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Amazing Race

Transcript: Amazing Race Earthquake Protection and Scoliosis By: Piper, Andee, and Austin Some of the largest earthquakes have been in Chile, Alaska, Japan, and Indonesia. Scoliosis Scoliosis is a condition in which your spine is abnormally curved. A lot of people that have it have to wear a brace that fits under or over your clothes. Who can have scoliosis? Anyone can have scoliosis, but it's most common type is idiopathic scoliosis which occurs in pre and early teens. Based on different occureces you could treat it with surgery, a brace, or just keep it under observation. Famous people with scoliosis Some famous people with scoliosis are Usain Bolt, Jessica Andrews, and Vanessa Williams. Scoliosis Cure The cure for Scoliosis is yet to be determined. However there is a cure for people 65 years and older. 1 out of 10 ten-year-olds will be born with scoliosis. A common name for scoliosis is idiopathic scoliosis, Meaning they don't know what caused it. Scoliosis reseach Reseachers are looking for cures for this common problem by looking at genetics, growth, and changes in the spine, muscles, and nerves, along with many more subtle changes in the affected area. Thank You! Drop-Cover-Hold On are the steps to help you survive. If you ever get caught in an earthquake, all you have to do is drop to the floor, cover your head and vital organs, and hold on to the leg of a table or desk. More ways on how to protect you and your neighborhood from earthquakes The cure for Scoliosis is Even More... Earthquake Protection Today, buildings have several different ways to protect buildings and keep them standing in case of an earthquake. Several examples are a levitating foundation, shock absorbers, and pendulums. 62 ECG bpm

Amazing Race

Transcript: Finally, the big day has come! To Reykjavik, Iceland! When we got there, we decided to stay for the night, and prepare for the trip back to the country we started in. BRRRRGH! it was really cold there. 900 miles! Day 3 Day 8 Another kayaking day was talked about for today where we kayaked, 850 miles! Arms getting tired!!! First from Rome we traveled to Valletta, Malta, and from Malta we traveled to french island Corsica and stayed there for the night. May tomorrow be the day??? High Speed Train 1000 miles! It wasn't our best day or best train memory as we started to feel bad in the middle of the trip. Feeling sick. But on the bright side we got to see it snow in Moscow, Russia. Plus one capital less! Video may not be working, sorry! Day 1 From our long fought way to Reykjavik, Iceland we went back to our race to all of the other capitals we haven't visited. We went to Madrid, Spain where Matthew felt at home as he talked in spanish. Since we didn't have any more miles we had to stay there for the night. If not please click on little words! 1000 miles! 1000 miles! Day 13 Budapest, Hungary! Day 6 Another long day was planned out for today. We started where we left out yesterday, in Tirana. From there we hiked to Belgrade, Serbia, and then to Zagreb, Croatia. Leaving from Croatia we traveled to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and then in Rome, Italy where we ate in a restaurant 10 times better than Olive Garden. 1000 miles! Matthew & Elijah's Amazing Race 900 miles! After a long day on the rails yesterday we went back to our old method, hiking the miles. We started in Moscow where we slept yesterday and traveled all the way to Kiev, Ukraine. From there we went to Bucharest, Romania where we got to see some of the Carpathian Mountains. There was a slight delay in our plans, so we decided to go to Iceland after we get a few more countries over with. So for today we traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, Copenhagen,Denmark, and Bergen, Norway! We got plenty of rest and spared some miles. Day 3 800 miles! 850 miles! YAY!!! It was today, today was the day we got to Budapest, Hungary! Here is how it all started from Bastia, Corsica, we kayaked to Monaco and reached mainland. From there we went to Bern, Switzerland and then to Vienna, Austria. We crossed over the Alps they were beautiful. We stopped to admire the mountains but we had to continue to get to Budapest today, from there we went went to Bratislava, Slovakia and finally reached Budapest, Hungary. Day 7 While we rested in Luxembourg for the night, the next day we traveled to Brussels, Belgium, by hiking. 100 miles of hiking! We then traveled to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, another 100 miles of hiking! That's what you call extreme conditioning. We still had 800 miles to go. Berlin is in Germany, right next to the Czech Republic, where we traveled next, exactly to Prague. By hiking, of course. Last, but not least, we made it to Warsaw, Poland. Wheew! From Bucharest, Romania home one of the most wonderful naturally forming sites, we go to Sofia, Bulgaria, pretty good food there, from there we went to Athens, Greece where we learned about the greek gods, Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, etc. And finally we started in Athens an went to Tirana, Albania. By: Matthew & Elijah Day 14 After a night in the country of Spain we saw that we had forgotten to visit Portugal's capital Lisbon. Aah, but no panic luckily Lisbon has a high speed rail all the way to Moscow, Russia our next planned destination. 850 miles! Day 4 On day three, we first went to Minsk, Belarus. We traveled from there to Vilnius, Lithuania, to refill our canteens and stop for a meal. Yum! Once we ate our fill we traveled to Riga, Latvia and Tallinn, Estonia, the chef's hat and the shoe. Then we advanced to the Scandinavian Peninsula, and packed for the LONG Icelandic journey ahead. From Helsinki, Finland to Turku, Finland we gathered supplies for the ultimate kayaking adventure. 900 miles! Day 10 Celebration Time! Day 12 If it doesn't work sorry! No more alternatives. 850 miles! 950 miles! Day 9 350 miles! We started our journey in London, England, and went to Liverpool, England by hiking. We then traveled to Dublin, Ireland, by crossing the Irish Sea by kayaking. We also went to Paris, France, by kayaking from Dublin, and then hiked to Luxembourg, Luxembourg, which also is below Belgium. We traveled a total of 1000 miles! Wow, that was a lot! Day 2 Day 11 Day 5 European Capital Song! Well, goodbye Iceland. A short lived victory, it was. Back to the U.K., where we don't need a translator! We kayaked ALL the way to Belfast, had a cup of warm tea, some scones, and got PLENTY of rest.

