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Mercedes - Benz.

Transcript: Mercedes - Benz Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. Mercedes-Benz is a division of its parent company, Daimler AG. The name first appeared in 1926 but traces its origins to Daimler's 1901 Mercedes and to Karl Benz's 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. Our products. Sedans & Coupes: - - - - - SUVs & Crossovers: - - - - - Roadsters & Supercars: - - - R & D - try to hire good designers; - innovative technologies; - considering customer needs - advertising. Production - automobiles - buses - coaches - trucks Marketing - well-known logo; - slogan; - positioning as luxury-class cars; - quality; - creativity. Mercedes' adverts always creative, sometimes pompus with a humour. Now we want to show you one of their adverts. Endorsement Distribution - all over the world through right distribution channels. - over 100 individual vehicle models - in around 200 countries worldwide Sales September 2010 September 2011 - 20,666 - 23,428 Year to date (YTD) sales: 2010 - 165,362 | 2011 (untill Oct) - 182,510 After-sales services - service center; - guarantee; - special service for corporate clients SWOT Analysis high quality luxury design perfect reputation innovative products creative advertisements intensive development in technology effective market coverage strategy Finding new solutions for sustainable mobility. With you. Our Target: Emission-free and Accident-free driving Enhancing individual comfort To achieve this we need your... Success professionalism ambition Knowlegde Ideas The End. Thank you for attention. Solovyev Konstantin, Matveeva Olga, Ermolaev Sergey, Do Manh Oleg. Introducing the all-new 2012 M-Class. Ahead of its time, by any measure. Perhaps the only car on earth that doesn't aspire to be anything but itself. Created from a long-standing tradition. Of never standing still. Ahead of the ordinary, and beyond compare. Luxury defined. Description defied. Maksim право Wowing template. Click through in 20 steps. So.... Elizaveta Bojarskaja Subtlety is the only thing that's not its strong suit. Its most impressive dimension is the depth of its character. So... SLS AMG (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr SUV body. Sport sedan heart. A soul that's made of mettle. An inspiring reinvention of the coupe. From the inventor of the car.


Transcript: Promotional Strategies in theUS vs. EU TV Ads Vario vans segment, not in the US but very popular in Europe January of 1886- Karl Benz unveiled the world's first automobile, a three-wheeled vehicle dubbed the Benz Patent Motor Car. In 1901- First Mercedes car Car was named after Jellinek’s daughter, Mercedes. In 1926 the Mercedes-Benz brand was born. Segments Mercedes Benz Bus US vs EU Segmentation&Positioning “The future right before your eyes” Production and Distribution Strategies The Mercedes-Benz Product Line Today´s F1 Drivers An American Focus Economic Climate Due to Mercedes opening production in over 20 countries worldwide, the company has much flexibility when it comes to manufacturing Meeting the needs of each country´s regulations Coping with differences in driving terrain -In the US Mercedes manufactures vehicles focusing more strongly on straight handling -In Europe, manufacturing takes into consideration the narrow streets and small flexibility with parking Handling focuses strongly on cornering vs. relatively straight driving Focuses on higher income levels but has many options for lower income levels Has a wider variety of Business to Business Selling when dealing with their Trucks, Buses and Vans Smart Cars appeal to people with a higher environmental need Expanded their product line from lowest (Bikes) end to highest (McLaren/Popemobile) end. Segmentation: United States Mercedes Benz USA named one of the “100 best companies to work for” by FORTUNE magazine European Market “Precision and Drive” Mercedes-Benz is the Official Vehicle of the most recognized tournaments in the game of golf International industry leader in automobile safety Mercedes is the world's oldest automotive brands still in existence today. One of the frontline European car brands Motor Sports Product Price Promotion Place/ Distribution Units Sold Mercedes-Benz has dealerships worldwide aiming to make as many vehicle classes available in as many locations as possible Popemobile Euro Cars Bus/ Vans Passenger Cars Practical engineering Mercedes Trailblazer Legal, Political and Economical Environment Wide variety of products Making it especially easy to enter a wide variety of markets introducing both similar and entirely different classes of vehicles. Mainly Mercedes Benz is known worldwide for its variety of car models: Differences in Manufacturing US vs. EU Products 348 dealerships in USA Positioning & Segmentation Today AMG line (performance models) make up about 10% of sales for MB in USA. About the Company The US usually focues on the high end range of engines. Diesels are an exception and a major factor in manufacturing mercedes in Europe. in the sense that the 400CDI or 420CDI have not been available in the US. For the most part, The models themselves have relatively few differences. Availiability of products in Europe compared to what is available in the US is due more towards image and the consumers wants Luxury vs. Practicality In both segments Mercedes-Benz has maintained a reputation for its quality and durability USA : total US unit sales for MB in 2007 were 253,316 and in 2008 sold 225,128 vehicles A New Era for driving Only focuses on the highest income level for all their cars Very few environmentally friendly cars have been introduced in this market Current position in the market continues to create a high demand to be a part of the Mercedes Status Used Mercedes are popular, but status felt stronger if bought new from a sales lot Mercedes originated in Germany and still focuses much of its manufacturing in its native environment In addition to Germany however, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are also manufactured or assembled in: 2,790 Euros or $4,412 US Dollar McLaren SLR Argentina Canada Iran Mexico Thailand Austria Egypt India Nigeria Turkey Bosnia Ghana Indonesia South Africa United Kingdon 20,000 people work at Sindelfingen in Germany About the Company Mercedes in the USA is definitely seen as a status symbol About the Company Luxury Automobiles Luxury SUV Passenger Cars Status symbol Marketing Mix World Cup in South Arica “FIFA Fever” Economic environment in USA vs Spain, Germany (Europe) During 2009, Mercedes-Benz delivered 1,012,300 vehicles to customers “Beauty, Design and Innovation” platform for supporting the fashion industry while advancing the ideals of design leadership, luxury, and quality craftsmanship. SUV’s very popular in America, not so much in Europe European’s want smaller more efficient cars Median household income for a buyer is $170,004, average age- 53 Sedans & Coups SUVs & Crossovers Roadsters & Supercars MB manufactures and assembles in 20 countries Positioning: United States Positioning: European Countries In Europe Mercedes means safety and technologically advanced vehicles and very quality conscious company’s reputation for being socially responsible is among the most important considerations for car buyers “The best or nothing” Political Environment “best place to work in New Jersey”


