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Bank of America

Transcript: Savings and CD'S Regular Savings: *Eligible with our Keep the Change® program with matching savings of up to $250 *No monthly fee with a monthly automatic transfer of at least $25 *Use for Overdraft Protection by linking to your checking account to help prevent declined transactions and overdraft fees Risk Free CD: *Enjoy the fixed return of a CD with penalty-free access to your money *9 month term with 0.30% APY *$5,000 minimum opening balance Featured CD: *A longer term savings solution with a fixed return *12 month term with 0.55% APY *$10,000 minimum opening balance *Tiered interest rates so you can earn more as your balance rises *Earn a rate bonus when you make a direct deposit or automatic transfer from your checking account of at least $250 each month *Unlimited withdrawals, deposits, and transfers at Bank of America ATMs and banking centers *Low $25 opening balance requirement *A source of overdraft protection for checking *Online Banking Rates *No monthly maintenance fee when you link to a Advantage with Tiered Interest Checking. Link opens in a new window. (fee waiver applies to first two linked money market accounts), or maintain a minimum balance of $2,500 or more in your account. Otherwise, the monthly maintenance fee is $12. eBanking: This type of checking account is better for people who do all their banking online. The monthly fee to have an account like this is $8.95 per month. MyAccess Checking: A full-service checking account that offers many choices and a bunch of different options. The monthly fee to have this type of account is $12.00. Advantage with Tiered Interest Checking: For customers who keep a high monthly balance. Monthly fees for this account is $25.00. Small Business checking bundle: The convience of opening both a personal checking account and a business checking account at once. $8.95 per month for personal eBanking checking and $14.00 per month for Business Economy Checking. *Investing: If i were to invest $1000 I would use an Ebanking account, the monthly fee is only about $9 and You can do it all on the internet. You also dont have to keep a balance of any specific amount. *For my savings i would use a regular savings account. There is no monthly fee as long as you are depositing at least $25 dollars a month. Checking accounts options A Growth Money Market Savings

Bank Of America

Transcript: Future of ATMs -Marketing Automated marketing system VALEX Commercials and online ads for credit cards -Service Online Banking customer service ATM services Competitors -Bank of America has the most well known use of this IT system -Deposit image technology Fast Reliable Verified Convenient Future Initiatives -Mobile App Available for Android, Apple, and Blackberry phones Examples of IT Use Strategic IT Advantages and Benefits Mobile and Online Banking -Bringing the Bank to the Customer to help with balance inquiries, money transferring, and bill paying (above-the-line initiative) -Creating the frequency of paperless transactions and the ability to transfer money without a teller (below-the-line, taking the physical bank out of the equation) Would allow your mobile banking to be secure even if you had lost your phone ATM -no reason for customers to use a bank teller (below-the-line initiative) (above-the-line as well) Locate high-powered ATMs in colleges nationwide -lure new, young, customers to Bank of America (above-the-line) Examples of IT Use Strategic IT Advantages and Benefits -Near field Communication in your phone Bank of America Presentation Overview -Small Business Online Community Launched in 2007 social network for small business owners Connect with other small business owners, receive advice, and share stories IT within Value Chain Future Initiatives ATM Depositing -Top Three Competitors JPMorgan Chase Citibank Wells Fargo -Options for banking sets them apart from the other banks ATM  can do everything at an ATM without ever having to use a teller Online Banking Texting for non-SmartPhone users App on SmartPhones Data-Mining -assess risks involved with home loans, insurance, and online banking (below-the-line, financial crisis ring a bell?) Future Initiatives Security -Bank of America becoming a Phone company -Online Banking SiteKey +Personalized picture and phrase unique to each username SafePass +Authorize transactions using one-time 6 digit passcode ShopSafe +Creates a temporary credit card number when shopping online -Biometric Scanning Future Initiatives Mobile Banking Doug D'Angelo Kate Kacani Kevin Martins Natalie Wozniak Strategic IT Advantages and Benefits Examples of IT Use Combining the Biometrics and the NFC technology to allow smart-devices to use your identity as a pin number or password. Strategic IT and Its Benefits Examples of IT Competition ATM In-Depth Value Chain Future Initiatives -Security -Mobile Banking

Bank of America

Transcript: Bank of Opportunity They've installed dye packs, bullet resistant bandit barriers, mantraps with weapons detection capabilities, high-tech digital surveillance systems that expedite transfer of photos to police, and instituted additional professional training for banking center associates. In some high risk areas they've also deployed professionally trained, armed security officers. And they've seen robberies in the greater Los Angeles area drop to 24 in the last six months of last year from 77 during the same months the year before.” U.S Security Code Website GSA Security officer Training Bank of America Security applicants must Become an armed security officer for the United States government. Learn about federal policies relating to firearms safety. Reviewcrucial regulations governing the use of force. Discover the various components of a firearm. Familiarize yourself with fundamental skills, such as weapon drawing, firing in the dark, and targeting from kneeling, standing, and covered positions. Practice these skills during real exercises at the firing range, and then attempt to qualify to work on federal contracts The Bank of America The Bank of America has produced its very own alarm system for use within their branch walls. Merrill Lynch says: "With over 10 years of experience advising companies in the security alarm industry we provide our clients with insight and proactive solutions. Whether a company provides commercial or residential security systems, is privately or publicly held, we have the industry experience and resources to help our clients succeed. As America’s number one middle-market bank and cash management provider, your dedicated team of industry specialists can deliver customized solutions to meet the unique needs of the security alarm industry" Alarm system Fighting back With a well rounded line of Robbery defense, Bank of America is well prepared for the majority of armed assaults. Within six months from July 7, 1968, each Federal supervisory agency shall promulgate rules establishing minimum standards with which each bank or savings and loan association must comply with respect to the installation, maintenance, and operation of security devices and procedures, reasonable in cost, to discourage robberies, burglaries, and larcenies and to assist in the identification and apprehension of persons who commit such acts. Thank you for your attention!

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