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High School Graduation

Transcript: Community partnerships for employment after graduation Dual enrollment with colleges Partnerships with local churches, the police department and other community groups History: Phoebus High School opened in 1975 Demographics 1015 students in total 63% African Americans 10% White 3.3% Multi racial 24% include Asian, Indian, Unclassified 85% receive Free and Reduced lunch in 2016 Graduation Ceremony is a big accomplishment!!! Parental involvement Offer meaningful opportunities to participate school improvement and support for student achievement Make familiar outreach techniques more effective providing materials in multiple languages, considering parent literacy and technology access, holding events in safe and welcoming places, emphasizing early outreach and consistent messaging Guidance Counselor Graduation Specialist Graduation Coordinator Graduation Facilitator Testing Nichole Boston, EdS. COU 801 Strategies for Community Advocacy Wrap Up Graduation requires a lot of work. Advocates are needed for students and parents. Community and School need to work together It truly takes a Village to Raise a Child Advocacy Leadership Roles Advocating for 12 grade students Communicating with 12th grade teachers Teach students to advocate for themselves Use the self advocacy guide found at (Anderson, 2013) GOAL! Current Issues in Counseling with Graduation High School Graduation June 18, 2016 References Anderson, P. (2013). Stepping forward: A self advocacy for middle and high school students [PDF]. Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Inc. Rog, D.J. and Buckner, J.C. ( 2007). Homeless families and children. Paper presented at the 2007 National Symposium on Homelessness Research. homelessness/symposium07/rog/index.htm#The Amrein, A.L., and Berliner, D.C. (2002). An analysis of some unintended and negative consequences of high-stakes testing. Tempe, AZ: Arizona State University, Educational Policy Studies Laboratory. Introduction Strategies for Community Advocacy Applied Studies Diploma no employment after graduation/ no Military Standards of Learning (SOL) (Amrein, & Berliner, 2002). Personal and Family Issues Homeless (Rog & Buckner,2007) No Food

High School Graduation

Transcript: UGA is located in Athens, GA. In high school I need to... be serious about my grades try my hardest. join clubs and organizations to make my application look good. SEND out applications. get an intership at the Elementary School. become a parapro before i become an actual teacher. make sure all my teachers like me so that ill have good references. I'm going to work when i can and I'm going to see what the qualifications for student loans are and I'm going try and get some scholarships. Now thinking about my career and my dreams I probably won't be able to supoort all of my dreams so hopefully my husband will bring in some good money. I want to have kids in my low 30s or late 20s. I do want to get married...just not anytime soon. Elementary School Teacher After I graduate high school I plan to attend UGA and become an Elemntary School Teacher. Always keep my friends and family before work. How will I stay balanced? What am I majoring in? My goal is to attend UGA! UGA's mascot is an English Bulldog. Where do I want to go to learn how to be an Elemantary School Teacher? DREAMS UGA was founded on January 27, 1785 Marriage?... ...but how am i going to do that? A bachelor's degree and a teacher licenses is required for certification so im going to need to get that. And I plan to major in Elementary Education so I will be able to teach grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Occupation of spouse? He'll probably work in the granite industry or something basic like that. What traits am I looking for in a spouse? Good looking, hard working, creative, caring It's going to take around four years to get my bachelor's degree in teaching. I am currently dating Kyle Moon. We've been dating for a year and 7 months. Dating When do I actually plan to start teaching? So how do I plan to pay for my plan? High School Graduation

High School Graduation

Transcript: High School Graduation Requirements Pre-Test Review Regents/Local Advanced Designation English 4 4 Social Studies 4 4 Math 3 3 Science 3 3 Art/Music 1 1 PE 2 2 Health ½ ½ Foreign Language 1 3 Electives 3 ½ 1 ½ TOTAL CREDITS 22 22 Note: Students pursuing an Advanced Designation diploma can substitute the Foreign Language credit requirement with a 5-credit sequence in the Arts or CTE. Assessments Note: All students enrolled in a course with a Regents exam are expected to sit for said exam, even if it is not required for their diploma. Graduation Requirements Pre-Test Results 45% know how many credits are required to graduate 79% do not know how many science and math credits are needed to graduate Less than half of you understand the attendance policy 45% know what Regents Exams are taken as freshman 96% know to use PowerSchool to check grades The Transcript (4 + 1 exams & local proficiency exam) • English Language Arts (as juniors) • Social Studies • Math • Science • 1 additional assessment from above subject areas • Level 1 Foreign Language Proficiency Exam 10th Grade Regents/Local Diploma (8 exams & local proficiency exam) • English Language Arts (as juniors) • Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II w/ Trigonometry • Global History and U.S. History • Two science Regents • Level 3 Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (local) Opportunity for Honors Distinction & Math/Science Mastery Seal Course selection begins in April 5 credits required to move on If you fail a class, you repeat it The grades you earn this year stay with you NHS and getting involved Note: All students enrolled in a course with a Regents exam are expected to sit for said exam, even if it is not required for their diploma. Credits Advanced Designation

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