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Company Introduction Presentation

Transcript: Bottom design Examples of chemicals packed in big bags : Carbon black Titanium dioxide Pigments Masterbatches Powder coating chemicals Acetic acid Amonium sulfate Barite Bitumen Calcium chloride Two piece, U-Panel construction that has two seams sewn along the two opposite sides to create two panels, creating a “U” Panel shape. Accepted as the industry standard around the world, the U-Panel FIBC is the most popular FIBC shape. This construction gives the bag a large lifting capacity. Global offices in 6 countries around the World and distribution partners in many more 4+1 or Four Panel All our standard and UN big bags are produced in conformity with the certificates supplied by reputable test laboratories. Our extensive certificate list is updated continuously in the light of new needs and requirements. What do we do? Safety Factor (SF) Any questions? Circular or Tubular Our bags have many applications and carry hundreds, even thousands of different products, some examples are.... Examples of food products packed in big bags : Sugar Flour Wheat Starch Soy powder Potato Lactose Gluten Dried soup and coffee mixtures Milk powder Cacao Malt Various leguminous seeds, nuts and spices At Cesur Packaging we also offer various solutions to customers needing liners manufactured with different structures and films such as LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, EVOH, Aluminium, PA, conductive and antistatic. All FIBCs are designed with a SWL which represents the maximum amount of weight allowed to be filled. The majority of bags are 1000kg but the SWL can be anything from 100kg to 2500kg in some cases. Other things to consider.... It is the original polypropylene design, Four-Panel Bulk Bags (FIBCs) have seams along four separate pieces of fabric that are sewn together to construct the body of the bag as well as having the top and bottom panels sewn in. Four-Panel bags tend to hold their shape better than other types of bags and are better suited for stacking. Bulk bag fabric types are all about controlling static electricity, which is an imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of a material. When bulk bags are rapidly filled and discharged, the flowing movement of finely powdered substances can cause a buildup of static electricity. Removing or preventing an electrical charge is critical in the packaging of flammable or combustible materials or in an environment where combustible dust may be present. Fully integrated, state-of-the-art manufacturing capability from raw material to finished product Mineral & Agricultural Feed Industry Examples of pharmaceutical products packed in big bags : Baby formulas Active pharma components Benzethonium chloride Pentaerythritol Medicinal clay Sulphapyridine waste Moisture absorbent raw materials Quality Standards & Certifications Antistatic FIBCs National or international transportation of hazardous goods is regulated with UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods which aim to prevent possible accidents and consequent problems as well as to minimize the environmental effects. In order to assure that the UN classified goods are safely transported and stored, we subject our UN Bags to related tests and provide our customers with certificates given by independent international test houses. In respect to UN recommendations, we perform the following 6 tests in our inhouse test laboratory to verify the quality of our bags: Top lift test Drop test Topple test Righting test Stacking test Tear test All approved bags have a valid UN certificate and the certificate information must be clearly marked on each bag. Un big bags are classified as: 13H1 – uncoated woven plastics- no liner 13H2 – coated woven plastics- no liner 13H3 – uncoated woven plastics- with liner 13H4 – coated woven plastics- with liner These 4 classes are grouped under 3 different categories: Some minerals and feed packed in big bags: Mono phosphate Dicalsium phosphate Calcit Fish feed Aggregateted Clay Bauxite Bentonite Ceramics Cement Magnetite Type B FIBCs are made from plain woven polypropylene fabrics that have a low breakdown voltage of less than 6kv to prevent the occurrence of highly energetic propagating brush discharges that can ignite a dust-air mixture. Type B FIBCs cannot be considered antistatic because they do not have any mechanism for dissipating static electricity. Used to safely transport dry, flammable powders No flammable solvents or gases should be present around the bag. Produced from single tubular fabric, the 1-and 2- Loop Bags are widely accepted as being more cost effective than the traditional 4- Loop Bags used. Compared to the standard four loop bags, these bags have different construction. The body-fabric of the bag itself is extended into a lifting loop which gives the bag a higher breaking strength and makes the FIBC easier to lift. The loops can be wrapped with coloured sleeves which provides assistance in separating different bags as per their application. An inner liner is

