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Baseball Template

Transcript: Baseball History When baseball was invented/ who invented it The person who invented baseball is: Abner Doubleday. The year baseball was invented: was in 1839 where the first game was originally played/what teams played the First Professional Baseball game was played at Hoboken, New Jersey The teams that played were: Cleveland Forest Cities and Ft. Wayne Kekiongas National League when it was formed and who played in it The National league was formed in 1876 and the teams that played in the National league consisted of: Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Houston Colt 45s, Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals National teams: American League when it was formed and who played in it The American League was formed in the year 1901. The teams that played in the American League were: Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Athletics, Los Angeles Angels, Minnesota Twins, Washington Senators, and best for last the New York Yankees. American League. First African American the first of many was Jackie Robinson. Who played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. First african american to play professional baseball Girls baseball history The girls were allowed to play baseball in 1884. The first girl that played a game of professional baseball was a girl named Weldy Walker. A lot of girls started playing in around 1860. All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. was formed in 1943 and ended in 1954 Girls baseball history: Oldest team: The oldest professional baseball team is the Atlanta Braves they were formed in 1871. the baseball hall of fame he baseball hall of fame is located in Cooperstown, New York is is there because thats were baseball was invented. Hall of fame

Baseball field

Transcript: ARE YOU CRAFTY WITH WOOD? THEN YOU SHOULD MAKE A BASEBALL BAT!! AND HERES HOW... Step 5- take the skew (the tool that cuts and smooths and make the shape of the bat more defined and put the finishing touches to the shape of your bat. It would help to have a bat next to you that you want it to resemble. Step 7- To finish the bat spray the bat completely with Varathene Spray and after it dries sand it with steel wool and spray it again and let it sit out for at least 48 hours! Step 1. start by deciding what kind of wood you want to use... Ash Maple Bamboo Birch for the sake of our bat we will go with Ash since it's my preference Step 3- Line up the center of the wood with the drive center on the lathe. It should spin smoothly but if not go back and redo step 2. An Electric Sander A spindal gouge A Skew AND YOUR FINISHING PRODUCT!!!!! A roughing gouge Varathene Spray Step 4- spin the bat on the lathe and scuplt the bat to your preferences Step 6- By using a spindle gouge shape the knob of the bat and to round off the top of the bat. Before taking it off the lathe take an electric sander to it to make it as smooth as possible. and lastly steel wool An example bat A center marker Step 2. You must find the center of the piece of wood using a center marker. After you find the center of the bat you must figure out how you want to balance the bat. The heavier the bat at the end the more likely it is to break the more balanced the more likely it is to stay strong. Materials you'll need. one large tightly grained piece of wood A lathe

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