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Health and beauty

Transcript: Health and Beauty Science Beauty Beauty is not only about looks it is also the type of person you are. A beautiful person is someone who is selfless and you can easily talk to, someone who is approachable and never brings anyone down. Beauty is also the products we use. Makeup, cleansers and moisturizers, everything we use to try make ourselves look better and feel better about ourself. Nobody really knows what beauty is. We just tell ourself that being beautiful is by looking like the models and the people we see on tv and in magazines. Science Science to me is questions. Without questions science doesn't exist. We ask why things happen? How they were created, what makes things do what they do? Science is the answer to all questions. Science is also about making things that we use and need like medicines and cures for diseases. Also things that we use at home everyday. Health What health and beauty science means to me Health can mean a lot of different things but mainly to me it is... keeping fit and doing regular exercise not only to get fit but it also decreases the chance of many diseases and other sickness' like heart disease and high blood pressure. Also having a nutritionally balanced diet is a big part of health. You need to include an even amount of what the body needs into your diet. for example: if your body lacks in some vitamins you will feel weak, tired and sore. Health is also about having good mental health. When someone has good mental health they are usually relaxed and calm, if someone doesn't have good mental health they would be stressed out most of the time and that can have a lot of impact on their life. This can be caused by not having enough sleep.


Transcript: Manpreet's Own Created Commercial This article is related to our topic because it talks about the problems of makeup/ health and the solutions of it too. So in this article it talks about makeup and acne where if you wear makeup you can get a really bad acne from it because inside of the makeup there are a lot of strong chemicals which can create a lot of side affects towards you skin and also damages it. Also in the article it talks about the solution towards acne problems where you can apply some Aloe Vera gel or juice on to your skin and with the passage of time the acne will heal and go away. I had found this article that was called change your look fast. This article relates to how makeup changes your look and personality this article talks about that you could add lots of makeup than you regularly do there are few examples they had talked about is that to get your eyelashes even more longer you could curl them, if you just put foundation on you could add powder to it. INTRODUCTION:THESIS! This post I found on Instagram relates to topic number 3 which is makeup has a side affects on your health. This post above relates to topic #3 because it shows one side of the women's eye had makeup on and the other side of her eye shows what the makeup is actually doing to her eye which is affecting it and causing health problems. Makeup has many chemicals which can damage your skin.This post also tells us that putting on makeup affects you but you just don't notice it as shown in the image. Link: Makeup before and after after - Google Search. (n.d.). Retrieved January 18, 2017, from 3.Form Of Media: Tips From Internet Development- Thesis HEALTH: 4. Form Of Media: Post From Instagram Daman Health and beauty play a really important role in our life and link to us by various means. It has a really great impact on our lifestyles. people have a great concern of how they look. as they say that beauty is not how you look. A person is beautiful when they have a pretty soul, a pretty mind and a pretty heart. People use different ways to express themselves. In thus case they use makeup to express themselves. They use makeup because they want to give a perspective to people from which they want to be seen. They use makeup to change their personality. As they say they say about health that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world. nowadays media is playing a very important role in health as they advertise medications that might as well come in handy for people. They give them awareness about some diseases and give them some precautions to follow to stay away from that disease. makeup might have a really great impact on your life but as you know with every advantage there's always a disadvantage. Makeup contains many chemicals which are harmful to yo skin. it doesn't happen all of a sudden but little by little it starts to eat you away. so health and beauty of your body is something you must take care and make sure not to be harming it yourself. EXAMPLE #2 Form #3 Relating To Topic #1 I got this from the internet and is related to our first category.Makeup changes a person because it changes their self appearance whereas if a person that has always been simple and never wear's makeup, but then having a look at commercials or advertisements they have the urge to use the products. Sometimes it is out of curiosity. Sometimes when people see magazines,commercials,news articles it makes the person feel bad about themselves and they want a change and do something they don’t usually do, like wearing makeup and trying to look pretty all the time.In certain cases people either want to impress someone or think they are influencing people by using those products but if they open up their eyes they'll see the reality behind these products. This image I had found of Google Images relates to topic number 1 which is makeup changes a person's personalities/looks. This image above relates to topic # 1 because in the before picture this women is old and the after picture she looks like a teenager. Changing your looks affects your personality because if someone were to date her they wouldn't see her real natural old perspective they would see her fake and unnatural perceptive. Form #4 Relating To Topic #3 Manpreet's By working on this project we have learned that media plays the really important role in people's life. Media is the source of conveying various topics. We have learned that the more media talks about something the more interest people take in it. In some cases videos or articles go viral and they become something that people buzz about all day long. INTRODUCTION BEAUTY: As we have read our 8 examples and gave our reasoning's why they relate to our topics we have learned that makeup has many side affects to our health that we don't realize, some people get influenced by makeup because it makes them pretty. In example #1 we had read an article. In this article a model talks about how

