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Four Pillars Powerpoint Template

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Four Pillars

Transcript: Four Pillars Sarah Nasher 8A Scholarship Community I posses a strong work ethic. I have a strong work ethic because: I never give up until what's supposed to be done is completed. I always try to help others; ex: I help my mom with the chores, I explain things to my friends so they can understand better. I always try to improve myself so that I can be easier to get along with and work better with others. Retrieved from: 2015,, Character Retrieved: 2015 I consistently and actively communicate with those around me; those in our various communitites. I go to gatherings and meetings where I can meet people new . I volunteer with others to help better the community . I always make sure to checky e-mail to see if there are any meetings I would be able to attend to. Culture Retrieved from: Prezi, 2105, I am reflective; taking stock of how I'm progressing academically and making plans for ongoing improvement. I am reflective because: I'm always trying to improve by asking my teachers how I can raise my grade. I keep all my progress reports to make sure my grades are improving and to make sure my grades don't lower. I always check in with my teachers to make sure my grade hasn't lowered. Retrived from: Prezi, 2015, I realize just how crucial it is to know, understand, and appreciate our own culture. I know my heritage, and know where my roots are I know the language of the country I'm from, and speak it often to make sure I know my native tongue I always ask my grandparents how they used to do things when they were younger, since I know they stuck to their culture better than I do right now. Retrieved from: 2015, ChiBird,

Four Pillars

Transcript: Four Pillars "How precious is the family as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!" Pope Francis “We, the FAMILY, are a reflection of God’s love, the acting presence of his love.” Pope Francis "The family is light in the darkness of the world." Pope Francis “The Family is a factory of Hope” Pope Francis God Bless You! 1. I am the LORD your God. You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve. 2. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. 3. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day. 4. Honor your father and your mother. 5. You shall not kill. 6. You shall not commit adultery. 7. You shall not steal. 8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 9. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife. 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's goods. What we believe about God. I believe in one God, the Father Almighty... Faith is not blind, it has its foundation in reason. Scripture, saints, testimony... How we express our love to God and how God expresses his love to us. Concrete actions that go beyond our words. We are sacramental people. We kneel, we raise our arms, we use objects (holy water, oil, etc). How can I make your life better? Prayer "Look at how much they love each other!" Tertullian God Trinity Family The 4 Pillars of our Faith FAITH is a GIFT Morality (Living our Faith) How we behave towards God and towards others. God loves us and invites us to love Him in return. Is not only about not doing anything bad but, WHAT GOOD DO I DO? The Commandments (Law of Love) - loving God and loving others. 1. Creed 2. Sacraments 3. Morality 4. Prayer 1. You love that person because you believe that some things about that person are true: is a good person, is fun, etc. 2. You express your love to that person in many ways: flowers, gifts, kisses, hugs, etc. 3. You relate to that person in a way that shows you love and respect that person. 4. You communicate with that person. Prayer is the way we communicate with God. What happens if we don’t communicate as a couple? In our family? We our kids? Relationships last when people communicate with one another. Is a two-way street: speaking and listening. Is a dynamic process, it grows, it evolves. Aspects of a relationship 1. Baptism 2. Eucharist 3. Reconciliation 4. Confirmation 5. Marriage 6. Holy Orders 7. Anointing of the Sick "Christians are made, not born." Tertullian The Creed (The Faith We hold) The Sacraments (Expressing our Faith)

Four Pillars

Transcript: THE FOUR PILLARS Submitted by: Odumosu, Aminat Ong, Maria Christine Seachaa, Malebogo It is about reducing the harm to individuals and communities from abuse of either legal or illegal drugs Is about taking action to ensure public order and safety in our communities by targeting criminal activity that directly or indirectly from the abuse of drugs HARM REDUCTION Harm Reduction Moose Jaw, SK "Support measures that reduce harmful health, social and economic effects of substance use on individuals, their families, and communities." > Reduce risk > Improve health > Connect people with other key health and social services Different Programs under Harm Reduction Programs and Location Moose Jaw, SK 1 Crescent view Clinic 2 3 Mental Health and Addiction services Wakamow Manor (Detoxification) CRESCENT VIEW CLINIC Address: 131 1st Avenue NE, Moose Jaw, SK Contact: 306-691-2040 CRESCENT VIEW CLINIC NEPS Supplies available in the clinic: Take Home Naloxone Program Take Home Naloxone kits and training Retrieved from: Methadone Clinic Methadone Clinic Title Others Mental Health and Addiction Services Address: FH Wigmore regional hospital , Moose jaw, SK Contact: 306-691-6459 MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION SERVICES Wakamow Manor (Detoxification) Address: 200 Iroquios St. East, Moose Jaw, SK Contact: 306-694-4030 Wakamow Manor Infographics Retrieved from: ABOUT Enforcement Moose Jaw, SK VALUES VALUES TEAM Person Name Director Person Name Deputy Director TEAM Person Name Assistant Director Person Name Assistant Director Person Name Department Head Person Name Department Head Person Name Department Head Title Title PROGRAMS PROGRAMS PROGRAM 1 PROGRAM 1 PROGRAM 2 PROGRAM 2 PROGRAM 3 PROGRAM 3

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