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Ice Hockey

Transcript: Equipment Equipment is very important in a hockey game. The reason for equipment is mainly for protection but it has other uses. Without equiment like helmets, the game of ice hockey would be even more dangerous than it already is. There is a lot of different equipment in ice hockey. The equipment helps protect things like the face, elbows, shins, shoulders, and eyes. Other equipment is the puck, stick, and skates. These three items are very important in a hockey game. You can not play without them. A goal keeper's equipment is a little different than a normal hockey player. A goal keeper's equipment consists of a goal keeper's stick, goal keeper's skates, blocking glove, catching glove, a helmet with a full face mask, and leg guards. Some equipment is... Elbow pads-a pad that protects the elbow, elbow join, and provides forearm protection. Gloves- The players must wear gloves. The gloves need to cover their hand, wrists, and palm. If removed, they would be in violation of the bare hands permit. Helmet- The helmets have a chin strap. Must be worn with the lower edge of the helmet only with a one finger-width above their eyebrows. The chin strap must have the distance of one finger in between. Puck- The puck is made with valcanised rubber. It is usually black. The puck must weigh between 156g. & 170g. Stick- Usually made of wood. Adhesive tape can be placed anywhere on the stick. This tape can be any color. The stick can not be curved any more than 1.5cm. Skates- The skates must have a safety heal guard. There are a lot of methods to make a goal. Making a goal may not be easy sometimes. If you plan your special moves carefully, your team might be able to score! Penalties Minor Penalty- Any player (other than a goaltender) will be off the ice for only two minutes. No substitute will be allowed to replace the player. If the shorthanded team is scored upon before the two minutes is up, the player in the penalty box is released. Major Penalty- Any player (except the goaltender) will be off the ice for four- five minutes. No substitute shall be permitted. The player who is serving the major penalty must stay in the penalty box for the full time even if the shorthanded team scores. Goaltender's Penalties- A goaltender will not be sent to the penalty box, but instead the minor penalty shall be served by another member of his team. Penalty shot- No time served. For a player being fouled from behind and denied a breakaway scoring opportunity. Or can be called when a defending player other than the goalie intentionally falls on the puck, ususually around the defensive net area. Misconduct Penalty- Any player (other than the goaltender) will be ruled off the ice for a period of ten minutes. A substitute player is permitted to immediately replace the player. A player whose misconduct penalty has expired shall remain in the penalty box until the next play. FUDGE NUGGETz!!your hugggee!! -Grace There are different time limits for every hockey game. Ice hockey is played for about 1 hour. There are 3 periods in each game. Each period is 20 minutes. Anytime the puck isn't moving between the period that time is not counted. If you hit the puck in the goal, you get a point! Adminel. "Sport Facts." Ice Hockey Rules ». Caribou Theme Design. Web. 27 Feb. 2012. <>. -Emily -Blaize Rules of the game "WordNet Search-3.1." Apache HTTP Server Test Page Powered by Linux. Web. 24 Feb. 2012. <>. -Emily By: Emily Allen This presentation was made by Emily Allen, Grace Hager, and Blaize Hiatt. -Emily -Emily Regular Hockey Uniform -Emily -Emily Goalie Epuipment Scoring "Ice Hockey Equipment and History." Ice Hockey Equipment, History and Rules. Web. 25 Feb. 2012. <>. -Grace Citations -Emily -Blaize -Grace -Grace Editor, EHow Sports & Fitness. "How to Score on a Breakaway in Ice Hockey." EHow. Demand Media, 08 Apr. 2000. Web. 24 Feb. 2012. <>. -Emily -Grace Hockey is a game played on an ice rink. Two teams come together to compete and six skaters on each team try to knock a puck into the goal with their sticks. -Emily time limits -Grace What is hockey? "Hockey 101 The Penalties and Calls of the Game." New Jersey Youth Hockey League. Web. 24 Feb. 2012. <>. -Grace -Grace ice hockey -Grace Hockey teams have 6 people on the court playing at all times (unless you have a penalty). There are three 20 minute periods. The team that hits the most pucks into the net wins! Each player has a wooden stick used to hit the puck into the goal. The game starts in the middle of the court to try to hit the puck to the other teammates. This is called a faceoff.

