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The Chess Board

Transcript: The Trap Door The Battle Part 1 The New World The White King Cell Phone Reception The Chess Board By: Noah Elliott I was told to stand behind the white king, near a circular stone The edges started to glow on the stone, and something mysterious happened! The Chess Board Background Battle Part 3 & Conclusion They come to a smaller castle, that is little known and the main character is not excited about the tour Currently touring France and castles in the country side My mom and dad suggest that we all go off on our own Because of my disinterest I walk to the tower in the center of the castle to get cellphone reception I find an interesting room that is almost completely different than the rest of the castle I come to a new world inside of an occupied castle I was equip with armor and a crown I had a scroll that had instructions written on them, I was told that this was my kingdom and, that I commanded my troops Envoy explains situation of the battle I had the first move as they were "camped". I went to my castle (a.k.a. the Rook) to meet with my General (a.k.a. he Queen). I commanded that my knights (a.k.a. the knights) scout ahead, our forces match perfectly (like in chess) Questions? This castle is described as old, falling apart, and Gothic Not really any special detail The gate is open and vegetation has taken over the court yard I see that the lights are different than I have ever seen- Purple, Blue, and White Fire I kick a statue in anger because, I obviously want to live but probably will not! The statue's eyes and mouth begin to glow and he starts to talk to me. He challenges me to a game of chess in exchange for me to get out of the secret room, that I am trapped in I commanded my pawns stand at the river and defend (middle of chess board) Knights flank pawns, lose 2 of them and the rest retreat to castle Magicians on their side knock down our walls- dire because, me the king will "die" if they break through The Chess Room They almost get to me as the fighting is now inside the castle My scout I sent out escapes the castle and goes to the other stronghold Reinforcements come and we defeat the attacking army Voice comes back to congratulate me on my victory and I am taken to the room where the table was, I meet up with family again and we continue the tour. The Castle The Chess Board By: Noah Elliott Main character (me) is on a tour around Europe specifically to old castles When the white king is placed on it's tile one the tiles in the room drops like a trap door with an old ladder Out of my curiosity I travel down the ladder, I don't tell my dad because, he would never let me go down it if I did While going down the ladder some of the rungs break and, the tile closes with out me knowing how to open in back up The room only has a large, bulky, sturdy table with a chess board built into it The Chess board is odd as it is heavy, yet there is a hollow part when I knock my knee on it I find a secret compartment that has all the chess pieces for the board, I first place the white, king onto it's position so I can challenge my dad later. But then something mysterious happens Battle Part 2 (Summary)

board template

Transcript: Serena Joy Offglen Offred Society of Gilead Chapters 8-13 Aunt lydia Moira Rita Subject: Serena Joy Serena Joy a mysterious individual given such power purely by being with the comander. Displaying a noticable amount of dislike towards the handmaids, possibly even paranoia towards the commander. A very cruel individual, one that seems to be trapped by her own society she aided in creating. Wife of the Commander Subject: Offred Offred: one of a more newly recuited handmaid and newer citizen of Gilead, she has little experience of being a handmaid. However she will soon understand she is a gifted individual, one of the special individuals that can bare the life of a child. She has participated in the ceremony as accordingly, a obedient handmaid doing as she sho Handmaid Ofglen One of the eariler handmaids of the commander, along side being the pair to offred when the commander requests for groceries. Comunication between her and Offred have been established, as they return from grocery shopping they pass by bodies. Another obedient handmaid stating "under his eye" as a handmaid should. Handmaid Moira Moira, a handmaid that Offred has a past with. Offred seems to have had flashbacks of the times she spent with her. She appears to be a more uncooperative handmaid compared to the rest, an individual that is more rebellious as she attemps to escape from Gilead unsucessfully, she was punished and beaten in the hands. Handmaid Aunt Lydia Aunt Lydia, a individual that posseses power as well. Being the one who diceplines and teaches the handmaids, shes is privilaged with being able read and write in order to teach the handmaids. She is a very government abiding person and follows as she is ordered very dedicated to the Gilead's socital system. Aunt of the handmaids Rita A servant to the commander, she does all the cooking for the commander. Her relationship with Offred isn't very pleasant, seeing Offred as someone born with a gift in this society being able to procreate. Whereas a Martha like her cannot seeing herself as common compared to Offred. Martha

Customs Chess Board

Transcript: With Other Custom Chess Board Companies Chess board with different shapes can be chosen and are shipped to customers. Design Chess Boards Critical Thinking Idea Process Data Flow Present System Methodology Target Audience Inputs Competition Process Custom Chess Boards Parents who want to buy any game for grown up children People who wants to gift anything to others Anyone who love to play chess can have customized chess for themself Inputs Choose the shape of chess box Upload different pictures online on website in different boxes Online secure payment on website Choose a Chess board design on website Upload different pictures up to 64 on different boxes of chess board Chess board with customer chosen shape will go in machine and different pictures will be printed on chess board design Final chess board will be ready to shipped. Received by customer on address provided by him. Customer can upload up to 64 pictures on website And he will receive a chess board by shipping to his/her address in a week. Target Audience Custom chess boards are available in Market with different shapes, but my company will provide chess boards with different pictures provided by customers in different boxes with white and black background. Competition Extremes: Pieces of chess such as pawn, bishop, queen, king etc can be made of diamond with customized faces with 3D printer. Customized chess pieces can be made digital which will listen for moves and will move automatically. Methodology Critical Thinking Idea Data Flow Present System

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