Amazing Race (:

Transcript: The Amazing Race Hill of Crosses The reason the crosses are up there is because it arose a symbol of Lithuanian defiance of foreign invaders. It's location is 56 degrees North and 23 degrees East. We came here because it looks mysterious and almost kind of creepy. The Hill of Crosses contains 400 hundred large crosses surrounding much smaller crosses. The Hill of Crosses is located in the Lithuanian National pilgrimage center. It is in the European region. Also, the crosses represent Christianity. Sainte Chapelle The Sainte Chapelle is located within Palais de Justice in a city in the middle of Paris. It's location is 48 degrees North and 2 degrees East. We came here mostly because of how big it was, it looked really fancy and our type of place. It was built by Louis IX, the king of France. The upper part of the chapelle was the royal chapelle and was where relics were to be exhibited. The lower part was dedicated to Virgin Mary. Christ the Redeemer In 1859, father Pedro Maria Boss, suggested that they should construct it to be a religious monument in honor of Princess Isabel. It's location is 22 degrees South and 43 degrees West. We came here because we both think that religious places are fun to learn about. Christ the Redeemer is located on the top of Corvocado Mountain. The statue over looks Rid de Janerio. Forbidden City The forbidden city was home to 24 emporors of the Ming dynasties. The reason it's called the "Forbidden City," is because you had to have royal authorization to get in, and if you didn't, it would cost you your life. Zuma Rock This big rock is located in Nigeria. It is 725 meters high. Also, it is used for defensive purposes only against invading neighbors. It is 9 degrees North and 7 degrees East. We came here because we originally planned to climb it, but it was not allowed. Mount Fuji Mount Fuji is a dormant volcano. You can climb it in July and August only. It is 3776 meters high and it is worshipped as a sacred mountain. It is 35 degrees North and 138 degrees East. We came here because this mountain was actually opened for climbing since we couldn't climb the Zuma Rock. Victoria Falls Victoria Falls is located on Zambezi River. It is also known as "the greatest curtain of falling water." It sprays 546 million cubic meters of water per minute. The waterfall has a width of nearly 2 kilometers and it is over 100 meters long. It is 17 degrees South and 25 degrees East. We came here because our plan was to jump off of it, but we both chickened out and just enjoyed the view. "Hill of Crosses." Magic Planet Productions. 2012. 5/8/12. "Mount Fuji." Japan Experience. 2012. 5/8/12. "The Victoria Falls." Livingstone Tourism 5/13/12. "The Forbidden City Palace Museum." 5/8/12. "Zuma Rock." Mirecdeigns. 2010. 5/8/12. "Sainte Chapelle-Paris." Sacred Destinations. 2010. 5/8/12. "Christ the Redeemer-Brazil." 7 Wonders. 2009. 5/8/12. Bibliography Location: 39 degrees North 116 degrees East. Place: It's located in the middle Of Beijing, China. We came here because we wanted to see if we could sneak in, but we couldn't.

