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Memorial Service 2017

Transcript: Memorial Service Representatives from the Family Birth Center and Pastoral Care Services of CHI Health - Good Samaritan Hospital put together this meaningful Memorial Service to help families express their grief, and hopefully get both closure and comfort. Through prayers and fellowship, families gathered at the Kearney Cemetery on Sunday June 4, 2017, to remember their loving children either miscarried or stillborn. Why I bring this to the group? 1. To share the joys of the success story we had in GSH 2. To get constructive citicism from CPE Peers as to how better we could have done 3. To make suggestions to the PC Services in GSH. My First Impressions of the Event: The Supervisor had informed the PC Staff of this Annual event a month earlier and made some tentative plans. I was given in-charge of taking care of the PA System set up for that day as the technical experts were not available. We had given a 'how to' demo by the experts a week before to three of us (just in case anyone isn't available) so that next year one of them could do it. On the day of the event we all helped to load the stuff in two vehicles an hour and a half before the event to the common cemetary in Kearney. Gone ..... but not forgotten - a special memorial service in honor of the little ones who left their families too soon Display of the Event: Pastoral Care Department CHI - Good Samaritan Hospital Kearney - NE - 68847 Success of the Event: The Event was lead by Rev. Sylvia Karlsson, Transition Pastor at the First Lutheran Church in Kearney. She deivered a wonderful sermon for the day. Music was done by the Choir from First Lutheran Church for the past couple of years. It was well done. There were about 10/21 families that took part in the service. Collaborative event between various departments in GSH. Brought comfort and peace to family and friends of the still born babies. The Rose flower event was meaningful for the families. We were successful in operating the PA system without much problem. May the souls of all faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in Peace! Amen. CHI Health CPE Residency, 2016-17 Arul Joseph I. Group work Presentation #2 Unit IV - Level II June 12, 2017 areas of improvement: Need for a MC to announce the program and to connect one from the other. The Roses could be distributed in the beginning of the event witht he program flyer. Better co-ordination between the departments and a possible rehearsal a few days before the event. Welcome speech to be more effective and well prepared to set mood for the families being welcomed. Have a Bible, sign-up sheets, Kliniks etc., Personal invitations and reminders to all the families that had still born babies to be done by the PC office. one of the tech persons to be around for few minutes to see the PA system works good. The invitation/program flyer to be done differently every year Someone to thank everyone and to bring the service to a close by saying bye to everyone there. Delegate someone in PC to note down flow of events with objective opinion and impression of how all went. Have an annual plan handout that shows all forthcoming events and discuss and plan way ahead of time and making it successful. Ch. Tom Backer in Bergan Mercy is a resource person that can have some inputs int he planning and execution of the service. We could have some merablia that families can take home with the name of the child inscribed in/on. Example: A painted Rock witht he child's name. An immediate and quick evaluation of the event before it is too long (may be in the cemetary itself right after the event is done). All chaplains in forefront welcoming the families with program, roses and directions as to where to stand. If the event is organized on a hot afternoon - drinking water bottles could be made available. AMDG thanks for watching To help families express their grief, and hopefully get both closure and comfort from their great loss. Self Evaluation: I was able to be of help to the PC Office with my ability to connect the PA system. In spite my inability to carry heavy stuff to and from the vehicle I did carry that with the aim of success of the event. In the cemetary, I was active in doing whatever little things I could be of help: Holding microphone setting the stand up and down holding the Bible oniine to the one's needed Tried to get to know more people that came to the service helped frank to deliver the keyboard where it belonged Did not worry about doing things that I was not delegated to do when there was a need. Did not look for any thank you or appreciation from anyone. Try to help plan for the next event better. Pastoral Care Services in Collaboration with Family Birth Center at CHI - Good Samaritan Hospital Kearney, Nebraska Organized a Memorial Service in Honor of Still Born babies on June 04, 2017

Veterns Memorial Service!!

