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Weather Powerpoint 3rd grade

Transcript: Weather Instruments Ms. Maria Reyes What are weather instruments and how are they used? A weather instrument is any device that measures weather-related conditions. Instruments most commonly used.... Instruments most commonly used.... - thermometer - barometer - anemometer - hygrometer - rain gauge - wind vane - weather balloon - satellite Thermometer Thermometer A thermometer measures heat and cold temperatures A thermometer measures heat and cold temperatures The two (2) measurement units used with a thermometer a... The two (2) measurement units used with a thermometer are degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. Barometer Barometer A barometer measures air pressure A barometer measures air pressure The barometer dial is marked in two scales. The outer scale shows t... The barometer dial is marked in two scales. The outer scale shows the units of inches of mercury. The inner scale shows air pressure in millibars. Anemometer Anemometer An anemometer measures the speed or strength of wind. An anemometer measures the speed or strength of wind. The most common types of anemometer have a mechanism th... The most common types of anemometer have a mechanism that rotates as it catches the wind. Hygrometer Hygrometer A hygrometer measures relative humidity. Humidity is t... A hygrometer measures relative humidity. Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. A reading of 100 percent relative humidity means that the air ... A reading of 100 percent relative humidity means that the air is totally saturated with water vapor and cannot hold any more, creating the possibility of rain. Rain Gauge Rain Gauge A rain gauge is an instrument used to gather and measure the amount of liquid precipitation over a set period of time. Most standard rain gauges have a wide funnel leading into a cylinder that is marked in inches or centimeters.

PowerPoint Game Templates

Transcript: Example of a Jeopardy Template By: Laken Feeser and Rachel Chapman When creating without a template... Example of a Deal or No Deal Template PowerPoint Game Templates There are free templates for games such as jeopardy, wheel of fortune, and cash cab that can be downloaded online. However, some templates may cost more money depending on the complexity of the game. Classroom Games that Make Test Review and Memorization Fun! (n.d.). Retrieved February 17, 2017, from Fisher, S. (n.d.). Customize a PowerPoint Game for Your Class with These Free Templates. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from 1. Users will begin with a lot of slides all with the same basic graphic design. 2. The, decide and create a series of questions that are to be asked during the game. 3. By hyper linking certain answers to different slides, the game jumps from slide to slide while playing the game. 4. This kind of setup is normally seen as a simple quiz show game. Example of a Wheel of Fortune Template Games can be made in order to make a fun and easy way to learn. Popular game templates include: Family Feud Millionaire Jeopardy and other quiz shows. Quick video on template "Millionaire" PowerPoint Games Some games are easier to make compared to others If users are unsure whether or not downloading certain templates is safe, you can actually make your own game by just simply using PowerPoint. add logo here References Example of a Family Feud Template PowerPoint Games are a great way to introduce new concepts and ideas You can create a fun, competitive atmosphere with the use of different templates You can change and rearrange information to correlate with the topic or idea being discussed. Great with students, workers, family, etc. For example: With games like Jeopardy and Family Feud, players can pick practically any answers. The person who is running the game will have to have all of the answers in order to determine if players are correct or not. However, with a game like Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the players only have a choice between answers, A, B, C, or D. Therefore, when the player decides their answer, the person running the game clicks it, and the game will tell them whether they are right or wrong.

3rd Grade

Transcript: WRONG Go Back 3rd Grade CORRECT Next Question Your next goal is to complete 3 math games of your choice!! Next Question 3rd Grade Math Done And You're Fininished!!! GOALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! Go Back WRONG Go Back Half Time!! WRONG www.mrnussbaum.clm All Correct? YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Passed! Soo.. Go to this website: Any Wrong? Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Falied! Soo.. Go to this website: CORRECT Story Selection Maple Syrup 3rd Grade Reading CORRECT How about Reading first? WRONG CORRECT 2) Why is the maple tree sap heated? ? To kill insects that may be in the sap. ? To clean the sap. ? To make the water in the sap evaporate. ? To make the syrup less sweet. Next Question 4) Which word means the same as "harvested" in the sentence below: Maple syrup has been harvested for hundreds of years. ? gathered ? tasted ? stolen ? sold Oh well, at least you got a break. Ok, your first goal is to complete one reading story with a score of 100! Go!!!!! BrainPop time!!! Grab a snack and sit back to watch some BrainPop videos! Back Already?! Go Back WRONG Go Back 3rd Grade Science 3) Which is NOT true about maple syrup? ? Maple syrup is part of Vermont culture. ? It is only produced in the United States. ? It comes from different kinds of maple trees. ? People have harvested maple syrup for a long time. When do maple trees store starch in their trunks and roots? ? spring ? summer ? fall ? winter CORRECT 3rd Gade Social Studies Next Question 1) Which of the following could be a reason that maple syrup is not harvested in Florida? ? The winters are too long in Florida. ? There were never any explorers in Florida. ? It's too expensive. ? Florida does not have maple trees. Maple syrup comes from the sap (called xylum sap) of red, sugar, or black maple trees, often in the Canadian province of Quebec and the states of New York and Vermont. Maple trees store starch in their trunks and roots over the winter. The maple trees turn the starch into sugar which rises up through the sap when the temperatures become warmer in the spring. People harvest the maple syrup by boring holes into the trunks so they can remove and collect the sap. The sap is then heated so its water evaporates, leaving only the syrup behind to be eaten. Maple syrup has been harvested for hundreds of years. Early explorers were taught how to harvest syrup from Native Americans who lived in Vermont and New York. Maple syrup is an important part of Vermont culture. The 2001 Vermont state quarter shows a scene of people harvesting syrup from a grove of maple trees.

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3rd Grade

Transcript: SHAPE SPACE is the area between and around objects. The space can be either positive or negative. The elements of art are the building blocks used by artists to create a work of art. Elements of Art Shape is a closed line. Shapes can be geometric, like squares and circles; or organic, like free-form or natural shapes. Shapes are flat and can express length and width. ELEMENTS OF ART Consider the possible ways to create space. "Place du Theatre Francais, Paris: Rain" by Camille Pissarro 1898 How shapes are arranged in an artwork creates a sense of space. Primary colors are red, blue, and yellow. Secondary colors are two primary colors mixed together (green, orange, violet). Intermediate colors, sometimes called tertiary colors, are made by mixing a primary and secondary color together. Some examples of intermediate colors are yellow green, blue green, and blue violet. COLOR A Line is a mark with greater length than width. Lines can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal; straight or curved; thick or thin. Color is light reflected off of objects. Color has three main characteristics: HUE (the name of the color, such as red, green, blue, etc.) VALUE (how light or dark it is) INTENSITY (how bright or dull it is). "Billboard" by Grace Hartigan "Three Musicians" by Pablo Picasso, 1921 LINE Space can also refer to the feeling of depth. Real space is three-dimensional; in visual art, when we create the feeling or illusion of depth, we call it space. ***SPACE*** "Tiger" by Franz Marc 1912

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