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Transcript: there are alot of websites that can be used to download music by paying a fee but unfortunatly people keep illegally downloading copyrighted files for free. In the UK at the moment, downloading music for free is illegal but in many online music stores, such as iTunes, a single song can cost from 59p to 99p. But many online websites can be used for downloading free music, and many people over the UK use them and dont face the consequences. People can convert videos from youtube into audio files and they can use websites for it too. This means they can access music that hasn't fully been released yet, but has been posted or leaked onto the internet. We can listen to our favourite music easier due to the less expensive price. we can enjoy it more and be more to what we download. People should have the choice whether to pay or not. if they want to support ther artist and keep them successful and should pay if they want to focus on their own benefit, then shouldn't. Illegal Download of Music. Conclusion People started to download popular music in 1997 using Napster. Napster is free and lets people share the collections of music online, and pick and choose from what to download. This is when people started downloading music online rather than buying physical CD's. This is when people started downloading muisc online rather than buying physical CD's we think that this website is reliable because it is very popular and used by lots of people and regularly updated. it is also a goverment website. Reliable sources: Free Legal Music Download When did people start to download music? we conclude that people should be able to purchase music for a cheaper price but not completely free so the music industry can continue and be successful. we think this website is partly reliable because it is regularly updated, however is updated by different people, therefore it isn't biased but all the information may not be correct Why we want free or cheaper music. Thank you for your attention!

IT-Reijo presentation

Transcript: Prezi 18.11.2021 How to create a Presentation Simply follow these steps How to create? Chose a template Select a template You do not have to start from scratch ! Just select one of the designed presentations Edit it Edit Use several options to customize your prezi -> change the background (color/ picture) -> customize the layout -> insert videos, pictures etc. -> use a template Layout Layout: highlight your topics Use topics to structure your presentation Create a storyline Add content Add content Topics can consist of subtopics Zoom in to show them Subtopics can consists of: text, pictures, videos etc. Tools and Features Tools/ Features Prezi Free Version Sharing Presentations Free Version Screen Ratio Free Version Navigation Prezi Premium Paid Version Moderation Mode use phone as remote upload existing PowerPoint slides creating diagrams export as PDF Pros and Cons Pros/Cons Pros Pros easy to create when using templates adaptable nice effects may keep the focus right free version with basic tools appropriate for all ages dynamic convertable from PowerPoint to Prezi easy collaboration compatible with Zoom Cons Cons Easy to get lost during presentation Can confuse audience Difficult to select and adjust text (size, color, etc) Open to public in free version It takes time to get used to Web-based for the free version Can't download it as pdf or print it The logo is always there if you do not have the pro version Is Prezi a recommendable presentation software? YES and NO Result YES A playful way to present! - Creative purpose - Show coherence - Quick results NO Hard to make it look professional! - Not suitable in business context - Creates confusion - Limited functions

Free Download : Stealing

Transcript: What is the story about? a boy trying to record a samullori concert a ticket Mr.Kim hits the drum very quickly, and Ethan sees him. Watch the Video Clip 3.When Ethan goes to the concert again, he will take Free Download : Stealing 2. Samullori is a kind of traditional Korean Music. Ethan`s friends want to enjoy a video of the concert online. Can you guess? steal video musician Where is Ethan now? musician 4. We can record a movie or concert in the theater. 2. A boy makes a to put online. When he takes the music this way, he does not respect the artist`s work. his friends on the Internet. What does Ethan watch there? 1. Ethan watches Mr. Kim`s hands fly over his drum. reward Unit Schema Your friends are wrong to watch an online video. They should come here. What do you see? 1. People cannot watch a movie or concert on the Internet. 5. It is wrong to download a movie or music from the Internet for free. fill Ethan watches Mr. Kim`s hands fly over his drum. 1. People invite their friends to the concert. They enjoy it. The sound s the concert hall. recording Ethan is in the concert hall. 3. Samulnori Where should Ethan`s friends watch the concert? 1. To watch a samullori concert, we should buy 3. We cannot take someone`s idea because we cannot see it. 2. Your friends should not play online. They should come here for the concert. Ethan`s friends should watch the concert in the concert hall. What do we need? s play in front of many people. They work hard and enjoy the reward of their work. Why does Ethan want to record the concert? 2. Ethan should not upload the

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