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Bumble Bee

Transcript: This is called a hive. this is where Bumblebees live and where people collect honey. Biodiversity -the scientific name: Bombini -Did you know that pollen has 40% of protein. :O Three Adaption -the Genus is Bombus Bumblebees are attracted to sugar so, don't leave anything outside that bumblebees can sense. You can also cover up any sweet food you eat. This will prevent the bees away from you. By:Moira Gura and Chantelle Galang Bumble Bee -the Kingdom is Animals Bumblebees have sticky hair to help them gather pollen. We hope you guys enjoy our presentation and have a great day! Thank you! :D Ecosystem -the Class is Insect OUTRO :D The classification for the Bumblebees are: Human Activities -Did you know that Bumblebees doesn't have ears, but they are sensitive so they can feel vibrations made out of sound traveling through different materials. :O By:Chantelle Galang and Moira Gura Us humans are affecting the Bumblebees by cutting down the trees and building over the flowers that Bumblebees feed on, that is why they are dying because they have less food source. This is where the bumblebees live. This is where Bumblebees live out in the wild. Bumblebees have a long tongue to reach the flower's nectar and pollen. -the Order is Hymenopetrans -the Phylum is Arthropod Thank you for listening if u have any questions just ask! :D An example of a decomposer is worms. Example of a producer flowers, trees,and plants. Example of a consumer humans, turtle, and fish. -the Family is Apidae Good Afternoon Mr. Genova and classmates. We are now going to present our animal called Bumblebee. We chose Bumblebee because they are almost extinct and we also want to talk about how to save them. :D Bumblebees are becoming extinct not just bumblebees also the other known species for bees. Bees are one of the important species in the food chain. Without the bees over 30% of our food supply could get damage. Classification WAYS YOU CAN DO TO GET RID OF BUMBLEBEES WITHOUT KILLING THEM Intro FACTS -Did know that drone bumblebees doesn't not have any stingers, and they do not gather pollen, but they help the future queens. This hole is the pollen basket that carry pollen. It turns bright yellow when its empty, and it turns red when it is full.

Bumble Bee

Transcript: Bumble Bee Classification Morphology Colony Formation Hard Work and Pollination Bumble Bees can vibrate their wing muscles (shiver) so fast that their body temperature can increase from 20°C to 35°C in only a few seconds. Bumble Bees Today Buzz pollination (Sonification) Bibliography Halter, R. (2009). Bumble Bees.The incomparable honeybee and the economics of pollination. Toronto, ON: Rocky Mountain Books. Solitary workers. 15hr work days. Will collect from multiple plant species. Visit only one plant species per trip. Genus - Bombus TOMATOES Class - Insecta ~ 50 spp. We can help! In spring, Queen emerges from torpor. Fertilized eggs develop into females (workers). Pheromone mind control. Unfertilized eggs become males (drones). In fall, cycle begins again. FUN FACT: QUESTIONS? Annual colony. Population declines. Economic importance. Subfamily - Apinae Social insects. Order - Hymenoptera Sunflowers, canola, rapeseed, lentils, peas, chilies, red clover, and alfalfa. Family - Apidae Sean MacQueen


Transcript: Immediately after clicking purchase, the doorbell rings. The daughter can see through the window that it is a delivery man with a box labeled Bumble Bee Backpacks. She runs to the door with excitement and takes the box. As she opens the box and takes out her backpack, the scene ends. A mother and daughter are sitting at the computer, browsing through various backpacks on They see a "Buzz" backpack they like, and order it. Cutting back to the young boy on the street, looking at his backpack and smiling. He starts to hear a noise, and looks up curiously to see a swarm of bees carrying backpacks. The bees fly over the city, dropping their cargo in the laps of other unfortunate children across the city. BUMBLE BEE BACKPACKS Right after the daughter opens the box, it cuts to a poor, young boy sitting on the curb of a street in a bustling Asian city. A backpack suddenly falls from the sky, landing in his lap. After reading the word "Honey" embossed on the tag, he looks up happily and sees a bumble bee fly away. END SCENE The camera zooms out and you can see thousands of bees, flying every direction. It continues to zoom out until you can see the whole world. During the zoom, a narrator speaks, "For every Bumble Bee backpack you buy, one will will be personally delivered to a child in need, somewhere around the globe." OPENING The screen with the earth fades to a white screen with the Bumble Bee logo as the narrator finishes speaking. The scene moves to a man on his computer, ordering a backpack. This is quickly followed by a short montage of many people purchasing backpacks from the internet, for varying reasons.

Bumble Bee

Transcript: If Bumble Bee was made in real life as a transformer (with the legit size, weight, and programs) then it would cost more than 30 million to put it all together. Watch Bumble Bee in Action! Right Here! Right Now! Cost of Robot = Bumble bee is from the planet of Cybertron, specifically from the city - Iacon. Materials List YEARS TO DEVELOP Bumble is a small, yellow autobot with the alt mode of a compact car. He is always striving to impress his leader - Optimus Prime, which tends to lead him into danger. Bumble bee is known to be one of the favorite transformers amongst children, because of the fact that he is the youngest from all transformers and has childish and fun characteristics. Who is your favorite transformer? Future Changes or Development Possibilities capable messenger and spy can be small in size (this allows him to perform/conduct tasks that require moving in tiny spaces - which other/larger commanders can't) highly fuel efficient has strong visual acuity can adapt to undersea ENVIRONMENTS can transform into a Saturn yellow Volkswagen Beetle / Goldbug His talents involve espionage By Vaishaalie Nimalan could have the ability to transform into more than just a car (such as a boat, plane, train etc.) he could be remodeled to be bigger in size, since he is one of the most smallest transformers some other factors that could be improved on include: his speed, weight, his strength, and his way of communicating with fellow transformers (without a radio) etc. #transformlikeaboss Its power would come from the car's engine, or its battery Bumble bee has exactly the same moving parts that almost every human would have (this includes, the head, the hands, fingers, legs, feet,torso, shoulders etc.) - isn't that why we all love him so much? #YOUJUSTHURTHISFEELINGS Country of Origin Bumble Bee Abilities Years to Develop As you already know, bumble bee is an autobot that can transform into a Saturn yellow Volkswagen Beetle / Goldbug; in the most part of the movie bumble bee was shown by animation/graphics, but the reality of him on screen was represented when he turned into the car. Therefore it is only realistic if I take the production/price of the car that was used for bumble bee in the movie. Although the producers wanted to keep this information confidential, the estimated price of the recent bumblebee representation (2014 Chevy Camaro) was around $48 00 - $53 000! Interesting Fact Bumble Bee was first introduced by "Marvel Comics" then he went as one of the main characters in the original Transformers animated series. This makes his country of origin none other than United States. Fictional World Who is Bumble Bee? Thanks for Watching Bro!!!! Power Source & Moving Parts - Steel (The body) - Rubber tires - Lights (head lights) - Engine - Radio - Leather interior - Glass - Grills Bumble Bee was first created, or introduced in 1984, as a Transformer. However he existed since the first episode, so it is difficult to calculate or state the number of years that Marvel Comics took to create him.

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