Amazing Race

Transcript: Machu Picchu Just south of Mexico City on a remote island, sits the home of thousands of mutilated dolls. The story goes that the lone occupant of the island found the body of a child washed up on shore and hung her baby doll up in the trees in an attempt to appease her spirit. However, it is said that he was driven mad by the spirit's want of more dolls and dedicated his life to gathering and hanging up more dolls around the island. South America Area 51 This is where the first serial killer was convicted in South Africa. The killer was convicted of murdering multiple men including teens. This court house has been told to be haunted by her spirit. This house was once a school in the southern part of Sydney Australia. The story goes that a local student at this school drowned in a nearby pond and his fellow students were unable to revive him. The school kept his body in the cold cellar until it was picked up. After this accident the school was eventually shutdown and was turned into a house. A couple bought this house and within just a few months, their son passed away from a terrible disease. It is said that these boys' spirits can be found playing together around the pond and cellar. Amazing Race The world's most popular suicide location lies at the base of Mt. Fuji in a dense forest that has come to be known as the "suicide forest". Due to the massive area of the forest, once inside it is not likely that you will encounter anyone else and your compasses will be rendered useless because of the soils magnetic iron. There are signs posted around the forest reading "Your life is a precious gift from your parents" and "Please consult the police before you decide to die". There have been an uncountable number of suicide victims recovered from the forest. The forest workers have the unsettling task of finding and taking the bodies of the suicide victims and taking them to a special bunker made specifically for these bodies. Asia Deep in the heart of Hungary, is a castle that was once home to the countess Elizabeth Bathory. The ruins that are open for public tour have a dark history. It is said that as the countess began to age, she began to search for a cure to her mortality. She soon took to believing that bathing in the blood of virgins would bring her eternal youth. Elizabeth would lure young girls to her castle where she would savagely torture and murder them and then commence to drain them of their blood so that she could bathe in it. It is figured that she murded upwards of 600 young women. Tourists today can tour her chambers and even sit in the very bath tub Elizabeth bathed in. Australia Studley Park House The Body Farm Africa The Stanley Hotel Port Lockery Start Located at the University of Knoxville, Tennessee, is the Facility for Forensic Anthropology Research. Developed and operated by forensic anthropologist Dr. Bill Bass the facility is a center where the dead come to be studied in the process of their decay. With over 190 sets of remains scattered through the woods surrounding the facility, the center is used to better understand the process of human decomposition after death. It is vital to forensic scientists to understand the time table of death when different conditions are in place. They have bodies placed in all of these different conditions ( hanging from nooses, in water, buried in dirt and concrete, and in vehicles). Without the macabre studies occurring at the center not much would be known about the extensive and intricate process of human decay that has befitted law officials and will continue to benefit them in the future. Located in Cape Town South Africa, the Castle of Good Hope was once the home to Governor Van Noodt who often tortured, ridiculed, and even killed his own soldiers just for fun. People have reported strange sightings and paranormal phenomenons around this castle. This bay is full of icebergs and glacial water which is Antarctica. We would visit this place because it shows Antarctica and its freezing coldness but you can also see penguins which act like you aren't even there. Aokigahara Suicide Forest Takakanonuma Greenland opened it's doors in the mid-seventies as an amusement park. However, very soon after opening it was shut down. This was perhaps due to the many accidents and deaths on the property. The park has long been overtaken by dense vegetation and a heavy fog. Takakanonuma Greenland is so remote and wanted to be forgotten that it does not appear on any maps of Japan. Also, there have been no recent pictures taken of the area due to unknown reasons. This was an Ican site of rituals and spirituality. sadly during the 15th century the city was abandoned due to the spanish conquest. Today the city stands untouched and is now open to the public. However, it is said that the city is haunted by the past civilization that once lived here and mysterious entities have been known to walk around the abandoned village and is said that they are there protecting the

