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Transcript: COOK OFF "ANYONE CAN COOK" 5 September 2019 Teams - 4 Students per team Each team will get 4000 points 1 Core member assigned per team Basic ingredients will be given to the teams Rest ingredients will be bought in auctions After that trading window will be opened Special ingredients can be won by playing games Introduction Introduction Procuring Ingredients Procuring Ingredients Basic Ingredients Bread - 2 slices Rice puffs(bhel) - 1 plate Papri - 5 pieces Onions - slices Tomatoes- 3 slices Chat Masala Chocolate Syrup - 1 tbsp 1 item can be traded against 1 item only (quantity may vary) Items can also be exchanged against bidding points also. Window will be open for 5 min only. Only one team member accompanied by a core member will go for trading. Lack of discipline will lead to deduction of points. Trading Trading Games Games-Special Ingredients Gems Game 1 Sandwich Dressing Game 2 Green Chutney Game 3 Aloo Bhujiya Game 44 Judging Criteria Judging Criteria Final Score= 70% Judges Score + 30% Remaining Bidding Points Judges will give points on the basis of- Presentation Taste Of your dish(es) Prizes Prizes First Position Man Vs Food pass Bonn Hamper Boston Bites Free Food coupon Doritos Second Position Coke naal Geda pass Bonn Hamper Doritos Third Position Bonn Hamper Doritos Auctions Auctions Mayonnaise-300- 3,2 Tbsp Ketchup-100- 4,2 pkt Imli Chutney-300- 6,4 Tbsp Pickle-100- 3,2 pkt Cucumber-300- 4,3 unit Capsicum-250- 3,2 slices Oregano-200- 1,1/2 Tbsp Chili Flakes-200- 1,1/2 Tbsp Mix Namkeen-300- 2,1 Curd-300- 3/2,1 cup Lemon-200- 1,1/2 unit Paneer - 300 - 4,2 slice

The Dobermans: Chili Cook-Off

Transcript: Caitlyn- Print & Budget Josey- Social Media &Budget Rocio- Public Radio/ newspapers Chili Cook-off Venue Committee Find a venue Find Sponsors Layout of event Structuring of the event Organizing team members and volunteers Gathered the supply list Kayla - Find venue Valeria - Keep track of registration forms & fees & budget Mandy- Find venue & setup (All handled donations) Registration Form Fees (Teams & General Public) Deadlines Rules Donation Box Help out give out flyers Disclaimer Ask Chartwells for materials Date: Saturday November 9 Location: National Guard Armory Building Time: 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Goals: Raise: $200-$500 At least 10 competitors Challenges Responsibilities Registration Committee Advertising Committee Overall Suggestions Challenges Know what prizes are ahead of time Advertise better Get more teams Have an all student email sent Organization Made Promotional Products Flyers Programs Advertise: University Relations: Newspaper: Hays post, Hays Daily news, & surrounding newspapers Radio Stations Organized Table at the Union Social Media: Facebook Page Hays CVB Poster Routes/ City Posters Responsibilities Crisis Management!! Electricity (breakers blew) More petty cash $$ Ran out of chili too early Over estimated time for event Raised: $548 Competitors: 12 Attendees: 40 Challenges Finding a Venue Affordable Enough Space Setting up Venue Cover up the mural Electricity Late start on advertising Large area to distribute with only 3 people Caitlyn's spelling & grammar... Responsibilities Overall Results End The Dobermans Susan- Lead on registration form Fang- Made donation box Efrain- Disclaimers & logos (All made registration form) The

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