Health and Beauty

Transcript: A waterproof mascara resists tears, sweat, rain, and other water like things. Most contain mineral oils and waxes gotten from animals and vegetable fats. It creates the illusion of big and open eyes. You use a black pencil between the roots of your lashes and along your upper waterline Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara False Eyelashes YSL Baby Doll Mascara Mascara Types of Mascara About Mascara This is a volumising mascara You can also get this in different colours. Curling & tinting History of Mascara Most of them come as full sets or single lashes. Single lashes may be great if you want to fill in a few lashes in some areas on the lash line and they make a more natural look. Full sets are placed just above the lash line to make the lashes look thicker and longer. lengthens, curls and separates eyelashes. It's very dark and it stays dark for a long time. There is also tinting your eyelashes and curling them before you apply mascara. Heat up the curler with a hairdryer and this will make it more curlier and last longer until you put your mascara on. By: Klaudia Gracikowska Best Mascaras Benefit They're Real Mascara Lengthening Mascara There are two main types of mascara manufactured. One type is called anhydrous, this means that it has no water in it. The second type is made with a lotion base, and it is manufactured by the emulsion method. Volumising Mascara The first mascara produced was by Eugene Rimmel in 1913. He created the first wand mascara in 1957. Also, he's the founder of Maybelline. He made the first mascara by mixing coal dust and petroleum jelly In the anhydrous method, all the ingredients are mixed, heated, and agitated. In the emulsion method, waxes and emulsifiers are heated and melted separately, and pigments are added. Then the waxes and lotion base are combined in a very high speed mixer Egyptians used bone and ivory as mascara applicators, and blended kohl with crocodile poo, water and honey to create the first mascara, Also Egyptian men wore mascara.. Victorian women liked to mix ashes with elderberry over a hot fire. Waterproof Mascara A lengthening mascara is designed to add length or create the illusion of length to improve short and straight lashes, some of the mascaras have a curling effect too. They're made out of the same ingrediants as any other mascara but additionally they have nylon or rayon. Methods of Making your eyelashes better It lengthens lashes and it doesn't clump. Mascara is used to make your eyelashes look darker, longer, and thicker. Carbon black is the black pigment in most mascaras and iron oxides provide brown colours. Other colours such as ultramarine blue are used in some mascaras. Most common type of mascaras consists of oils, waxes, and water. Health and Beauty Tightlining A volumising mascara is designed to add volume and thickness to your lashes. This type of mascara tends to form clumps on your lashes.

Health and Beauty

Transcript: Sun tanning or tanning indoors is the process in which your skin colour is darkened or tanned. It is the result of exposure from ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or artificial sources. Tanning in the sun can lead to premature aging, eye damage and skin cancer. Not just the sun can damage your skin, but also tanning beds, lamps and solariums can expose you to (UV) radiation. Even more than the sun does. Indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors. Tanning is unhealthy but to avoid getting damage from the sun, it is best it put on a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Sometimes the cosmetics we use can affect our skin usually by rashes or even have a full allergic reaction to the product. We have to be careful that we are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the cosmetic products that we use on our skin. We can check the ingredients used in products usually by reading the label on the back of the packages. Also we need to make sure that we are using the correct amount of the product to help prevent rashes. Exercise The benefits of exercising • Exercising controls you weight • Relieves stress and improves your mood • Boosts your energy • Better sleep • It is good for your heart • Prevents osteoporosis • Exercise prevents colds • Has anti-aging effects Everyone should have at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Tanning By Ang and Justine Health and Beauty Cosmetics

