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Transcript: BUSINESS STATISTICS FINAL PROJECT Many of the students in the Stat course see that the length of the white string is longer than that of the black string. Test this claim using the means of the strings at the 1% level of significance. The data provided for messages texted by students during a day ranged from no messages up to 250 text messages. Is there evidence at the 3% level of significance that the standard deviation in messages texted at most 45 messages? DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS INTRODUCTION The class professor has read in a newspaper that the percent of left-handers in males is 20%. Does this apply to the students in this class? Check using a = 0.04. Texting has become a trend these days among the youth. Some researchers claim that average texted messages by a student is at least 30 messages a day. What is your conclusion after testing this hypothesis using a = 0.025. INTRODUCTION Quantitative data: length of a white string (in inches), length of a black string (in inches) Reading hours TV hours Text messages sent Our data was extracted from a survey which an instructor distributed to his students. Qualitative data: Class year in school Gender Handedness DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS ANALYSIS Frequency distribution for black string length Number of classes = 6 Class width = 3 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS Frequency distribution for reading in hours Number of classes = 6 Class width = 3 DISCUSSION OF RESULTS The computed F (0.96) is greater than the critical F (0.33) We reject the null hypothesis Conclusion: There is enough evidence to prove that a linear relationship DOES EXIST between the dependent variable y (Reading) and the independent variable x (TV time). IMPLEMENTATION OF REGRESSION AND ADVANCED STATISTICAL ANALYSIS DISCUSSION OF RESULTS DISCUSSION OF RESULTS

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