Transcript: Vought On the ground you will see a M60 medium tank that was issued to Army units in 1960. It was used to explode buildings, enemies, etc. Memorial Park Association Giving Thanks The oldest piece is an Armament gun that was pulled around on a caisson during WW1(World War 1). The park also includes numerous interpretive and educational maulers. In 2003, the Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial park association has presented a memorial day service for those who scarified our freedom country and way of life. For over 3 decades the purchase of park monuments improvement and maintenance have been made possible through generous donations by many local citizens. It is located at 1707 Mcfarland Boulevard. The majority of development costs to date have been donated by the private sector including more than $250,000 in-kind construction. Location Tank Lasting Tribute Honor Roll Veterans Memorial Park!!!! Oldest Piece The USS Tuscaloosa earned five battle stars for European operations and two battle stars for pacific operations near the ships most time you will see one of the five inch guns from the USS Tuscaloosa. It was used as an anti-aircraft weapon and inshore bombardment. MB Jeep Across the way is the iconic Willy's MB Jeep. This general purpose all terian vehicle was first produced in 1940 and was instrumental in WWII, The Korean War and Vietman. How can we ever repay the veterans who risked and even sacrificed their lives for our freedom? This Was Written By: Wadreka Jemison, Kalex Hayes, Conajah Jones, Ciara Leslie Next is the ''Huey'' attack helicopter that was introduced in 1955 and continues in service today. USS Tuscaloosa Huey lets enjoy a VIDEO CLIP!!!!!! The park was dedicated in 1978. Veterans Memorial Park was developed as a memorial for all veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Army, Navy, Airforce, Marine Corps, and Coast Gaurds. The Tuscaloosa Veterans Memorial Park has over 3,000 names engraved on the ''Honor Roll of Veterans'' monuments. The engraved names represent a lasting tribute to the person who is special to yo or your family. Continue around the park and you will see the Vought A-7E Corsair, a carrier based attack bomber of the type which saw service in Vietman.

Jerry's Memorial Service

Transcript: Jerry Huber March 31, 1943- Novemeber 15, 2017 Nice Catch! Easter Sunday-1972 Happy New Year August 31, 1974 Happy Birthday Jennifer! Good Buddies 6 Pack? Welcome to the gun show Getting a perm True Love Maude the Meadow Gold Mascot Cruising with friends Jerry's Muskie I love you daddy! Lincoln welcomes Mrs. Bush San Diego The man who does more than he is paid for, will soon be paid for more then he does. Always found a common interest ..."Brats anyone?" Central Park Welcome Tayler 1991 I can't promise my grandchildren that I will be here the rest of their lives, but I can promise that I will love them for the rest of mine. Read me a story Apo. Apo and Cody Jerry, Shorty and Bill GO HUSKERS Jamaica First day as General Manager Picnicking... Estes Park Christmas A day spent at Crystal Lake Puerto Vallarta Apo and Chip Vienna-2006 Beautiful bride and joyful father. January 27, 2007 Proud Parents. WEEEEEE!!! Put your hands up, Chip!!! New Zealand-2008 Kiwi Greetings Maori Hake CHEERS! Serious bike ride through Vail Pass Great sandwich Happy Birthday Jerry! Ready for the Safari Maasai Chief Maasai Tribe Brotherly love Jerry and Gene in Africa Tucson 2004 Blessed with another grandaughter, Triniti. February 15, 2009 Father's Day 2017 Christmas Dinner 2016 Cavaliers make History A Good Day... Thanksgiving in Missouri 2016 Brothers I don't need a special day to bring you to mind, the days I do not think of you are very hard to find. Each morning when I awake I know that you are gone, and no one knows the heartache as I try to carry on. My heart still aches with sadness and secret tears still flow, what is meant to lose you, no one will ever know. My thoughts are always with you, your places no one can fill. In life I loved you dearly, In death I love you still. -Author unknown

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