Transcript: Future & Current Eco Friendly Models Zero Emissions Earth Friendly Vehicles Prevent from using so many natural resources CEO Quote Auto Industry History Green technology patents Most Hybrid Vehicles Fuel-cell vehicles have traveled 2.8 million miles. Four electric vehicles in production BlueTEC is rated #1 Sensible Road Map Auto Industry History Eco Stop Direct Injection 7 Speed Transmission Economy Mode Sport Mode Henry Ford Model T put on the market in 1908 15 million built before discontinuation in 1927 Success inspired others 83% Recyclable Steam Expanded Foam Forested Wood Natural Products like coconut, flax, hemp, & olives Auto Industry Effect BlueEfficiency 1936 Model 260D First Diesel Car 30% Better Fuel Efficiency 1977 First Turbo Diesel 1997 Commonrail Direct Inject Auto Industry Adverse Effect Began in the late 19th Century Creation of the gasoline engine United States began dominating at the start of the 20th Century Mass Production Miguel Contreas Anthony Jackson Luis Ybarra AdBlue Oxidation Catalyst Diesel Particulate Filter Selective Catalytic Reduction Converter Diesel Emissions Fluid BlueTec Diesel Features BlueEfficiency Pollution Car exhaust contributes half the pollutants in large cities Restrictions Model T ran at 21 MPG in 1908 Average ran at 14 MPG in 1935 Average ran at 12 MPG in 1973 In 1975 we see America’s first Corporate Average Fuel Economy regulations Average ran at 25 MPG in 2009 Introduction to require that cars/trucks run at 39/30 MPG, respectively, by 2016 S400 Hybrid E400 Hybrid A-Class B-Class Future Goals Recycling “We have ambitious future environmental targets. By 2012, our average European fleet will run on less than 140g/km of CO2, and by 2016 we will slash this to 125g/km. This can only be achieved with innovative technologies, particularly on the power train side, and we are ready to face this challenge” -CEO Conclusion Natural Gas Technology Liquid Gas Technology F-Cell Hybrid BlueTec American Culture Other Industries War Economical Political Fuel Efficiency Blue Efficiency Package Passive Modifications Lighter Windows Less Sound Proofing Thinner Windshield BlueTec

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