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Transcript: BLUETOOTH BASED WIRELESS NOTICE BOARD USING ARDUINO PROJECT-II PROJECT -II PRESENTED BY- SHREYASH MISHRA(184030) [ETCE 8TH SEM] PRESENTED TO- MS. JYOTI MAM GUIDED BY- MS. MONIKA MAM INTRODUCTION If the user wants to display any message, he can send the information by SMS and thus update the LCD display accordingly. As engineer’s main aim is to make life simple with help of technology, this is one step to simplify advertisement boards by using electronic display digital boards instead of flex boards. In this world Mobile Phones and the related technologies are becoming more and more prevalent. Subtopic 1 OUTLINE Subtopic 2 Bluetooth based wireless notice board using Arduino will help us in passing any message almost immediately without any delay just by sending a SMS which is better and more reliable than the old traditional way of passing the message on notice board. This proposed technology can be used in colleges, many public places, to enhance the security system and also make awareness of the emergency situations and avoid many dangers. For this purpose, Android based application programs for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication between Android based personal digital assistant devices and remote wireless display board are used Using the developed system, two different applications for displaying messages on a remote digital notice board and wireless person calling has been implemented. It also helps in saving the time and the cost for paper and printing hardware. COMPONENTS REQUIRED 1. RF MODULES 2.ARDUINO UNO (ATMEGA 328) 3. BLUETOOTH 4.POWER SUPPLY 5.LCD DISPLAY 6.ANDROID APP(BT TERMINAL) PROJECT-II BLOCK DIAGRAM Text CIRCUIT DIAGRAM Pictures APPLICATION  Uses in Banks  Stock Exchange  Uses in Educational sector  Information purpose PROJECT-II 2019 ADVANTAGES Timeline 1.It avoids interference from other wireless devices. 2.It has lower power consumption. 3.It is easily upgradeable. 4.It has range better than Infrared communication. 5.The Bluetooth is used for voice and data transfer. 6.Bluetooth devices are available at very cheap cost. 7.No line of sight hence can connect through any obstacles. 8.Free to use if the device is installed with Bluetooth. 9.The technology is adopted in many products such as head set, in car system, printer, web cam, GPS system, keyboard and mouse. CONCLUSIONS Map Form this project we conclude implementing Wireless Notice Board that:-  It eliminates the use of a printer .  It is user friendly i.e., any layman can operate it.  Messages can be sent anytime & corrected instantaneously .  Messages lasts until the power in switched off FUTURE SCOPE 1. This proposed system has many upcoming applications in educational institutions and organizations, crime prevention, traffic management, railways, advertisements etc. 2. By Using this proposed methodology, we can enhance the security system and also make awareness of the emergency situations and avoid.Latency involved in using of papers in displaying of notices is avoided and the information can be updated by the authorized persons. Chart