Amazing Race

Transcript: THE AMAZING RACE Loch Arbor: Day at the beach $12 Day 8 Chile Activity 2 Amsterdam: Red light district walking tour $64 Hotel: the Renaissance, Amsterdam $410 Flight to Cairo $1002 Hotel: Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa $1119 End of Trip Hotel: Mandarin Oriental $425 Flight to Brisbane $1357 Activity 1 Tasman: Abel Tasman National Park walking tour $64 Hotel: Casa Columbo $159 Flight to Bangkok $1846 Hotel: Limes Hotel $306 Flight to Nelson $614 Start Day 1 United States Day 1 Lauca National Park: Tour of volcanoes $387 Day 7 New Zealand Day 2 Day 6 Activity 1 Brisbane: Riverlife adventure center night time and paddle boarding $130 Railay: rock climbing $1600 Bentota: Famous Beach and shopping $0 Day 7 Easter Island: tour of Moai statues $2180 Activity 2 Day 8 Activity 1 Day 4 Sri Lanka Dahab: windsurfing $600 Day 5 Hotel: The Ritz-Carlton $329 Domestic flight to Easter Island $1463 Den Haag: De Ooievaart boat tour $30 Day 6 Australia New York City: 9/11 Memorial $100 donation Activity 1 Activity 2 Cairo: Tour of pyramids of Giza and sphinx $110 Anuradhapura: walking tour of ancient capital city $0 Activity 2 Day 5 Thailand Activity 2 Activity 1 Activity 1 Townsville: Scuba diving at Yongala wreck Activity 1 Phang Nga Bay: sea cave kayaking $260 Hotel: The Sails $131 Flight to Santiago $3538 Day 2: Netherlands Activity 2 Andrew Accardi and Alex Lamberti Day 4 Day 3 Kaikoura: Dolphin Encounter $270 Activity 2 Flight to Netherlands: $1913 Hotel: Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah $197 Flight to Columbo $597 Activity 1 Activity 2 Day 3 Egypt


Transcript: SALINAS, CALIFORNIA Go to Stanford Go on a Campus Tour until you find the clue box The clue says: Go to the setting of Steinbeck's very first novel. PANAMA CITY, PANAMA Go to the beach Use a metal detector to find a burried metal box, containing the next clue The next clue says: Head to the Land of Cheese CAMBRIDGE,WISCONSIN Find the Hinchley's Dairy Farm Milk a cow and bring the bucket of milk to the farmer in exchange for your clue The clue says: Steinbeck's 'Tortilla Flat' includes characters from this place. MEXICO CITY, MEXICO Go to local taqueria Order all the specials and eat them until you come across a clue inside a taco. The Clue Says: Go to the site of the 2008 Olympics BEIJING, CHINA Travel to the location of the 2008 Olympics, Go to the pool where Michael Phelps swam his gold medal races and dive from the high dive to retrieve the clue at the bottom of the pool The next clue says: Travel to the town that was originally named after Lennie's favorite animal GAINSVILLE, GEORGIA Find the rabbit statue At the statue find the clue box at the foot of the rabbit The Clue Says: Go to the place of the original home of the Joads from The Grapes of Wrath SALLISAW, OKLAHOMA Go to the City Hall where tubs of grapes are set up Smash the grapes with your feet until you have a full bottle of grape juice The Clue Says: Travel to the location of his very first popular non-fiction book SEA OF CORTEZ, CALIFORNIA Get on a boat to take you to specific coordinates Go scuba diving to find the clue The Next Clue Says: Go to the assumed setting of Steinbeck's 1942 novel SVALBARD, NORWAY Travel to the coal mine where you will find a pile of rocks Use coal mining tools to chip away at the rocks until you find the clue The Clue Says: Go to the place where the Trasks' farm was located REDDING, CONNECTICUT Go to Whimsy Brook Farm Unravel hay barrels in the pasture until you find the clue inside one of them The Next Clue Says: Go to the place where William Shakespeare debuted his plays LONDON, ENGLAND Go to the Globe Theater Memorize and recite the opening lines from Richard III to receive the last clue The Last Clue Says: Go to the city where Steinbeck dies NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK Go to Times Square Put cards with every place you've traveled in chronological order based on memory WINNERS: CAL AND ABRA Cal & Abra To make it through all 12 legs of the race Goals Teams Adam & Lee Cathy & Faye Business partners Special relationship Steinbeck Edition Rely on each other Make each other think Get along well Treat each other with respect

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