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Transcript: Our Brochure. Menu Bar . Control Panel. Tools Panel. Penal Docking Area. When making an ebook, you can now export to EPub Fixed Layout. Adebe InDesign OverView What Is Adebe InDesign? MS Publisher VS Adebe InDesign. Top 5 Features in InDesign CC. Basic InDesign Interface. Our Steps that we used to create a Brochure. Our Steps that we used to create a Brochure. Top 5 Features in InDesign When you search a long document, you quickly get into a rhythm of clicking 'Find Next' and it's easy to click past the one you want, which means you have to go back to the top of the document and start again. But in InDesign CC 2014, you don't. You can choose 'Find Previous' and go back one. * The last Version came out is Adebe InDesign CC 2014.1 . Top 5 Features in InDesign MS Publisher VS Adebe InDesign 04. Easier search When you open a document that uses a font you don't have installed, one click automatically searches for the font in Typekit and installs it on your machine, making it available to InDesign CC 2014 as well as other applications on your computer. Create a Document . Insert Background Photo and Improve its Quality. Insert Lines and changing its shape. Insert texts and change the colors. Print Layout before printing the Brochure. Tables are now easier to create in InDesign. Working with tables in InDesign has long been a process of copying and pasting, and creating and deleting rows and columns. But now in InDesign CC 2014 it's much easier to move columns and rows where you want them, by simply selecting, dragging, and dropping. Our Brochure. Basic InDesign Interface Top 5 Features in InDesign OutLines We'll look at the new features in InDesign CC 2014. Finding a specific colour just got easier. InDesign CC 2014 now supports colour groups. With color groups, you can organize swatches in any way that makes sense for your projects as well as being able to import colour groups you've created in Illustrator. And when you import Kuler colours, you can automatically create a color group for a Kuler theme. 01. Easier Tables : VS With InDesign CC 2014, you can choose to export a fixed-layout EPUB file, so the resulting eBook will look exactly as your layout looks in InDesign. The EPUB3 fixed-layout format also supports live text, audio, video, and other interactive elements. Adebe InDesign 05. EPub Fixed layout Adebe InDesign is a powerful design program with so many tools and features it can a bit tricky to find a topic to begin with. 03. Colour groups Edit Menu Shortcuts InDesign CC Tools Shortcuts What's Adebe InDesign ? 02. Typekit missing fonts workflow


Transcript: Examtime Photoshop When I was making the magazine for the premilary task I hadn't really used photoshop before so it gave me a bit of experience before making my music magazine. Now I can put more effects of photos to make them have a higher quality Before starting music magazine research i had never use examtime. I used it in my planning as a mind map to show what I would include on my front cover e.g. colour scheme of my magazine. I think it's a good site to go on rather than writing by hand a mind map as you can easily add and remove ideas from it. It's also easy to make colour so your work looks presentable Blogger Indesign played big part when construcing my magazine as it's the software I used to create it. You could easily make a magazine using word, however it would look no where near as effective as making the magazine on indesign. this is because indesign allows you to be very specific. For example on word you can increase the font size but on indesign you can actually choose how wide and high individual letters are. it also allows you to be very specific where you place photos and the size of them which you wouldn't be able to do using something like word. Prezi is also very good for presenting your ideas in a different way. It's more fun than just typing them up in a word document and it's really easy to use. Like examtime it's easy to add or take away anything you dont like which is better than when you've written it by hand as you would have to start again. I think it's going to become very popular for businesses, schools and colleges to present tinformation in a different way. Prezi Slideshare Indesign The main thing i have learnt to usse in the contruction on my music magazine is blogger. This is because everything i made towards i had to upload to blogger. Some things were easier than others. Obviously an easy thing was writing on blogger which i could do without learning, but things like embedding prezi, examtime and slideshare was something i learnt when i started the premilary task.. Now i've finished the music magazine embeding things on my blog is very easy and quick for me to do. I have found slideshare very useful for previous question of my evaluation because you can produce a normal powerpoint, upload it to slideshare and embed in on your blog. It's also helpful if you need ideas as you can see everyone elses powerpoints. Which is how everything is now- you can find whatever information you want on the internet.

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Transcript: Sense of community Many companies treat social media as an information tool as oppose to communication vehicle which results in a lack of trust and feedback by the target market Software Solutions While the truth is that social can be a great lead generation media for the businesses. Putting PEOPLE in control of their choices, preferences, opinions, community etc. Sergio Zyman, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Coca Cola Wikis & Blogs Currency Traditionally advertisers convey messages to masses in the hope of reaching some interested group of people. Industries... NOW ... As of the first quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.44 billion monthly active users. Telcos So how does social media impact us ! Have a look at some interesting stats at a global level... Popularity (+ive, -ive) Enlightened businesses like Amazon and Google Shopping operate an open-door policy and encouraging consumer interaction Retail Logistics People are more involved with the Digi Universe. A universe by the people, of the people and for the people... Platforms HBL has created alternate channels to add convenience for making payments. Impact of Social Media on Buying Behaviour Internet Payment Gateway Banking WE STILL DO, BUT THE CONSUMERS ARE SAYING ...NOT INTERESTED!!! “The era of (one way) marketing as we have known it is over, dead, kaput – and most marketers don’t realize it…” From facebook to youtube/vimeo, from instagram to snap chats we have multiple channels in social media Engagement = Involvement MPOS In Pakistan Internet users : 30 M Mobile internet users: 15M Where total FB users : 17 M Pharmaceuticals Social media platforms have radically changed the approach of segmentation in implementing marketing strategy Social Media Websites to mobile apps, ipads to ecommerce websites ... You focus on your story We give you the building blocks THANKS FOR WATCHING & GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PREZI