Notice Board

Transcript: This mission will be a straightforward one. The group has booby trapped the area and has a high number of enemies. Urog will be found in a few different places depending on time of day/what has occurred. But more or less, once the dungeon is designed, it will just be filled with loot and enemies for the party to work through Wyverns Ravaging the Mountaintops Marbrissa Overlook Overtaken Client: Xandis Montgomery Client: Sekviir Wyvernsbane Location: Thadolere Location: The Stone Hold Sleepless Nights in Pestille A gang of magic mimes has been going to various casinos, museums, and noble houses and stealing precious artifacts. Job is to track them down and capture them. Artifacts range from pieces of great value to pieces with only familial ties. The party will have to take eyewitness accounts from a couple locations, they will be able to find some clues, a sword with a blacksmith's stamp on it, who mentions making 4 weapons like that for a group of mutes, he only interacted with one of them, never saw faces, and they wrote everything down on parchment. On the back of the note the blacksmith has, they can find a green stamp, somewhat faded, and unfortunately illegible. Another eyewitness says they saw the carriage, a green color with lanterns hanging all around the side, the horses in bright pink bridles with large purple feathered plumes off the tops of their heads. At the next location there will be a piece of dark purple cloth, torn from a cape or cloak perhaps, caught on part of the fence where the culprits escaped. One of the guards here fought with them, and mentions at one point feeling like they had trapped him in an invisible box, which lasted a few moments, until they disappeared. Another guard fought two at once and says he got a good look. Black and white face paint, nothing in particular just covering up features. They had on black and white striped outfits too, under their purple cloaks. Last spot will have a piece of torn parchment, a list of locations, two of which the party has visited and they are crossed off the list. One place remaining. The party is able to wait and ambush the thieves, but they will be beaten and the thieves will escape. The party is going to see a sign somewhere, depicting a leonin ringmaster surrounded by elephants and clowns juggling, and above it, "Lu'ci Bwalu's Circus Extravaganza" and on the lower right corner, a familiar shape, looking like the green stamp on the parchment from the blacksmith. They go to a show and find the carriage and the horses, Lu'ci the ringmaster is wearing a purple cloak, and mimes wearing black and white striped outfits are seen during the show. 4 of the mimes are the culprits, can be determined by a fresh scar on the face, which one of the guards claimed to have landed. When confronted he will run, triggering the other three to run. They explain they were working for Lu'ci, who has some of the stolen goods, has sold some of the others. They were recent hires, 4 young brothers who grew up in the streets. They worked for a couple years and then Lu'ci started sending them out on extra jobs, threatening to fire them over poor work performance if they didn't do their extra credit. Badda bing, case closed, cuprits and mastermind caught. The nearby Fort has been overtaken by an outfit of Bloody Baron Mercenaries, headed by Urog the Skull Breaker. To be quite plain, the Crimiorian forces aren't too interested in reclaiming it. I have quite an investment in the guard being in charge of that fort, with shipments of fine wines imported through into Thadolere, and I have already missed a few shipments. I'm certain the wines are all gone, but this slight cannot stand. If they are dispatched, the Crimiorian military will be forced to occupy once more, and protect my precious shipments. If the stories of Urog do not make you quiver in your boots, and the challenge of dispatching an entire outfit of mercenaries seems like something you could do, please come find me at my home in Thadolere. My manor is by the eastern docks, just below the hill looking down at the Serpent, the building south of the bakery with the green door. The Client is the acting lord of Klyne, appointed by Klaus' mother. Klaus being the groom that disappeared in the catacombs the day of the Great Quake. He sees the party without hesitation, the path to the castle barely obstructed, only by a small handful of agitated guards, who either get too distracted to notice the party slip by or don't care enough to stop them. "Oh thank heavens, I'm so pleased you're all here, please, something must be done. Just the beginning of last week, at night, the song *shivers* can be heard. It plays for hours, all through the night, it seems to come from somewhere in the city, but if you try to plug your ears it just, seeds into your mind, echoing around from within. No one, so far, has been able to find a source to this music, although there were reports of a shadowy figure seen at the locations of