Company Introduction Presentation

Transcript: Bonus system for customers: every half year we check the savings according to the client's interest and return savings to the account or employ in further registration of new applications FORWARD TRANS NN provides a new stage of international cargo shipping with a help of electronic document management We conduct daily monitoring of the cargo and the client can check its location by ID number Your work meets all the standards of quality that has been repeatedly confirmed by the most complex and unusual transportation. The professionalism of your staff deserves the highest ratings. All assigned work is carried out with a comprehensive, detailed and precise study from the point of view of transport logistics, customs logistics, risk management, and that best fits the current level of approach to supply chain management. Our Company - AGC Bor Glassworks ABOUT US Forward Trans NN Proposed rates, payment terms and guaranteed time of cargo delivery are optimal for the GAS group of companies and ensure uninterrupted operation of assembly lines for over five years COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Irina Samsonova, Head of Sales Transportation of project, heavy, bulky, high-value, hazardous and other cargoes worldwide. multimodal transporting, combination of different modes of transport sea freight for all types of containers air freight and Express delivery of cargoes by truck , including "door to door" transportation of small shipments in a consolidated container(LCL) or truck(LTL) , full truck load, "milkrun" railway transportation excellent conditions for storage and customs clearance WHAT WE DO - NovaCard, plastic card manufacturer "Optimal solutions for cargo shipment from any part of the world" full service package reliable partners in major ports and airports around the world. partnership and special offers with the world's leading shipping lines/ship owners such as Maersk, CMA CGM, MSC, China Shipping, Yang Ming Line, Evergreen, Cosco, ZIM, CSAV, Hapag-Lloyd; a large warehouse in the port of Baltic States and Europe; extensive agent network worldwide; cargo delivery from almost anywhere in the world in the shortest possible time from the manufacturer's warehouse to the buyer's warehouse, "door-to-door" service; the possibility of deferred payment: loans to customers up to 30 days the implementation of transport-forwarding service of cargo at the ports of transshipment; warranty liability are as follows: - insurance of forwarding responsibility for 200 000 EURO (up to 5000000 EURO on request); - participation in organization of international logistics ACEX network . - GAZ,automotive plant OUR TEAM OFFERING DETAILS Electronic Document Management provides protection against modification (forgery): if the document is modified, the electronic signature will become invalid accounts compatible with accounting programs determines the authorship: to create the right e-only the author of the document; speeds up the processing and contracting: the recipient will receive an electronic document in seconds, no need to spend money on mail and courier delivery; simplifies receiving information and filing of reports to regulatory bodies: the document signed by the strengthened digital signature, equivalent to the document, stamped by the company Top Competitors OUR OFFER Yiulia Stefanishina, Development Manager Maksim Garin, CEO Full service package with optimal way and kind of transport: Road Transport Airfreight Sea Transportations Our benefit is multi-modal transportation system focused on Clients' demands FORWARD TRANS NN is certified by ISO 9001 The company cooperates with a number of warehouses in Baltic countries and Europe. Customers have the ability to carry out transshipment, storage and other operations with goods at the best prices FORWARD TRANS NN participates in several international associations of forwarding companies and has reliable partners in almost all ports and airports of the world We engaged more than 50 qualified specialists with a considerable work experience in logistics One of the leaders among Russian freight forwarders for 10 years The main goal of the company is providing professional service TESTIMONIALS The company expresses sincere gratitude for a long-term fruitful cooperation in the field of Russian and international cargo shippment and keeping good partnerships. Proposed rates, payment terms, fast delivery and high quality goods are optimal and ensure smooth operation of our company. Forward Trans NN Russia Nizhny Novgorod Bolshaya Pecherskaya st. 24, room 302. 303

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