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Transcript: Enviromental Refuelling Systems Created using Adobe Photoshop and imported graphic elements from Illustrator. Photoshop allows for broader manipulation of layer elements and Conclusion Natural Lighting Interactive Touchscreen Media Portfolio Sample Magazine Advertisement Architectural Photography Below are a selection of multimedia projects that I have developed in the past for clients and employers. Transit Poster Created with Adobe InDesign, importing illustrations and photos as well as graphs from Microsoft Excel and GIS maps. Designed with Adobe Photoshop, as it is an image-heavy design and uses broad swatches of pantone colours. Other Designs Architectural Digital Displays Designed with Adobe Illustrator for its graphic capabilities, line drawing, and photo importing abilities. User Guide Product Photography Low Shutter Speed BC211 Annual Report Designed with Adobe InDesign, using the template builder and pagination features, making documents easily scaled up or down Shadowless Lighting Internal Communications Media Bracketing/Stitching In summary, the goal of this portfolio is to directly address the areas of consideration for this position. I hope to have illustrated the technical proficiency and skill that I can offer. For further portfolio samples please visit my website at Thank you for being a great audience, Jessie Hannigan High Speed Designed with Adobe InDesign, for its ability to import Adobe Photoshop files into the layout. Photo credit Jessie Hannigan. Designed with Adobe Illustrator, using illustrated line segments as a layer for a more dynamic visual effect First Power Energy Designed with Adobe InDesign, for its template building, text management, and ease of editing. Here are a selection of design projects I have worked on, stemming from my involvement in non-profits, environmental agencies, renewable energy companies, and parks. Adobe InDesign also seemlessly imports graphics from Illustrator, making document design faster and more flexible. Graphic Design 3/4 Pose Designed using Adobe Illustrator, for its free hand drawing capabilities. One Pager Please open touchscreengame.ppxt State of the Park Report Architectural Illustration Created with Adobe InDesign showing the drafting of a display design I later built. Seamless Backdrop BC211 Information Services Society Dodged Light Using Adobe InDesign and branding created in Illustrator, I developed promotional posters for educational seminars. Wide Angle Low Light Exposure E-newsletter Template Focal Depth 1/2 Pose 50' LED screen located at BC Place Stadium Contextual Backdrop Solar Manual Designed with Adobe Illustrator, using hand drawn lines and custom fonts. Stanley Park Ecology Society Designed with Adobe Illustrator, using the layer property to organize and manage elements in multiple file formats, i.e. lines, logo jpg, font vectors etc. Portraits White Balance Wildlife & Landscape Web Animations Designed with Adobe Illustrator, for ease of free hand illustration and shapes. Digital Media Perspective Designed using Adobe InDesign, for its ease of formatting text in tight or difficult areas Logos and Branding Logo Design Created with Adobe Illustrator's card template, and imported graphic illustrations. Developed using Adobe InDesign, for difficult formatting and custom shaped text boxes. Info-graphic Diagrams The following images provide a sample of the breadth of photographic experience and techniques that I offer. All images use either Adobe Photoshop or LightRoom for photo finishing. Poster Design Newspaper Advertisement Environmental Refuelling Brochure Business Cards Email template for html imbedded newsletters Studio Lighting Studio Lighting/Staging Photography Interactive Display Colour Balance Graphic Illustration


Transcript: Gutenberg's Layout 2nd Scamp Attempt Paper Size Headings My frames and images are snapped to the grid. My body text is consistent throughout the document. I also ensured that my background frames are places to bleeding margins. 1st Scamp Attempt Each heading I used was in green text with a black boarder. This corresponded with the green gradient background I used on the leaflet. I used 5 headings, I kept the amount minimal to avoid bombarding my readers with too much information. Each heading was placed above the text box or photograph that followed. The size remained consistent, 24 (content 12) What did you do differently? What did you learn? Changes made? Learning outcomes? Learning Outcomes Back of Leaflet Front of Leaflet Brief Review Most important lesson? Patience Proximity, alignment, similarity & repetition What would you do differently? Most proud of? My brief organizes my leaflet. There is a cover page with the company's logo. The back page has store information and hours as well as a map of the store location. The inner pages of my leaflet includes photos of bikes the company sells. There is a section for Pre Owned Inventory with the description of the bikes and their prices. The Gutenberg Diagram The Gutenberg diagram describes a general pattern the eyes move through when looking at evenly distributed, homogenous information. Read that last part again. The pattern applies to text-heavy content. Think pages in a novel or a newspaper. The pattern isn’t meant o describe every possible design. InDesign Brochure The most important thing when designing the leaflet is consistent measurements/sizes in reference to the photos and text boxes. If there is inconsistency printing will be affected. Grids Philadelphia Cycle Center

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