Ice Hockey

Transcript: - Hockey is a very rough sport. - The games starts when they drop the puck between the two forward. - A hockey game time last for about a hour, unless overtime happens. ICE HOCKEY BY: ERIC KING NOAH MCBRIDE Hockey Facts Cool fact Did you know that if a goaltender is 60 feet away from the goal, he has less then a half of a second to react on the puck! - You can't Elbow. - No clipping. - No head butting. - No high-sticking. - No kicking players in the head. - No kneeing. - No charging. Rule 45 (xi) Goalkeeper who uses his blocking glove to the head or face of an opponent* - rule 51 (xii) Grabbing of the face mask Rule 21 (xiii) Hair pulling Rule 21 (xiv) Head-butting * Rule 47 (xv) High-sticking Rule 60 (xvi) Illegal Check to the Head Rule 48 (xvii) Kicking a player (or goalkeeper) Rule 49 (xviii) Kneeing Rule 50 (xix) Punching and injuring an unsuspecting opponent * Rule 46 (xx) Slashing Rule 61 (xxi) Slew-footing Rule 52 (xxii) Spearing * Rule 62 (xxiii) Throwing stick or any object Rule 53 (xxiv) Wearing tape on hands in altercation* Rule 46 *NOTE - match penalty must be assessed when injury results Ice hockey is a very brutal sport played on ice. Used with skaters who all have a composite wooden sticks trying to slap a rubber puck into a net guard by a play called a goalie . You have to be tough to play hockey sometimes fights break out and it allowed for . It was invented by the dutch in the 17th century . We got our information from We got our information from The ford center in some way has benefited the Evansville area. It has attracted a few new stars ,but the cost has us heavily in debt . It was 127 million dollars to make , and it only seats 9,600 for basketball , 9,400 for hockey , 11,000 for concerts . The truth it would have been cheaper just to fix Robert stadium up , it had parking ,bigger , but it didn't have refrigeration technology . Also the icemen say it's better when you already have it installed then have to install it . HOCKEY RULES

Ice Hockey Presentation

Transcript: The mastery is played in the first phase as round tournament (qualification). Since the season 2007/08 she encloses 50 rounds and every team plays four times against every other team (totally 44 plays) plus additional six group plays. In addition twelve clubs are divided into three four groups whose composition occurs on the regional level. The groups are formed as follows: Group 1: Genève-Servette HC, Fribourg-Gottéron, EHC Biel, SC Bern. Group 2: Ev train, HC Ambrì-Piotta, Lugano HC, Lausanne HC. Group 3: Kloten of flyer, ZSC Lions, Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, Davos HC. In every four group there is a There and second half of the season and these results are taken over in the whole ranking list of the qualification. As opposed to early, there is since the season 2006/07 no more draw. If a play is not decided after 60 minutes, follows a 5-minute lengthening with four players. If no gate falls, the match is decided in the penalty kick shooting. A victory after 60 minutes gives three points, a victory after lengthening or penalty kick shooting two points, a defeat after lengthening or penalty kick shooting a point, and a defeat after 60 minutes no point Map of the teams Qualification The national league A became in 1937 as a successor of the national and the international mastery of Switzerland. Since 1986 the Playoffs with which the master of the league is determined are delivered at the end of the season. In 2007 the league was renamed as Nationwide league A. The Swiss Ice hockey League The Swiss Ice hockey league Participant To the qualification afterwards the best eight teams determine the Swiss master in the Play out of vision style. The last four teams determine since the season 2013/14 in the order round introduced anew the last two teams who decide then in the Play-outs who against the master of the Nationwide league B around the class preservation must play. In all rounds of the Play-offs, as well as with the Play-outs and with the class hold plays, the mode Best-of-Seven is applied. In the Overtime in the Playoffs 20 minutes of Sudden Death are played. If, besides, no gate falls, the winner is determined in a penalty kick Shootout. The home right is alternated in each case. The in each case better team in the qualification receives the home right and can deny therefore the first play, and at most the seventh and determining, at home. Play-offs / Play-outs

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