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Cat in the hat

Transcript: Welcome Cat in the hat Pediatric 770-234-3456 Fax # Opeatories Use for toileting, washing hands, rinsing mouth, brushing teeth. Mirror check Business office Our back room is designed as another play area for kids to be waited to call into their cleaning or treatment area. we want them to feel safe and not worried about what they are going to do to them. so we will provide them with tv's and kids movies so they can feel relaxed. X-ray machines are placed protected equipment as lead aprons make sure that the equipment and chair are positioned to allow ease of access to both left and right sides of the mouth. Panoramic radiograph machine Monday-Thursday 8:00Am-4:00Pm Drug prescriptions requests for examinations appointments Radiography/exam room To control infection Sterilize instruments after every use provide facilities to wash & clean instruments. Sterilizing anf providing a safe & clean environment Our play area is for our patients that will be waiting to get treatment they can get entertained with games on ipads or they can play with the toys or even read books. Our play area is designated for the kids to feel comfortable and not scared knowing that there in a dental office. Also movies are being played for kids to stay entertained. Establish written standards, Communicate clear expectations, Provide a taste of the experience you want to create, Insist life issues do not impact performance, Establish team leaders, Recruit and employ team players, Resolve conflicts immediately, Fees, collections, production, Play area Cat in the hat pediatric Bathroom Back waiting room Child-friendly dental units – Child-appropriate tools, instruments and equipment. A pediatric dental office will equip the clinic following a central focus on the needs of children, so that the dentist is more effective. Office # Area in which you will recieve and greet patients This is an area that our patients will feel like at home will relax them and prepare them for treatment Where we schedule our patients appointments This area is cleaned on a daily basis We also offer cookies and coffe for the parents while they will be waiting for their kids to come back from treatment. 123 Peach state Atlanta, Ga 30310 Location Central sterilization room (CSR) Consultation room Lab room Dental laboratory Front Office and Reception You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your smile is waiting so....get on your way! - Dr suess Friday 8:00Am-12:00Pm Pediatric Lab is equipped with kid-sized version of our state-of-the-art devices, technology and equipment, including many inventions created by our scientists. Preparation for treatments As virtual reality setups all are employed to help our youngest patients achieve their best outcomes. Office hours 770-234-2345 Our Team!

Cat in The Hat

Transcript: The Cat in the Hat is a book about a Cat and two young kids living with their mom. Its a rainy day and their mom is off to work when the kids are alone at home. A Cat comes and brings happiness to the kids. He brings up a box with Thing 1 and Thing 2 ( Cosas uno y cosas dos) which ruin the house. The kids realize they have to clean the mess the Cat made and suddenly Cat does it all himself right before mom gets home. Por Que Me Gusta El Libro Why I Like this Book Summary Sobre el autor Resumen About the Author Spanish Informacion The book was published by Random House which later became Beginner Books. The Cat in the Hat became the mascot in that time. It is a beginner book for many young kids who are starting off to read, yet many people like to read it and others of Dr. Seuss books. It has many versions and sequels to this book which are read worldwide. The Cat in the Hat Information Me gusta el libro por que es muy divertido. El gato muy simpatico y alto y comico. Me lei el libro cuando yo era joven. El muchaco y la muchacha y muy aburrido por primero, por que leugo ellos muy divertido. Tu y a tus amigos/as deberia el libro. Es muy magnifico! El Gato en el Sombrero English The author is Dr. Seuss a famous author who wrote the Grinch, Horton the Elephant and many more. Dr. Seuss is no longer alive but is known to many kids around the world for his famous books. He was born March 2, 1904. He died at the age of 84 on September 24, 1991. SPANISH THEMED BOOK

Cat in the Hat

Transcript: The students will create a drawing using four colors or less that conveys what they enjoy to do at home on a rainy day. The students will also create a short story describing their picture. Materials Needed for the Lesson By the Student: Colored Pencils Creativity -Short class discussion on the overall topic of the book (rainy day- nothing to do) -"What do you do at home on a rainy day?" -"Who was your favorite character in the book and why?" -"Were any of the things the characters in the book did things you would do on a rainy day at home?" -The book uses only four colors to illustrate the pictures. -"Why might this be?" -"Today we will be creating a picture that only consists of four colors. Make sure to choose your four colors wisely." -Write a short story/few sentences -"Describe in a few sentences or a short story what you are showing in your picture creation." Picture Creation: -Different artistic abilities -Effort grade -White space grade Short Story/Few Sentence Writing: -Punctuation Grade -Capitalization Grade ART 315-01 Bell Ringer: "Have you ever read the book The Cat in the Hat?" **Proceed in reading the book aloud to the students** Thursday, December 3, 2015 Nebraska State Standards Assessment By the Teacher: Cat in the Hat Paper Concept/Objective FA 2.2.1.a Experiment and explore ideas and materials. FA 2.2.1.b Create artwork that expresses unique student interpretation. FA 2.2.1.d Explore elements of art and principles of design to brainstorm visual possibilities. (e.g., use color and shape to create a pattern.) How will you assess your students' learning of the concepts/objectives? Instructional Procedure By Megan & Miranda Cat in the Hat (Conducting the Lesson)

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