Notice Board

Transcript: Welcome to the presentation Introduction Notice Board a service from Darter Technologies which started out as a communication tool has evolved into a set of school tools for effective communication and record maintenance. A strong foundation for a child is made by three corner stones: parents, school and teachers. Notice Board’s primary goal is to strengthen the relationship between the three and to help them communicate and collaborate to provide an environment that fosters the growth of the child. Why Notice Board? Better informed parents Better disciplined students Better results and performance Advantages Advantages School - All you need to use this service is a basic computer with an internet connection. - Login to the application with the user-name and password to start using. - Notice Board has a simple and appealing user interface which is as easy as browsing on the internet. Features how it works - SMS App - Marks app - Attendance app - Management communication app Notice board is an online tool for educational institutions built using the latest cloud technology which facilitates for easy and effective communication with parents and maintaining records of the students. Notice Board Applications • Build long-lasting relationship with parents; • Inform parents about circulars and reminders easily; • Easily inform parents about their wards’ marks, attendance etc..; • Keep parents informed about school activities; • Ensure maintenance of discipline amongst students; • Keep a check on students’ behaviour; • Easy and cost effective mode of communication to parents; • Efficient storage and management of data without facing the hurdles of virus attacks or hardware failures. We envision a future where Notice Board and our software services are the very heart of innovation in school management, integrating communication, data maintainance, online presence, branding, digital marketing and other tools utilized in school management and becoming a powerful online tool and resource for educational institutions. Students - Birthday triggering - Reminder widget - school bus app Easy storage and maintainence of student data Be ahead in using the latest cloud technology. No need to maintain servers and database All maintainence is done by us Go green, save paper that is used for sending circulars Communicate easily and effectively with parents providing better information. Enjoy the new features and modules that are added to the software periodically parent Services student what is notice board? Parents • Track child's test performance, attendance, behavior and get involved; • Receive immediate updates from the management; • Be informed about the management decisions school > Effectively communicate with parents to: Build a strong, long-lasting relationship. Foster good all round growth of students partnering with parents. > Adopt and implement technology which aligns with the institutions vision > Better discipline and performance from students > Organized storage of student records. Teachers Notice Board offers the following to the schools TOOLS - Server maintainence - Database maintainence - Record maintainence - SMS delivery reports - Initial data entry- - technical support teachers What is Notice Board? FUTURE The ultimate benefactors to the above advantages are the student themselves • Collaborate with parents to strengthen the home-school link; • Store records like attendance, grades, etc… online with ease; update such details from your work-desk, home or laptop; and • Update parents instantly about child's absence, progress etc. How it works?


Transcript: The School was founded in 2014 by Karen O ‘Carroll , Katie Kehoe and Jennifer Doyle. It is a Mixed VEC school with a multi-denominational ethos. The school’s building was an ambitious project, which eventually paid off, providing ample space and facilities for it’s students. Since opening the school has become well known by the local community, particularly for its reputation of excellent behaviour from the students and the schools emphasis on reaching out to the local community through its various forms of charity work. It has over 600 students and continuing to enroll. OAKHALLOW SCHOOL OF LEARNING Carlingford Adventure Centre Gaisce Awards SCHOOL HISTORY Oakwood School of Learning MISSION STATEMENT This workshop is OPEN TO ALL, staff and students. Take a break from all of life's worries and learn how to control those anxious thoughts. Come to the glass house at 12:00 on Wednesday! Bring an open mind and prepare to relax! I hope to see you all there! Alliance will be providing a 'Let's Talk' workshop tomorrow afternoon in the glass room. All staff and students are encouraged to attend. Conor Qusack will be speaking and will highlight the importance of talking and supporting one another. There will plenty of oppertunities to ask questions and to share any worries or problems that you may be having in relation to bullying. Although you may not be suffering from bullying by attending these workshops sometime during your life you may be able to help someone who is... Be There, Be Aware. BIRDSEYE VIEW OF OUTDOORS A peaceful Mind is a Peaceful Heart Belguim Space Camp MEDITATION AND STRESS MANAGEMENT OAKHALLOW SCHOOL OF LEARNING ALIIANCE Anti-Bullying Initiative CODE OF DISCIPLINE DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE... Reading and Creative Writing Problem Solving Skills Mathematics Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry) Music Sound Production Gardening Computer Gaming/ Programming Sport Language Development Meditation Learning Together Graphic Design Art Moral Development Career Guidance Religious Education History Geography Foreign Exchange Programme Life Skills Metal Work Wood Work Home Economics Hair and Beauty First Aid and Care Computer and Organisational Skills SUBJECT LIST TRANSITION YEAR PROGRAMME Our school strives to promote and develop a well-ordered, caring, happy and secure learning environment, where the pupils feel happy and motivated in their learning, and teachers and staff feel fulfilled, motivated and supported. As our school community is built upon the pillars of pastoral care, education and an awareness of religion and spirituality, we welcome with open arms pupils of different nationalities and religions to grow in faith and achieve in education during their time in our school. The promotion of care, forgiveness, achievement, friendship, spirituality and education molds our school into a community with teachers, school staff, parents and pupils, who all strive towards excellence and learning. Workshop providing stress management tips and quick meditations WINTER UNIFORM SUMMER UNIFORM BIRDSEYE VIEW OF INDOORS Work Experience

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