tree’s habitat can be in forests, woods, gardens and near schools! Almost anywhere! Oak trees mostly live on the northern hemisphere. They can survive in various forests, Including those in temperature climates, Mediterranean and tropical areas. Oak trees are sometimes in towns or they can live in hot and dry places like Delhi. Oak trees should grow in most soil and should have some light. Oaks grow well in southern climates in which soil is at least 36 inches deep. They can survive in dry areas, but they don’t produce as much timber in these areas. Oaks grow well in full sunlight. Due the oak’s large dimensions, oaks require large amounts of water each day. It can absorb 50 gallons of water each day. Climate Climate Native location The oak is a national plant of many countries, but the oak tree is native to North America; the oak tree can grow and prosper in other parts of the world including Europe where it is the national tree of: °Germany °England °France °Poland °Wales °Lithuania °Serbia °Bulgaria Native Location Reproduction Reproduction Oaks are deciduous species and most drop their leaves every fall. The age of first reproduction varies with geographic and local position, tree destiny, and life span. In order to reproduce, oaks are wind pollinated. Growth of male flowers begin to spring, they develop in the summer, and produce pollen the following spring. Female flowers develop in the in late winter or early spring. Acorns, the results result of pollination, mature 3 months after fertilization. Birds and mammals are the major predators of acorns, but they also move acorns around Life cycle Life cycle The oak has many uses. These are some of the uses of the white oak: °Furniture °Cabinets °Heavy construction °Strip flooring °Plywood °Ladder rungs °Railroad ties °Shingles Uses of plant Uses of plant Quiz! Where do oak trees mostly live? Quiz! Where should oaks grow? Oaks grow in ______ climates in which soil is at least ___ ______ deep. Which place is the oak tree's national location? Name one of the places Oak tree's can live. End End Sources Wikepedia Gardencares Softschools Google Britanica (intranet) Sources Questions?

Oak Tree

Transcript: Oak Tree Connection to it's Ecosystem Oak Tree Oak Tree Habitat Oak trees can live in in habitats from partial deserts, to subtropical rainforests. Habitat Deserts Deserts have many pieces such as rocks and sand on the ground, minimal small plants around including brush and sometimes cacti. To be classified as a desert, the habitat has to not get that much water, so lakes or ponds are rare. Deserts Rain forests Rain Forests Rain forests get lots of rain every year (hence the name) and they have lots of green plants, ferns and trees such as the oak tree. Lots of animals live in rain forests such as slugs, bugs, bears and monkeys. Trees don't "eat" anything, but they get their energy through photosynthesis, which is powered by sunlight. Starch is also stored to "eat". Food Photosynthesis Plants take in Co2 and H2O, and transform them into glucose, and oxygen. Photosynthesis Starch Starch During the day, plants can get their energy from the sun, but at night they have stored starch in their leaves that they can "eat" instead of using sunlight. Animals that eat from oak trees Birds, bugs, and mammals eat the acorns that oak trees produce, along with oak bark and leaves. Organisms that eat Oak Trees. Mammals Deer, squirrels, bears, Ferrell hogs, and more, all eat the acorns dropped by oak trees. Mammals Birds Many birds such as scrub jay, magpies, ducks, turkeys, quail, and some woodpeckers, eat from oak trees. Birds Bugs Insects, worms, and caterpillars, all eat the bark on oak trees, the oak leaves, and acorns. Bugs

Oak Tree.

Transcript: Oak Tree. I took an acorn and put it in a pot. I then covered it with earth, not a lot. Great pleasure was mine watching it grow. The first budding green came ever so slow. I watered my plant twice a week I knew I would transplant it down by the creek. One day it will be a giant oak, To shield me from the sun a sheltering cloak. Lovers will carve their initials in the bark, An arrow through a heart they will leave their mark. It will shelter those caught in a fine summers rain, Under its leafy bows joy will be again. Creatures of the wilds will claim it for their own, Squirrels will reside here in their own home. Birds will build nests and raise their young, They will sing melodies a chorus well sung. Under it’s branches grass will grow, Here and there a wild flower it’s head will show. My oak tree for hundreds of years will live. Perhaps the most important thing I had to give. Bernard Shaw Children's Programs The Bookstore Over the years in addition to the bookstore, the FOL has always supported the Bloomingdale Library with various fundraisers. With the support of the Fabulous FOL, Tremendous TAB (Teen advisory board) and Amazing Adult Volunteers we have seen our library grow and flourish. Awards and Recognition Friends of the Bloomingdale Library Newsletter Has kept us all informed 2007 Adult Programs and our hardworking Staff & FOL Board BLOOMINGDALE LIBRARY FOL Bookstore old & new. Celebrating our Volunteers, Library Staff and expanded library. Join us as we remember how it all started and commemorate where we are now. TEEN AWARDS Welcome to Bloomingdale Regional Library Celebration

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