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Hand-drawn Disney Animation

Transcript: Snow White - use of dissolves and fades as introduction - use of zoom in to show depth Cinderella - fluid and realistic body motions - animals have their own distinctive personalities - use of pan shot due to 2D plane - actions synchronized with music The Little Mermaid - musical instruments incorporated - songs usually written specifically for film Theme of the Scene: - love has the ability to influence one on their decisions - power can corrupt one and one's values Why we chose it: - romance - teaches targeted audience values - setting in the woods Rationale - actually animate the final product - add colour to the storyboard to reflect colour in Disney films - more use of singing instead of dialogues - addition of characters (animals) 7.exaggeration 6.arcs 12.personality Backgrounds 1.squash and squish -male anatomy more diverse -resembles toy / stuffed animal invention of multiplane camera enabled animators to create depth in animated film -less organic lines / shape Animal Anatomy The Animation Process -traditionally painted 5.slow in and out -exaggerated features brought sound and music to animation with the first Mickey Mouse cartoon 11.appeal exclusive use three-colour Technicolour brought wild possibilities to his animation 8.secondary action -paint on back of a cel or projected Anatomy Drawing / Artistic Style -3D animation has more appeal -art style change with films 4.straight ahead action and pose-to-pose action 9.timing Walt Disney Lu Chen, Kelvin Meng and Sam Wong - no interest to make right now -deemed more laborious 2.anticipation -very detailed Future of Disney Hand Drawn Animation Characteristics of Disney Films -entire hand drawn animation department laid off 10.solid drawing 3.staging 12 Principals of Animations first to create a full-length animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) Hand Drawn Animation

2D Hand Drawn Animation

Transcript: What is 2D Hand Drawn Animation? Video Example Example of 2D Hand-Drawn Animation 2D Hand Drawn Animation Snow White was one of the first Feature Films that included cel-Animation, colour and sound. Colour gave a new layer of realism to animation. It also helped to emphasize red in both the dangerous and poisonous Apple, and the beauty of Snow White's blushing face; making both iconic. How it works? 2D Hand drawn animation is an older style of animation which could include the creation of flip books, as they are 2D traditional drawings on multiple pieces of paper all put together to bring something like a character or story to life. The first step for the animator is deciding on a story and managing to put that story in to storyboard. A storyboard is a sequence of shots and consecutive sketches which helps the animator plan the flow of the plot, Indicating the camera angles and framing. Once a story has been decided, animators will usually draw their characters on multiple pieces of paper, frame by frame where they would slightly move to simulate an action like waving or walking. The drawings will then be captured and put together in rapid succession so that a story will be played out to an audience. Animators get the opportunity to visually enhance their characters. Striving to capture the perfect appeal and personality what matches their creation. Overall, It has had a big influence in a lot of modern forms of animation and set the basic foundations of what animation is today.

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