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Business Idea Presentation

Transcript: Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Presented by: Raia Carr Are You Tired Of... Having to pump out sanitizer from a dispenser bottle just to barely get anything out of it Having to go to a store to buy large bottles of sanitizer that are overpriced Or just don't feel like touching the dispenser bottle after somebody else used it Then consider investing in automatic hand sanitizer dispensers! Table Of Contents What is an automatic hand dispenser Purpose of the dispenser Business involvements Target Market Audience General Information Is a device Typically has spray spout Has hand sensor Found in bathrooms,hallways, can be mounted on walls General Information What is the purpose? Method of cleaning hands Quick dispense Efficient in water-scare environment Need/Purpose Operation of Business Manufactured and distributed Produce various types of dispensers Can be ordered online and shipped Producing Profit Hand dispenser market is valued at $74.62 million Company expected to produce high profit Marketing Audience Large store brands Schools Businesses Public establishments Hospitals Competing Brands Purell Germ X Clorox Commercial Solutions Competition How we differ Easy refill Has larger container/spout Portable How We differ Call To Action By investing in this product, it will make establishments more sufficient and clean Work Cited Citations “Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Market Size & Share: Industry Report 2027.” Allied Market Research, July 2020, “Insights on the Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Global Market to 2028 - by Type, Modality and Geography.” Cision PR Newswire, 9 Sept. 2021, Joy, Soumya. “Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Suitable for Homes and Commercial Premises - Times of India.” The Times of India, Electronics, 20 May 2021, Nied ,Jennifer ,“These Hand Sanitizers Are Guaranteed to Blast Germs without Drying out Your Skin.” Women's Health, 7 Jan. 2022, Goal Statement To get the audience to invest in the product Goal Statement

Business Idea Presentation

Transcript: we are commited to introducing new appearance and new taste of breakfast meal Objective Pia-Hoon equivalent with Malaysian food and beverages in order have an enough nutrients and great meals. To be among the creative and innovative leader among the breakfast meal market CVP examples Why customer will be compelled to buy from you 3 pcs of Pia-Hoon RM 1.20 Pia-Hoon Easy bring and reduce cost compare to another meals Our Products Equalise the value / price equation Group Project Small corner shop – at College Residents One (KK1) and near Faculty. Convenience location, local friendly & personal service Business Idea Presentation "Pocket-sized" Breakfast Project Murtabak Maggi Benefits Vision Mission Our target market among students because they always skip their breakfast and always taken an unhealthy food for their breakfast. This situation has encourage us to combine between "bihoon' and spring roll as a pocket-sized breakfast. Market needs Go-To-Market Strategy Competitiveness Management Team 1) We are providing "pocket-sized" breakfast which ease everyone to eat anywhere. 2)Our products contain carbohydrate, protein, fat and energy that full our tummy for 2 to 3 hours. 3)Pia-hoon is so suitable taken for breakfast especially for busy person. How customer satisfaction will be met -Brochure -Poster -Social metworking -Sales promotion  Direct competitors -Spring Rolls  Indirect competitors -Breakfast Set KFC - Breakfast Set McD Mohamad Fadhil Lubis Bin Mahmud 1121807 Ahmad Ayadi Bin Sembok 1121788 Muhammad hafiz Bin Abdul Manaf 1121801 Nor Hasbi Bin Hamdan 1121819 Siti Aishah Binti Mat Don Ya 1121791 NurSyahirah Wahidah Binti Masrom 1121815 Nur Farhana binti Mohd Nazir 1121789 Nur Afifah Binti Mat Rozali 1121795 1)To provide the friendliest services with affordable prices of food 2)To provide simple breakfast among the students 3)Encourage everyone to take the healthy breakfast

Business Idea Presentation

Transcript: Gaming Zone Objectives Conclusion Challenges and opportunities Training & Development Mission Further Desired State Exciting audience Gaming Art Gallrey 1. High profits 2. Strong brand Image 3. Market Leaders 4. Trend Setter 5. Business Diversification would become very easy 1. High profits 2. Strong brand 3. Music Education 1. Land & Building. 2. Equipment and lower level staff. 3. Collaborations with different institutes from different industries. 4. Different work team of highly qualified and recognized people. Art Education 1. Set new trends in entertainment industry 2. Establish an institute where art is valued 3. Run a profitable restaurant, cafe and institute 4. To become well reputed and highly profitable brand name in entertainment /media/art industry. To educate people in a whole new different way and to offer youth a platform where they can demonstrate their talent and get the recognition that they deserve Requirement Art Music Café Media Engagement Business Idea Presentation All three industries are experiencing continuous growth Profits are high and market trends are supporting Music What success will bring 1. Feasibility analysis 2. Service Blueprint 3. Service marketing plan 4. Collaborations and Alliances 5. Implementation plan 6. Financial feasibility 7. Investment and Partnership Returns Current situation This is the overview of the business venture. Below mentioned are some of the main prospects of the business idea. Challanges 1. Many different competitors will become reactive 2. Getting the right people onboard 3. Customer Service and Satisfaction 4. Shortage of time Opportunities 1. Huge audience to serve 2. Market potential 3. Need to fulfill 4. Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures

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