Beauty and health

Transcript: -The price of beauty is extremely high. -Huge surge in plastic surgeries. - Today’s definition of beauty doesn't seem to be particularly concrete. We’re seeing both long hair and chic pixie cuts make the rounds, and makeup typically emphasizes fresh, dewy skin. -Aerobic exercise - The mantra of the decade was the bigger the better - Hairspray -Over the top makeup -Brighter colors The era that brought us hippies, mods and Twiggy The Roaring 20s: The era that brought us Coco Chanel, shorter hemlines, and flappers. Was a dark haired beauty whose career was at its height during the 1940’s and 50’s. Recognized by her performance in the 1946 film The Killers. Is considered to be one of the most beautiful women that have ever worked in the film industry. The 1960´s The 1950s: Mid-Century Conservative Young girls more vulnerable age and gender group affected by media, especially T.V and magazines. The New Millennium 2000 Ava Gardener an era of choice and expression The 1980´s Actual icons of beauty -Women aimed to hide their curves -Boyish look (bob hair) -Bold make up considered sexy -Skin pale as possible and eyebrows thin and bold Teenage girls are under constant pressure to look, dress and act a certain way – be it from stories in the media, the obsession with ratings and likes on social media or from their peers. Images of women in the media are manipulated so dramatically these days that it can feel like “beauty” is less and less attainable. How image manipulation shifts our perception of beauty Beauty through history Beauty and health in USA - Hourglass figure like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly - Hair usually short, worn in soft, curly, or wavy styles (straight styles were considered undesirable) -Focuse on having flawless skin -Women became obsessed with being thin. -Hippies: long no-maintenance hairstyles. -Moderns girls: short pixie cuts and dramatic eyes. -Fake eyelashes were a must-have. The 1930s and 1940s: Hollywood’s Golden Age Enter the disco era Andersen, C. (2010). The Connection Between Beauty and Health. Retrieved on March 23, 2015. From: BR. (2011). Beauty Whitewashed: How white ideas exclude women of Color. Retrieved on March 23, 2015. From: Cardelino, C. (2015). 21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015. Retrieved on March 23, 2015. From: Newman, C. (2015). The Enigma of Beauty. Retrieved on March 23, 2015. From: Serdar, K. (2015). Female Body Image and the Mass Media: Perspectives on How Women Internalize the Ideal Beauty Standard. Retrieved on March 23, 2015. From: The 1990´s Relation beauty and health Marilyn Monroe Beauty icon of the 1950’s and early 60’s. Monroe (nee Norma Jean Mortenson). 1952 film Don’t Bother to Knock (First lead role). Studied at the Actors studio. Her blonde curls, red lips and winning smile have secured her place as both a beauty and pop culture icon on an international. Diana Correa Carmen Díaz Tony Rodríguez The 1970´s Inspired a global phenomenon. Her trademark luscious lips are now one of the most requested plastic surgery treatments available. Nevada Nia Sanchez Born in Sacramento. Has worked as a full time model for the past 7 years She is modeling full time and enjoying her reign as Miss Nevada USA 2014! -extreme thinness -the Rachel cut, named for Jennifer Aniston’s carácter on “Friends” -minimalist approach to maekup Looking at magazines for just 60 minutes lowers the self-esteem of more than 80% of girls. Digital computer manipulation, known as “airbrushing”, before being published a photo of a model. The role of media to create a concept of beauty References The decade of big hair, big shoulders, and the Material Girl. BEAUTY icons of the past The era that brought us grunge, minimalism, “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and “Saved by the Bell.” Angelina Jolie -Fashion accented the arms and legs -Hairstyles became more feminine -Hair color varied (bond/redhead/brunette) -Women started opting for foundantions closer to their natural complexions. Photos we see are so processed that even the women in the images don’t look like that in real life. -Bronzed beach look. -Bronzers and self-tanners. -Clothing was sexy. The beauty that comes from within. We firmly believe this kind of beauty rises an internal foundation of health: physical health, emotional and psychological health, and spiritual health. Vibrant aliveness, happiness, clarity grounded in positive purpose, you constantly reflect back your true beauty in people who surrounds you.

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