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Transcript: Materials Mitch Davis Expectations Description of Training The topic I have chosen is grilling because that is something I have no knowledge of but I had an interest. My neighbor happens to grill three times a week so I chose experience this process with him. Mitch and myself would meet around 5:00 PM which was a perfect time for the both of our busy schedules and a great time to grill with the sun still being out. I wanted to do it when he was free and Monday, Wednesday and Saturday were his days that he prefered to grill. I had to buy a choice of meat from the store and start by seasoning it on both sides before walking down to the grill. We used charcoal and lighter fluid to get the fire started and then I proceeded to throw the steaks on the grill. Every steak is different depending on size but, after every few minutes I was instructed to flip each steak over so that the grill would not only cook the outside but also the middle part of the steak. I prefer a well done steak so before I could take them off Mitch had me check the middle of the steaks with a fork to make sure it was no longer red but brown indicating that the steak was ready and done being grilled. Instruction Grilling This was a challenge for me as easy as it may seem to most people because it was something I had always seen someone else do but never actually done myself. This stretched my capabilities because you have to have s sense of patience when grilling which is not necessarily a strong point of mine. I also experienced some failure by leaving a steak on there too long the first time but learned from that in my future practices. SDL I think SDL could very useful in employee development because it is not only a different way of learning but an active way of learning. If an employee can physically get practice in the field that he/she wants to pursue then development in that area will be increased if SDL is involved. I practiced this skill 3 times last week because after the first day I wanted to handle the experience on my own. I would say that I'm much more confident and efficient now on the grill than I was that first day where the process took longer than it should have. Challenge The materials that I needed to practice this process were: Grill Charcol Utensils Meat Seasoning Foil Mitch Davis is my SME and I happened to meet him because he is my neighbor at my apartment complex. Mitch actually works the grill at Dickey's BBQ and instead of eating out like many of us do he decides to grill a majority of the time which he learned how to do back in high school. I would say that I am now a good griller and that is what my expectations were going in because to eventually become great at the craft I will need to do this more than just three days. This was very benefitial because if I'm blessed to have my own family one day I want to be the one that that does the grilling for my family instead of having someone else do it for us. The Legends

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